Monday, November 30, 2009

Hajj 1430 - Part 1 - Rabigh to Jeddah

As I’ve mentioned before in my previous post, I went to Hajj for the past week and had just returned to my house exactly yesterday in an extremely smelly, famished and fatigued condition. In fact, while bidding our last goodbye towards everyone in the same Hajj group, I was afraid that I might lose control and puke all over their hands.

Yeah…well, I’ll get back to that later.

Anyway, reminiscing the memories...

Let's start from the very beginning.

We were supposed to gather in front of the Al-Mi3ad's office on 24 November (7 Dzuhijjah), 10PM, but since we live fairly far away from Jeddah, my father decided to depart early, and by early, he meant after 3sar, and by after 3sar, he meant right after 3sar—3.30PM.

Yeah well that was because our Malay neighbors (who introduced us to Al-Mi3ad but decided to go with another group from Yanbu at the very last minute, which was weird, but whatever) expressed their concerns on how leaving after Maghrib (6PM) is too risky—you might miss the bus.

Sure, anything could happen. Traffic jams, bla bla bla, bla bla bla…

Anyway, because of that, we had no choice but to oblige to his command, but my mother has a pretty loud opinion you see, so she tried to convince my father that 3PM was too early. After a couple of words throwing and whatnot, my father finally capitulated, and decided to reschedule to 5PM.

Which was still too early, if you ask me.

But then our neighbors were far earlier than us in terms of departing—they went after Dzuhur. But apparently they were going to Makkah first instead of Mina, so that is plausible. It would be nice if we could perform our Tawaf and Saie at Makkah first as well, but alas, we were not the one who made the schedule.

So, after confirming with my father's colleague to come and pick us up to Jeddah (he made a living of sending people off to wherever we want as well—wait, scratch that, I think only Jeddah, maybe), we started to pack.

Yeah…my parents are extremely last-minute.

So pack pack pack, and then hon, hon, hon—

My father’s colleague had arrived. :O

You know, we wanted to take loads of pictures before departing, but he came too soon. >.>

Or we were just too slow. XD

We still managed to capture a photo though, so that’s better than nothing.

So off we went, nicely clad in our ihram clothes, pure and things like that. The driver stopped at the miqat and we proceeded with our niat…

And the Hajj had begun!

Whoo…exciting. :D

This shall be continued in another post lol I’m too tired to concoct a simple sentence already D:

But I want to blog so badly lol

Toodles :D

P/S: Oh wow, this post is messy lmao

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