Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Homemade Skincare Series: Yogurt my trusty sidekick

I’m sure you’ve encountered several DIY masques on the net yet you wondered to yourself, does it really work and worth the effort?

Messy, slippery, troublesome, I much rather use a simple packaged product from a mainstream line that has undergone test by the authority than use this…this…food. Thingy. Thingamajig. Thingy.

In my opinion, homemade skincare can be quite impractical considering how they'll get rotten real quickly, thus you can’t store them for long, and it isn’t too travel-friendly, but as they say, you’ll get what you pay for.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried some of them, and here’s my take on them. Due to my slightly twisted fate, I’ve been blessed with horrible skin, and so I’ve tried everything under the sun in order to rejuvenate the moon surface.

Word of advice:

1. If you suffer from terrible skin condition and no matter what you do, it doesn't seem to fluctuate or run like a bunch of coward monkeys, make sure you investigate the core of your problem and later strangle the culprit who ruined your life to death. Take the time to examine yourself thoroughly and take whatever precautions needed to banish that thing out of your way. These remedies would only treat the outer part, not the inner part, so it is best for you to have a dual-attack by treating your skin from within and out.

2. An unsuitable product might be the cause for your problem—take the time to investigate which works best for you and which doesn’t, chucking out the ones that let you down. Cut down your skin regime one by one, monitor your skin behavior, and after you have determined the source of evil, SAYONARA ADIOS BYE BYE CHACHA!

3. Most often we did not cleanse our face well, sometimes the sunscreen and makeup residues settled into your pores, which further contributes to excessive skin problems, so take the time to do proper cleansing—dual cleansing if you may (oil and cleanser).

One last thing: I have a chronic problem of fungal infections and eczema.


Yogurt is loaded with lactic acid, so if you are allergic to lactic acid (or if you didn’t know, check the ingredients of your failed skin products and see if it was listed) then perhaps this treatment won’t work for you. However, lactic acid is a natural substance found inside the body, so it would cause less irritations. And since yogurt produced natural lactic acid and not chemical loaded stuff, it is unlikely to cause reactions.


When you think of yogurt, you would think of those savory flavored sour milk in small tubs filled with chunky fruits and fruit juice- NO NOT THAT ONE.

This is what I mean.

PLAIN YOGURT, plainly put.

In the quest of finding a good warrior in attacking my fungal infections and eczema, I came across multiple articles that suggested on using yogurt—the understated Mary Jane (and I refuse to use La Mer, the overrated Mary Sue, but I wouldn’t deny that I would love me some of that). Plain and simple, yet effective in combating yeast/fungal. Initially, I bought it for the sake of my fungalities, but later on, I found myself struggling to swallow the stinky madness, so I decided to slather it on my face instead.

Because you know, I play with food. >.>

Yogurt is quite a famous ingredient to add in your cauldron of homemade skincare potion (same could be said with honey and lemon). I was tempted to try that, but living with a family who only eat flavored yogurt didn’t leave me much choice, it is quite bizarre to suddenly find a tub of plain yogurt sitting idly among all those tongue ticklers in the fridge. Not to mention the yogurt is nowhere under the category of ‘el cheapo food’, so it is extremely bizarre to find a simple PLAIN YOGURT in my house.

Yogurt in general didn’t cost such a bomb, but whenever I see yogurt, I automatically think—YOGURT—EXPENSIVE. (it only cost RM5+, in all honesty)

But I digress.

So for the first experiment, I decided to be adventurous and added a squirt of honey and a teaspoon of rosewater while bellowing the magic spell. (I was following a recipe that I nicked from Makeupalley)

First impression…

Well, it’s good. Nothing special. It did calm my skin though. Maybe it’s the honey. Or the yogurt. Or the rosewater. Or all of them. Or both. Or maybe one of them. Or. I am confused. Orz

Maybe I shouldn’t mix a lot of ingredients on my first try. After all, I am a newbie witch.

So on to the second try.

I opened the lid, and scoop a teaspoon of yogurt out of the container.

The sour milk is looking straightly at me. The smelly, stinky, sour rancid milk—and it tastes just like that.

I am enjoying the savory sourness however. It tickles my tongue.

Onto my palm it goes…OH! COLD! OH! SAMUIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

My first reaction. Honestly.

You bet its worse when it found its way onto my face.


Fortunately the coldness doesn’t linger forever. Afterward, it meddles with my skin’s chemistry, combining the warmth and evoking quite a comfortable and delirious sensation called sooth.

Nowadays, I am quite immune to the numbness that is cold. All I feel is sooth. Aahhh…

Freshly applied, you would look as if you were drenched in milk…sour milk to be précised.

Leave it on your face until it dries to a matte, transparent finish. You might experience some kind of a tightening sensation—do not worry, the yogurt is just doing its job—or a crumbly finish—do not worry, sometimes the yogurt acts cranky.

(the yogurt hasn't dried down completely yet, but you can tell that the center has completely dry to a matte and transparent finish, while the edges has this sort of frosted saliva look to it. The moist part is glossy like a shimmery silver liquid eyeshadow...I joke.)

The rigid and numb state of your face is an indication that it has absorbed all there is that need to be absorb, so off you go and wash your face from the rotten smell. (Okay, the smell isn’t that bad, but you can’t deny that the smell is quite…apparent) However, if you didn’t mind sleeping in a marbleized state, then you could wash it off in the morning. I left it in on my eczema patch overnight, and it diminished the evil thing instantly.

Next time I have an eczema patch, I would try to remember to photograph it.

So after washing it off, how do I feel?

Truthfully I must say it works better on its own.

>I have small bumps scattered around my face. Decreased!
>Smoother! No joke!

The bumps-decreasing sold me. I have been searching for anything to kill those scattered bumps. Nothing did its work better than this plain ol’ yogurt.

For one month, I slathered this on my face faithfully every night. However, you should know that once a week, I mixed my yogurt concoction with a squirt of Vitamin E.

That will be reviewed in another post, but here’s my take of the whole yogurt treatment on its own.

1. Does it lighten your skin?
I must say it brightens your skin, not lighten per se.

2. Does it even your skintone?
Definitive yes. Matching foundation has never been easier.

3. Does it brighten your skin?
See answer above. Yes.

4. Does it treat your acne?
Yes, the yogurt attacks those acnes until it gets all dry and scabby.

5. Does it prevent acne?
I must say yes as well. I noticed I experience less breakout nowadays.

6. Does it lighten scars?
I am tempted to answer yes, but I have the slight suspicion that the Vitamin E is doing the main job, not the yogurt. However in my opinion, the yogurt may have contributed a bit.

7. Does it shrink pores?
Must say it did not. My pores remain the same size.

8. Does it help in unclogging pores?

9. Does it help in smoothing skin texture from bumps and other skin ailments?
YES! I can’t say for other skin ailments (milia seeds for instance) but for bumps, yes for sure.

10. Will your skin regain its horrible condition if you stop using this?
I must say no. I purposely stopped using it for a week and aside from minor breakout here and there which is a regularity for me, I didn’t notice anything obscure.

11. Can you use this in exchange of other products?
The yogurt would be a great cleanser alternative. It is mild and gentle yet its ability to deep cleanse is better than any abrasive cleanser out there. Definitely a gem.

12. Have you found anything like this in the market?
No, although perhaps other products that contain lactic acid would give you the same results.

I can’t think of any question for now, so if a bolt suddenly strike me, I will update this questionnaire.

In the mean time, I hope your yogurt experience would be a total blast, just like mine.

If it doesn’t, well, I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.

I’m giving this…a five gazillion out of five.


Huda’s Random Corner

(I can’t think of a time when my mind isn’t doing some random calculation of random things that is purely random but interestingly random)

I’ll be the first to admit that GAKIKAME (Or RisaEri…they should have done Erisa and stick with it) radioshow annoyed me sometimes. Aside from constant H!P songs (which is inevitable) I often did not know which song were played by Gakiki and which were played by Kameme. Oh, I do know which song was Kame’s selection, she always raved about the song (for example, she mentioned how she collects BoA and Cocco’s albums, which is useless information for me, but somehow I know. I shouldn’t suppose to know. I wouldn’t want to know. Why did I know? Bad Kame.)

Oh I know Gaki-san likes Yoshii Kazuya. She talked about it on the NHK radio program. She openly admitted it in front of Yoshii Kazuya himself. She repeated it on her radioshow as well…she likes to repeat herself too, huh?

Anyway, when Gaki-han said she likes Yoshii Kazuya, I got the impression that it’s more under the pretense of “My mom likes him and listens to him all the time so I kind of get used to him and I also listen to him and I like him now.


Long after, I have concluded that they might take turn on playing their song selection. Yet I was not thoroughly convinced.

So the latest Gakikame show, Kame poured her everlasting love towards the Gakz, and then Mame-chan was all teary (perhaps later on…) and explained the reason for her song choice.

It was Kimi ga Iru Kara –My Best Friends— by JUJU. Supposedly the lyrics reminded her of her friendship with Kame and other important people in her life (Taka included of course).

Okay. Let me tell you the truth.

I didn’t listen to this radioshow.

No I didn’t! I read the translation.

Naturally, I didn’t listen to the precious Gaki-san selection song.

Frantically, I searched for the song on Youtube.


No matter, I search for the song online.


Oh whatever. I’ll listen to the whole album then.

The day after…

Song(s)! :D

*plugged my ears*

It must have been just me but something about JUJU’s voice/style reminds me of Niigaki Risa. In fact, if she were to sing JUJU’s song, I don’t think she would sound that off—she would nail it greatly, I’m sure of that.

What could be the reason for the uncanny resemblance?

Perhaps JUJU is an influence to Gaki.

*hat hat hat hat hat hat*



No, really. I do like her songs. Like, intensely so.

Especially Ashita ga Kurunara with Jay’ed. That is just so sick! :D

Tata. :D


Ah. Yes.

My lappie <3 o.O EWW GROSS. XD

Here’s the murasaki side. Purrrty purple~

Here’s the screen…

Here’s the keyboard.

As you can see, the keyboard is not your standard Dell keyboard. Or maybe it is the standard Inspiron keyboard. But is it nothing like XPS or Vostro.


I wish the battery life would be longer. Three hours is not enough.

Oh well.


Huda’s Random Corner

Just once in my life I would love to go to an AKB48 concert and participate in the wotagei MIX (or something) chant: TAIGA! FAIYA! SAIBA! FAIBA! DAIBA! BAIBA! JA JA!

I am corrupted. I am corrupted. I am corrupted. I am—

That will not happen. EVER. :D

Nevertheless, amazing chant aside, I am constantly annoyed with their lack of live singing.

Or perhaps I should be thankful.



I especially like to chant in this song. Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru by AKB48 Team B *in the process of learning he hand movements*

Nanchatte Renai has mix as well. I would love to chant along with fellow wotas- I mean fans :D

Speaking of fans, recently I ate my own words. I never thought I would like the song Stand By U, but after finished watching THSK's performance at Music Station, my mind instantly changed. I initially watched Music Station for the sake of smelly AKB48 (and Maeda's fangirling towards Yunho) but damn you THSK. How lucky could you get? I found your performance absolutely mesmerizing. The vocals are top-notch, splendidly executed unlike the one in Music Japan. Or whatever bangumi the perf was on. Enjoy. :D

Monday, July 27, 2009

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set MP3 & Mickey Mouse the Prime!!!

Oh wow. First official review! I have wanted to do this for the longest time.



Two-in-one toy, you could transform it into a car or a robot, and it is dead easy! Neat huh? Providing you don’t mind shelling out some bucks for this thing… it’s not that cheap, I give you that.

But it is super duper awesome!

Sam Witwicky is not included of course.


Okay, rave over.


I have a love-and-hate relationship with blackheads and whiteheads. No, not love. Make it hate. Purely hate. Extremely hate. To the freaking core.

I hate how they hide in my pores with no VIP invitation whatsoever, waiting to erupt or color my skin with its tasteless black dot, tempting me to just extract it out. If luck is not on my side however, the said spot would scar itself or invite more bacteria and further intensify to become a monster of their kind that could somehow talk and rule the world and later spat on the mirror’s face—


I hate doing my own extraction. I can’t do it right. What’s with the constant infections??!!

And then! Huzzah! Yeehaa!

I thought I saw miracle! Miracle in the form of St Clare Sebum Treatment Set MP3!

Lots of positive reviews, lots of defeated blackheads/whiteheads, LOTS OF EXCITEMENT FROM YOURS TRULY.

Finding an used peel with no blackheads whatsoever was a rarity; everyone experienced such squeaky clean noses afterward, naturally I was intrigued…like genuinely so.

It was even raved on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da—one would think that it's bound to be awesome.

Is it as awesome as it sounds?



The St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set MP3 came in three products, sadly without any MP3, even though the name clearly stated MP3 on it. I knew it could mean something else entirely, but on the risk of being such a fool, I highly demand…where is the damn MP3??

Maybe the MP3 would be St. Clare’s official song. If they have one that is. If it really comes with an MP3 that is. Which it didn’t. Which is a good thing. I think it’s a good thing.

Let’s get on with the review.


Just like how softener softens your clothes, this softener supposed to soften your nose area so that the extraction would be easier to conduct.

Comes in a slightly thick, clear liquid.

Smells quite nice, reminds me of those floral-scented softeners.

You basically massage this on your desired spot for a good 2-3 minutes, although it would be better if you massage it until your fingers felt all rubbery, you don’t want your skin to miss all the goodness of the liquids. Truthfully, I did this treatment for three times already, and if anything, I would advise you not to use it sparingly. Squirt a handful amount of softener, and then rubbed gently, vigorously, gently, just rub it already— into the pores of your nose. Try to imagine the blackies and whities wriggling in pain. Wahaha.


It did its job well as a softener. If you gently pinch your nose, the blackhead would easily peek through, but really, you could have obtained similar result by using yogurt or any organic oil (olive oil, for instance), even witch hazel (this product is loaded with that stuff anyways).

Thus, it did not impress me much as a softener.


The consistency felt too much like a clay mask than a peeling mask. It is thick and goopy.

The scent is more concentrated than the softener, which is to be expected.

I’m not kidding about the thickness and the goopiness of the paste. Not to mention it is beyond slimy and gooey. Smear it on your desired spot, and then peel it off once the paste has completely dried. Estimated time would be around 10 minutes. Of course, it may dry quicker than 10 minutes, but do let your skin absorbs the chemical ingredients first. I mean, the good ingredients. Yes.

Sorry no nose picture my nose is big and spotty you would appreciate the chance I’m giving by not displaying it to the world of the cruel state of my nosy nose.

So anyway…10 minutes later (or more)…moment of truth.

This is the moment when your blackies and whities would finally raise their white flag (black flag?) and surrender to the almighty peeling thingy.

The mask would immediately act like a clay mask copycat—tightening your skin, tingling your skin, cooling your skin, soothing your skin?

I bet the skin secretly loves that.

Truthfully, I much favor the original clay mask than this impersonator. The way clay masks (my favorite is St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask) torture the skin is so delicate yet harsh, it sends shiver down my spine.

Oh well. After all, this mask isn’t supposed to be a clay mask. IT’S A PEELING MASK. And I can honestly say that this is the best peeling mask I’ve ever tried (which means more painful than ever).

Does it worth the pain, though?

Hold your breath, everyone. This is the time for the disgusting truth.

I smeared an even layer on my nose, extending it towards my cheeks. For those three experiments, I did the same thing at the same spot.

Let me break it down for you.

First experiment:
A thin and even layer of paste was smeared on my nose and cheeks. Not much blackies or whities appeared on the peel.

Second experiment:
I tried not to use it sparingly but perhaps it still wasn’t enough. The paste ran down my nose and accumulated itself at the corner of my nose. The peel captured quite a lot of small whities and blackies at my cheeks and sides of nose, but not much at the nose itself.

Third experiment:
I applied a thick layer on my nose and cheek, letting it to dry. Quite a lot of blackies/whities appeared on the peel as you can see, but still, it doesn’t capture the stubborn ones. Some medium blackies nearly surrendered to the peel, but fortunate to them, they have strong willpower so they stayed on the ground. It could be annoying, since you need to do some extraction yourself afterward (if you want that is).

Stubborn and big blackies remain mighty and budgeproof. If you wanted to try this out for the sake of tackling your stubborn blackies, then allow me to say…it might not happen.

Maybe this sheep placenta mask would do the trick!

I'm not sure how potent this mask is...I don't think I want to put this on my nose either...sheep placenta? I...I don't feel so good.


If you just want to extract those feeble whities blackies without doing any extraction, then it would be a good product to try.

Therefore, while it has proven to be a failure in attacking stubborn rebels, it did its job fairly well. Better than any other peel-off products in the market. (excluding sheep placenta of course, since I have yet to try…maybe never try…)


This is the essence that closes your pores, nurtures it until it could finally understand that headies are not roomies.

This thing is like water. Runny texture, if it wasn’t for the scent, I would have mistaken it for water. (of course, that would not happen to moi)

After your spot is cleaned from those leftover whitish peels, apply this on the said spot and walla! You are officially done with combating headies for the day.

I must say, this thing works wonders. It really shrinks the pores (although I have the slight suspicion that it’s only a temporary effect, and I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t been monitoring it) reduce redness (from the painful strips) and avoid bacterial infections that could lead to massive volcano eruption! (I must say that it is only applicable to small wound. In my opinion, tea tree oil does a better job)

If only it wasn’t that itchy.

All in all, this set is quite good. Does it justify the RM80 price tag though? Well, admittedly the products are tiny, but you are basically paying RM26+ for a bottle, so it’s not a major pocket burn.

Should you buy it? If you have headies then by all means go for it.

If your sole purpose of trying it is to get rid of those stubborn big headies then you might as well forget about it.

I’m giving this a…3 out of 5.

Because I’m a homemade skincare girl. Haha. XD

Watch out for Homemade Skincare series in the future! :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

GKS+JSS=XISA but I am not so sure anymore...

Have you wondered how sometimes, when you did a personality test, suddenly the result striked you in the chest, so much so that this sudden emotion of triumph and uniqueness overwhelmed you, yet all of it drowned down when your friend’s got the same result just because the said person happened to be born under the same star?

You know, I’m pretty rad-
Oh hell no, I’m rad too-
You mean red right? Like lobster red?
Nuh uh, I’m just as rad as you! Cool huh?
Hahaha…how…how cool.

Happened quite a lot to me, although truthfully, I have this particular narcissist trait of thinking I’m above all of you petty humans, I pawned you pawned you pawned you yet when others got the same result, I was so aghast to the point I can’t breathe because there is no way they are as cool as yours truly.

You know how certain lame people always think of themselves highly in a sort of ironic cool way- YEAH THAT’S ME.

Anyhow, I deliberately took a zodiac test (I took multiple test afterward, just to be sure) to prove my point. I am a Virgo. A proud Virgo. Sure, I am not the only Virgo in this world, there are quite a lot Virgos, I noticed recently how strangely common Virgos are, yet are we the same?

I AM… analytical, modest, responsible, hard-working, sensitive, smart, meticulous, magnetic, punctual, disciplined, perfectionist and humane.

Let’s see. I am analytical. Quite modest if I do say so myself. Responsible, I think. Hard-working to the core. I am the definition of sensitive. I am smarter than—(warning warning warning), Meticulous is my middle name. I am…magnetic what the hell is that supposed to mean—Ehem. No doubt I’m punctual, and I’m disciplined beyond words. I am a perfectionist by nature, and I am humane—I find them interesting. Extremely interesting. Lastly, I am awesome. But I only say that to myself. In private. In my head. Or was it my heart? I’m not sure. I think both. Anyway, not with my mouth. Never. Ever. Hah. Stupid ‘ever’ word.

I praised myself too much. Let me rinse my mouth with soap.

Maybe washing my fingers with soap would suffice, since I didn’t exactly say it aloud. After all, I only type it.

My favorite soap is Dettol. I love the antiseptic smell. Reminds me of hospital.

I also love Secret Garden’s bodywash.

I am branching out of topic, am I?



Yet it is hard to digest on how these attributes could actually fall upon other Virgos. I have known other Virgos very dearly, yet none of them resembles me. In fact, if I were to take a rough guess, the thought of them being fellow pure Virgos would never cross my mind.

I was supposed to be the alien. They are normal. How is that possible? How could they meddle themselves with the likes of me? Or perhaps they had mastered the act of normalness. I need to check that out.

Nevertheless, humans are different, aren’t they? I believe the attributes hit us differently by the way we interpreted those stuff. For example, I think I am an insect magnet, whereas maybe other Virgos are super duper magnetic towards humans, hence the reason why their popularity doesn’t suffer the same subdued state of mine. Maybe they are meticulous as well, perhaps not as chronic as I.

Nonetheless, it is fun to see how similar yet different we all are.


Huda’s Random Corner

I hate how things get so damn overrated.

I love Transformers’ figurines nowadays. I love to transform the parts into cars and vice versa.

It is quite overrated maybe, overseas maybe. In Malaysia as well maybe? But someday if the damn toys get so overrated to the point that every household in this state has the damn thing I would chuck it out.

Maybe not literally chuck it out, but you know what I mean.

Maybe you don’t.

I mean I would probably never touch it again.

Maybe not literally as well.


For my rant today (random rant, not exactly random, just spur at the moment random...rant...uh) I would refer this as JSS and the gang.

JSS and the gang have been splendidly popular in their hometown.

I don’t mind. They rock. I love it. More power to them. More goodies for me.

Then they branched out from their filthy garage.

However, they are awfully underestimated by the nation.

It’s okay. I still love you. Besides, you are here. You can finally meet GKS. Yippee. (THAT DID NOT HAPPEN =.=)

They worked hard. Their company worked hard. Finally they tasted the aromatic blend of victory.

I applaud them. They deserved it. Whatever. Just meet GKS already. (AGAIN, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. MAYBE IT DID HAPPEN AT SOME POINT OF MY LIFE, BUT I DIDN’T KNOOOWWWWWW)

Everyone likes them! Okay, you guys rock, I should have expected that.



*search for their anti pages*

*disappointed, because those antis didn’t have good enough reason on hating them*

Oh well if smelly ABC didn’t smell them then it’s okay.


It’s not as if they would pay attention to those little midgets. After all, JSS and the gang are giants. They couldn't see those midgets anyways.

(bear in mind GKS is tiny as well)

I’m not so sure. =.=



GKS said that she likes them too…but more under the pretense of ‘I’m supposed to like them so I like them HAH! I’m not sure what I like. I like myself of course. AND DISNEY!’

GKS I hate you.

JSS and the gang, I so loathe you now for your overly populated fanbase.

I hate how everyone loves you, and announced it to the world.

Hush, ladies. =.=

I wish this is 2005.

Not because I am much younger back then, I love to be the young and wise, nowadays I am the old and old, not exactly wise because everything I know is supposed to be known by children my age (children??!!) but 2005 is such a meaningful year for me.

It’s the year when I found absolute happiness. (GKS is GKS while JSS was not that overrated)

I don’t care what you say, everyone has their own way of living their life, and this is how I live mine.

Without 2005, I probably wouldn’t be here.

So I thank you 2005, for bringing me actual happiness that wasn’t too complicated for me to comprehend and appreciate.


Friday, July 24, 2009

How random could you get?

My Kuala Lumpur trip yesterday is quite possibly the shortest trip eve-

I mean, it is one of the shortest trip ev-

One of the shortest trip, possibly.

Left the house at 6pm, arrived at my brother’s house at 10pm. Left the house at 6am, arrived at my house at 10pm.

As you can see, my intoxicating presence (or lack thereof) has barely damaged the calm atmosphere, leaving the crickets to breathe at ease. I am a kind person.

Who am I kidding? XD

During my travel (if you could count it as a travel of some sort) I thought I bring everything (everything necessary) but alas, I did not.

I forgot my sunscreen.

I forgot my sunscreen??!!

Sensitive skin fellows, feel my pain. My lovable females, hear my woes. I am not slathering sunscreen for the purpose of forever young or forever white (maybe part of it) or even forever anti-skin-cancer, but I did all that for the sake of my skin’s comfort. Without my handy-dandy sunscreen, the mighty sun would burn my skin until it resembles the state of fried prawns.

Scrambling my makeup pouch (I brought all this but not the damn sunscreen??!!) I tried to find anything that could substitute the magnificent elixir, but how shameful, not even a BB cream was on sight.



A miracle elixir in a form of frosted glass shone through my eyes.

Liquid foundation.

Oh how I love thee~ Granted, I don’t trust the protection that LF claims to give, but for the sake of desperation, I was willing to compensate.

I smoothed a pump of liquid foundation on my face, and off I go to embrace the wrathful sun. Oh sun, how you torture me so. I must have been a vampire at some point in my life.

Good thing the LF did its job well, I felt the tiniest pain, with a small hint of redness, but that’s good enough for me.

And so, I applaud you LF for your job well done.


Huda’s Random Corner

(because you know, I noticed how frequent ‘on a random note’ appeared on this blog, so I figured I make one as a regular corner. Not that random is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing, in fact, I think all of my post in this blog is quite random, I even made a tag on random things, but well, oh well. Random corner is the ultimate random thing that occurred to me spontaneously. Other random things have undergone evaluation and deep thinking. This corner doesn’t. In fact, may I express the fact that besides my unconscious habit of repeating myself, this corner is a last minute thought? Pretty random huh?)

I just stumbled upon an Indian production soap opera titled Left Right Left.

I wasn’t impressed (I am hard to impress…maybe), I was *this* close on switching the channel, until I heard the character’s (the hero, possibly) name.

Huda! And he’s a guy! And his name is Huda.

Well, Huda might have been a unisex name for all I know, but the moment of obscurity is hard to digest.

Especially when the introduction part (I think), the hero entered the room in a typical Hindustani way, and then out of a sudden the background music was all *OI OI OI WHOO! HUDA! OI OI OI WHOO! HUDA!*

Makes me feel gay inside.

Would it be cruel to admit that I snort, REALLY, REALLY, LOUD?

It felt as if I’m mocking my own name.

Oh well.

*oi oi oi whoo! Huda!*


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Words words words words words...

I’m sure many of you have experienced this kind of phenomenon where the smallest thing is the funniest thing ever—

No? Oh. It must have been just me then.

(on another spectacularly random note, EVER. Haha! EVER. LMAO. I use it again! EVER. Erm. Ah. Ehem. Okay, I stop now.)

Language has always been a passion of mine. Something about listening to foreign words intrigued me, prompted me to dwell into the colorful world of tongue-twister and unusual words. Since then, I have studied tons of language, often mixing words with another, because as you know, some words mean completely different in other languages even if the pronunciation and spelling is the same. This amused me greatly, although truth to be told, I am an easily amused person. And highly distractive. No one really knows that. You’re not supposed to know that. I’m supposed to hide behind my cool and secretive facade instead of announcing to the world about the horrifying truth. Not horrifying per se, but I don’t like to showcase my weakness. I am awesome. I command you to think that I’m awesome. Yes, that’s right. Awesome is moi.

Let me lead you to the main point instead of hearing me blabbering about pointless thing. Anyway, I remembered back then when I still have to babysit those pesky kids, oh those pesky kids…so cute yet so chivalrous. So innocent yet so wicked. I missed them greatly. I’m sure they didn’t return the same notion, but anyway, I should cut on the word anyway, well anyway, oh no I did it again, ANYWAY. One thing I noticed was that they often liked to swear, not good, and I’m not helping, its not as if I could help anyway, because I myself am no better than those kids, but really, one of the popular words that came out of their mouth was ‘baboon’, baboon here baboon there…until another clever kid chirped in, “You mean, the door?”

From that day on, they no longer use the English definition of the word baboon, but instead, decided to settle with the Arabic meaning and thus prank other kids around. Quite genius, because you see, when people ask us to stop with the monkey-calling, we can always defend ourselves and say, “What are you talking about? I’m not saying baboon as in the monkey. I meant door. You are offended? Oh my, such a fuzzy-wuzzy aren’t you?”

That ought to stop that person right on track.

Evil, I know, but highly amusing nonetheless.

Another word that has forever embedded in those kids’ head (I am a bad influence…le sigh) is the word Buta.

It started with a simply innocent question, “What is Japanese for pigs?”

Damn those kids.

Nasty is their minds, but their faces were nothing but angelic, drawing you helplessly into their big eyes of innocence. They can’t fool me though, they know they can’t fool me, and thus the crude query.

Perhaps part of the reason why they actually adored me is due to my natural malevolence, a trait that only accessible to the right person…surprisingly those kids could hack my system and bring out my inner dark side.

So in a rather exaggerated nonchalant way, I answered, “Buta.”

“Buta?” they mouthed the word in disbelief. “As in blind for Malay?”

I could already guess the route for the conversation but I followed their lead anyway. “Yes, buta as in blind.”

They gaped, their innocent eyes as round as the freckly moon.

“Wow,” they exclaimed. “We can insult anyone without them knowing! It’s like two in one! You are blind AND a pig!”

What have I done?!

I’m sure humans don’t appreciate being called blind, neither would they like it when they know that the intended insult is actually pig.

The kids aren’t at fault however, with the rate of increasing H1N1 cases all over the world, added with how the government wants Malaysian to refer to the disease as pig flu rather than H1N1 (literally pig flu) many children were exposed to the once dirty word.

And thus, while buta amused the kids, what amused me lately is Andalusia.

No no no I am not mocking anyone per se, only that recently I have been recommended to use the service from Andalusia Agency...

And I snorted.

Coupled with the fact that majority of the employers are girls, I was tempted to ask about their marital status.

I sure hope I didn't jinx myself. I sure don't want to be an Andalusia >.<

Now I’m sure Andalusia has another meaning aside from the obvious Anak Dara Lanjut Usia (Overage Virgins), wait let me check the dictionary...oh, there’s none! Okay, maybe the word is in conjunction with M Nasir’s song, which probably didn’t necessarily means unmarried virgin, but then again I have no idea what the song is about, okay I stop here.

Despite how amusing the agency’s name is, I am meeting them tomorrow, so off to Kuala Lumpur I’ll go! Sadly Wi-Fi is not accessible at my temporary home, therefore this blog would remain the same for a few days.

Until then, have a nice day!


I am annoyed.

I don't mind bad English. I myself have bad English. See? I have bad English. Nothing could describe the badness of my English. I am bad. bad bad bad bad yeah bad english.


I try to improve, I constantly learn, I refrain from using half-assed English. I don't want my English to become fobby.



No matter how bad I am, I dint rite lyke dis. No matter how awful my English is, i know make sentenc. YES I DO. I'M NOT THAT STUPID.

I don't care if you want to write like that in your blog, your diary, your facebook even, anything, BUT. When you write like that in an important email, granted, not that important, just to me, I am not important, I admit that, BUT! If you want to send an email to someone regarding anything serious, YOU SHOULD WRITE CORRECTLY.

Now, I know that many people suffer bad English like yours truly, yes yes yes old story what else? Yeah. I know that. I understand that.


How weird it is that an English Major person didn't know how to form correct sentences.

Here's hoping that Medical students actually know how to treat people. Lyk, srsly.

P/S: I do hate it when some people think they are above us just because their CVs are nicer than ours. Yes, your CV is nice. Yes, you are OMG EDUCATED TO THE MAX. Yes yes I'm stupid. But learn some respect, please. Don't waste your parents money, government money, whatever money. Oh and if you're wondering, I said this to her. Not exactly in front of her face, but through hate mail. Yes, I sent her a hate mail. Got a problem with that?

I'm inspired to...ah.

I have not been writing anything these days. Yes I’m aware that I am currently writing this right now, writing this damn entry, posting in forums, commenting in facebook, writing my work, yes yes all of that equals writing.

But what I meant is that nowadays I haven’t written anything worthy on MS Word that actually has a plot and not just my own two cents regarding moment of obscurity.

I’m trying to pinpoint the core and culprit of my distraction. Hmm, facebook? Damn you evil facebook I loathe you. Work? Chyeah right I have yet to start Module 6! Games? Recently I’ve acquired Monkey Island full version but I haven’t been playing it ever since I’ve completed the demo. Books? Long neglected is Emma, accumulating dust in the corner of my iThingie.

Writing requires supreme attention. I’m just waiting for the time when my life would be totally free, and then I could resume writing again, but I’ve recently concluded that its not going to happen anytime soon. Even though my work has noticeably decreased, I still spend the day as if there's a million hours left. Time is running out so fast I don’t find myself doing anything worthwhile except for posting hate messages on forums and spazzing about anything worth spazzing. By the end of the day I usually know nothing significant except for the glorious fact that someone photoshopped soshit’s nose to make it even larger than it already is. Hey, that person is not doing anything wrong, she is just pointing the fact of how they would look like if their nose hasn’t been touched by the magic hands of plastic surgeons.

And so, I have been wondering. It perked my curiosity greatly, I wondered how nose could make such a difference to one’s face, prompted them to undergo the knife or visit a plastic surgeon. I used to have an obsession with hair; isn’t it amusing on how hair could change and frame a person’s face and so on, making them far attractive than they actually are? I think I stared too much at those people with great hairs, so much so that some people think I have a crush on them and asked me if I was checking them out when really I was only admiring their hair wtf are they smoking?

Ehem. So. Nose. Right.

I have been doing my dutiful staring activity and from my observation, those people who were deemed cute mostly have a nose that is no bigger than their eyes, with a pair of unobvious nostrils. Same size mouth is fine, as long as big eyes are in your features. If your nose are bigger, the coordination of your face would be slightly off and thus makes you look as if you have a big nose, which of course you do. Nostrils are also an important factor; no flattering faces should have apparent nostrils.

Being an avid beauty blogs’ reader makes it easy for me to stare and scrutinize their features outside their knowledge (internet is awesome haha erm...) and ultimately calculate their nose’s length.

I am sorry this is for experimental purpose only!

Anyway. Where was I.

Yes. Nose. Perhaps that is the reason as to why everyone is sporting an ulzzang-style makeup nowadays (including me hehe) and circle lenses (excluding me hoho). And for those who wanted permanent beauty, well, they opted for a nose-job. Smaller nose does make one’s features sharper and more define, I kind of agree.

Whatever it is, a nose is a nose. A borrowed nose lmao. Smaller nose means smaller access to the air. Maybe. Harhar.

What is the definition of today’s beauty? Big eyes, small pointy nose, pouty lips, small face, bla would be such a bland world if everyone looks the same, with no variety example would be the fate of Kpop nowadays. Same tune, same lines, everyone brings the same dish each time...and then others will bring something refreshing, and people will like it because they are bored with the same stuff, and then others will copy them, and so on, and so on. Perhaps one day big nose would be the next best thing. They are just waiting for someone to pop into the news looking all pretty while flashing her big nose, brainwashing the humans to have a nose just like her and next thing you know, they alllllll wanted big nose.


Complex things, aren’t they?

Amusing nonetheless. But I rather stay at the background and watch them move.

And so I have concluded...I will write something about nose.

Sounds foolish, I know!

Maybe the adventure of the big nose. Big nose vs Small nose. Big nose pwns. Anything.

We’ll see.


On a random note, I have been watching TVXQ’s live performance of Stand By You.

Truthfully, I don’t like that song.

After multiple listens, I still don’t. But Junsu’s voice is heavenly how could I resist?

I resist so many times. I hated most of their works. But I love Junsu’s voice.

Although I can’t deny, whenever they did something right, they hit golden. Really golden. I hate most of their works, but I desperately love some of their songs. Curious, isn’t it?

Anyway, back to Stand By You.

Just for laughs, I decided to check their credibility of bringing this mumbly song to life.

They failed. HAHA!

First of all, this song is awfully low, too many words, which contributes to the half-assed mumble madness. The only one who did great at the low tones was Yucheon; at least his voice wasn’t drowned out, but when he hits the high notes, I cringed. Stick to the bass, Yucheon. Your high notes are painful. So does Changmin. And he supposed to be the tenor.

The only one who sounded great was Junsu, but that’s only because he didn’t sing as low as others. He was singing in his comfortable zone, so he didn’t have to struggle much. But as you can see, he struggles anyway, he always struggles when singing, I’m thinking that’s his way of showing his emotion. Maybe. He always looks as if he was struggling. I sure hope antis won't struggle him.

Overall, I like Bolero better than this mess.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Secret Wish... to attend a MM concert.

But that didn't seem appropriate, so I'm waiting for another musical. They did a Cinderella musical last year, with Gaki as the prince charming, and while I knocked my head hard and cries mountain of blood, I knew that if I did go to Japan just for the sake of attending the musical, it's too far of a dream to reach. As if my sister would bring me there. XD

Next musical (hopefully another collaboration with Takarazuka) however, I will make sure that I will not miss this opportunity. Provided the timing is right.

Knowing me though, its not always right. Meh.

But my ultimate secret wish is still attending a MM concert. Surrounded by wotas and glowsticks and adrenaline and...uh...

Yeah that didn't sound appropriate for someone like me didn't it?

For some reason, I have never been tempted by TVXQ concert.


Okay, once upon a time, I was tempted, can't blame me, everyone was like, TVXQ is coming to Malaysia! You should go! Yeah I should go! That was during TVXQ's prime time in Korea. After the release of their second album, Rising Sun. I was tempted, tempted to meet everyone, but at last, I didn't go. As if I could go. Heh.

Nowadays, I don't really care for their concert. Saw their performances from previous concerts, but my feelings are just lukewarm, mediocre, I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

I've never been tempted with MM's concert, not until lately. With them appearing at AX, having a personal conversation and autograph session with the western fan...hell I am dead jealous really hellish jealous I don't know I get jealous for the wrong reason. Yes I know right?!

Morning Musume's concert...pfft. I rather go to Kinentai. But Kinentai is no more. Gocchin is gone. Gone to Avex. Gone to Avex. Gone to Avex.

She should have let Gaki tag along but I doubt Gaki wants that.

But now, after watching Platinum9Disco concert, I get kind of giddy.

I want to be there, you know? Actually be there.


This is the most heart-wrenching performance from the concert. I didn't like this song that much, like it of course because it is a chorus song, but didn't like it that much because Gaki has no lines, but like it of course but not as much as Mirai Yosouzu II, where was I. Where was I? Yeah. Anyway, didn't like it that much because of the Panda's solo *snore*


Interesting things to note in this perf.

-Gaki is serious. How alluring. Kya!
-Too much Kame. Too much. I get it. Cameraman has a crush on her. Okay I get it. Can we get to the other girls please??!!!
-Shige crying. Cuz you know, the audio people filtered what's really happened during this song with their machines. If you listen to the concert rip, you'll hear that ALL THE FANS IN THE STADIUM sing along to this. Basically, ALL OF THEM SING TOGETHER. So that's why there's some noise at the back.

I concluded that there is not that much interesting things to note after all.

Then, next! Interesting things to note at the final farewell.
-shige you lesbo
-I love how everything is on que
-gaki bows the lowest :D
-ame furanai remix!
-they are dancing to the beat!
-gaki's and taka's hair stuck with each other! look at their expression nyahaha XD
-I just felt the need to say this again. Shige you lesbo.




Things to know about MM's PV.

-they suck
-Gaki looks hideous most of the time
-they suck
-they suck
-stiff dancing
-they suck
-one-shot close-up, one-shot dance-part

Sometimes if they have the rare moment of creativeness they would include random stuff in the PV...examples would be crying parts under the rain in Naichau Kamo. College times in Shouganai Yumeoibito. Girls doing random things in Resonant Blue.

They're not that creative but at least they are trying.

This new PV is not that creative but I applaud their effort.

-mannequin gaki! and she's at the front in the beginning and ending of the PV!
-it doesn't look that cheap. In fact, it seems to have some quality that most MM's PV lacks. I think they are trying new filter technique.
-the black outfits are delicious??!
-the dance seems nice
-hey look! not just close-up but some acting-scenes and group scenes which...only lasted for a couple of frames. (told you about moment of creativeness)

-gaki looks hideous sometimes
-not enough gaki closeup!!!! hahaha
-moment of creativeness number two (see? they're improving) white clothes. with white and black backdrops. Harhar. What is that? Hideous. Oh.

Despite all that...


As for the song...

The ewwness
-koha's singing
-shige's singing
-koha's rapping
-the panda's rapping

The awesomeness
-risa's singing
-aika's rapping
-shige's rapping
-taka's singing
-reina's singing
-kame's singing

Ok bye bye.


I just realized that my previous post contains an excessive amount of the word ‘ever’. Whoa, I must have been too ecstatic about the whole ‘ever’ thing. Really, ‘ever’ is such a sacred word. For me to use it continuously is unusual. There is a small amount of things that has 'ever' attached to it. And I’m not going to tell you. Ever. Okay, I lie. I still am not going to tell you. At least for now.

Okay, I’ll give a slight insight into my brain. I think Sackboy from Little Big Planet is the cutest thing ever, and I don’t generally find things cute, except maybe GKS’s cute antics, but she is not a thing, so she didn’t really qualify. Or did she?

Anyway, today is a strange day and filled with indescribable blandness. Nay, I haven’t got a clue. Nevertheless, just when I think that the day couldn’t get any better (yes, even if I heard that there’s going to be a ZYX-a new single I won’t be over the rainbow, since a new song is a new song, although I can’t deny that I was slightly jealous of the whole Aa!, Tanpopo# and Pucchimoni V getting a new song whereas ZYX-a performs stinking Iku ZYX! Fly High at the Champloo concert. I was hoping for a mic hack rip from Gaki’s mic; that way I could hear her sing Mirai Yosouzu II solo, but alas, that is not happening. NOT HAPPENING. And really, Aa! is just Buono! without Momoko with Akari, poor Momoko. She is being left out. And I’m not big fan of Momoko in the first place. Yet I sympathized her. I think my second favourite H!P member is Airi. But even if she is second, she is far from being number one. If not, I would have listened to Aa!’s new songs and the rest of Buono! all day long. But I didn’t. Damn those names. What’s with the exclamation marks? I’m going off-track wasn’t I? What was I talking again? Oh yeah, close the bracket)...

I figure this news deserve a new paragraph rather than stuffing it in the champloo concert rant.






There must be a reason. A good reason at that. I have no clue as to what is the reason that’s good enough to be called a good reason.

Ahah! Maybe her superb performance in Platinum9Disco concert was the cause of the extra point.

Nah, it’s not as if P9D is her first concert that oozes her awesomeness or something. (I tell you, whenever someone writes P9D, somehow I have PCD in my mind. Hmm. Ignore this.)

Maybe its the Yokohawa CultureQ show!


Maybe it’s the Kizuna SP show!



Ehem. Yes I’m aware that my previous line sounds wickedly offensive.


I’ll be frank here, and admit that never in my mind would I think that Gaki-san will get the attention she deserves. Oh, I dreamt of her being ultra-famous and stuff, but that solely supposed to stay in my head. I have long given up the hope of seeing her taking over Taka’s popularity, heck, I think Kame’s annoying moeness surpassed her aneko personality, but PATIENCE SURE MAKES EVERYTHING WORTH IT. >D Yes, I know. This is just a stupid ranking. Sooner or later she will be off the chart. But Gaki-san getting the attention she deserves is a rare thing, so yes, I know I’m making this way too much of a deal.

Even in Japan, her green glowsticks was overwhelmed with yellow and blue, even in Korea, her special ability of speaking Korean was trumped down by Taka’s mighty voice, even in US, her genuine cuteness was overthrown by Kame’s moeness.

So what’s not to like?

Oh, actually, there is another factor that adds to my fangirlism.

OMG stinking THSK is number 16 <3

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?



Next best news, Gaki collaborating with THSK.

If that happens, I have nothing else to wish.


On another side note, I have been transforming Bumblebee.

Gah the head is so rotten I was afraid of breaking it off (not like I have super-strength of actually breaking it but you never know)

So while the transforming was a success except for the rotten head, another challenge bestowed upon me of putting it back as Chevrolet Camaro.

Wow, that wasn’t so hard. Except for the stinking head.

I’ll try Ironhide next.

Hopefully Optimus Prime would visit us by the end of this week. :D Hello, Optimus Prime.

Sunday, July 19, 2009





*insert incoherent babbling here*



Went factory-visiting the other day, and had the greatest laksa Sarawak everrrrr (not like I had it all the time or I’m a laksa sarawak’s expert or anything, in fact, this is my first bowl ever, but anyway, PWN.)

Too many pictures (1/10 is pictures with my face, the rest are yachts and appliance) I would post it later (along with my lappie, but you see, the camera’s battery is dead, and I can’t find the damn charger, so you need to coop with the delay. LIVE WITH IT!)

In the mean time, here’s a dream-come-true funny caption!

I’ve seen this for quite some time (I assume after the photographer uploads it to the net) and I love love love love nothing could withstand my love.

YAY. LOVE. MANA. GAKI. (and to some less extend taka kame shige jun blabla) IN THE SAME PIC AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Taka: D: (dude you nearly pissed your pants when Sephiroth serenades you)
Gaki: P: (her mouth is significantly less larger than Taka so I'm quite pleased)
Kame: :3 (she's totally checking his butt)
Shige: O.O (she couldn't be seen in this pic since she was blocked by Mana's gigantic presence but her expression at the time is definitely horrified)

VK and Idols...ngahahahaha.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The act of giving...

The abnormality of my life couldn’t be hidden, not to the public’s eyes. I’m not craving for attention, but that’s solely what I get whenever my life’s story began to unroll before my very eyes. They asked questions, I answered nonchalantly. They questioned my sincerity, I shrugged it off. They complimented my patience, I gave a silent smile. But when they questioned for my lack of complain, I really am at the speechless bay...

What is there to complain? I couldn’t possibly complain. This life is more than I deserved. Not fabulous for sure, but not too shabby. My life was envied, but wait until they see what lies beyond the phony smile. I’m sure they will cower and never think of exchanging lives again. Better be poorer than richer, saner than freakier.

I happened to like the latter, truthfully.

That is why when you are given three grand for a simple job, you admit it right away. Who cares if others' life is in jeopardy? At least your life, and family of course, would be better. The reason for increased robbery, thievery, other criminal is tough nowadays. Especially with the economic recession...too many people were fired from their jobs, rejected from various interviews, how on earth are you going to support your family? You can’t possibly sell dirt for money. Or maybe you can. To the right person, of course.

That being said, the thing that irked me the most is how some people took the help for granted. They asked for help, sure we help. They asked for money, here have some. They promised to pay it back, no we don’t really mind. They have no money, we don’t say a thing. They ran away, without informing us. Uh...okay. We saw them, they ran away.

Freakish hell that pissed us off. Its not as if we gave them such terrible vibe, its not as if we threatened them that we will kill you off if you didn’t pay. We are not loan-sharks -.-

If you really have no money to pay, at least say that in front of our faces. We have known each other for months, you should know by now that we are nothing but cruel, no harm at all. Sure, you might be embarrassed for breaking your promise, but you are proving to be such a coward for running away from these people that went through hell to make sure your family is well fed.

We don’t mind helping others in pain, we understand your suffering. It’s not as if we couldn’t live if we lost a couple of bucks. Donation, from the bottom of our heart. If a couple of bucks could make the difference, then we hope that the difference could change their lives, even by a miniscule amount.

I used to help others in distress, hoping for no payment whatsoever. Tough work, but I endured it all. In the end, after all those months, all those hours, five days a week, mountains of tensions, sickly condition, I only got a couple of bucks. But I don’t complain, maybe a little, because some of them are not that poor, some of them are richer than me, yet they kept quiet...but I understand. I did this purely for the sake of the children. Nothing but mere help.

I must say now the hard work is paying off. I could finally taste the part of the life's enjoyment that people raved about, I have the chance of exploring a new world that I could possibly never see...what more could I ask for?

Masha Allah. Thank you Ya Allah.

If only others could realize that money is not everything and doesn’t end up being too stingy.

Richer than us but begged for sympathy and money.

Their money is securely kept in their banks so they need to use our money instead. And paying back...hmm...not promising anything.


I have no comment.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The thin line between busy and free...

It seems as if lately, I have been neglecting my lovable habits. I didn’t outgrow them; it’s just that time is so cruel to yours truly, I couldn’t even breath. I still spazzed on GKS, but that’s about it. No JSS, which wasn’t that weird, considering how I wasn’t that attached to him unlike 5 years ago.

It’s just that, whenever I have something in mind, I would continually pursue that thing until the thing is out of my mind. I couldn’t do anything else, solely because I have things that yet to be done.

My work is only 50% done. I finished 4 modules, working on the fifth module, and I still have 5 more modules to complete. It crossed my mind how after the work is done, I could finally return to my old habits, but it didn’t happen. Prime example would be the end of MS Project. After the curtains for MS Project finally landed on my feet, I wasted time and no longer carve my way out to the glorious future that I’ve envisioned. I procrastinated too much. I hate that. Really really hate that.

I made a pact with myself. I would retain my habits after the last word of EDP.

Play games maybe, learn more languages, continue my abandoned creative works, experiment new techniques...

Maybe I’ll read a book. That sounds good.

How I miss reading...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maybe its tyrian purple...imperial my laptop is royalty!

It felt as if Lady Murasaki from Hikaru Genji came to visit me. Suddenly, I have the vision of flourishing lavender tainting my eyes with its violet hue, gorgeous lilac overwhelming my senses with its glorifying sweetness, glistening like a fresh-cut amethyst...

Yes, my new New Inspiron 14 in Ziba Purple from Dell has arrived. Granted, its not really lavender nor lilac nor violet or even amethyst, maybe amethyst...with a hint of burgundy? Wine color, with a touch of purple? Something to that extend.

Or if I'm being really specific then I would say that it resembles the color you would get when your eyes were punched by whoever it is that has a beef on you.

The color is pure love, of course. I love it.

As for the specs, I've upgraded it decently, so it runs decent. Of course, new laptops would run like a new laptop, so for now, it felt like a new laptop.

As you can tell, my lack of word virus is still manifesting my brain. Ugh.

The name of this laptop is equally annoying. Why the heck did they include 'New' in the name? Hard to google, hard to research. Whenever I googled for New Inspiron, the results that came out is 'My new Inspiron!" =.=

I would take a picture of my unraveling the ribbons of the neatly packaged box (just so you know, there's no ribbons. Really!) but my newly acquired camera (Canon Digital Ixus) has been flying out of my grasp (into the hands of my brother, he borrowed it for a few days) while the DSLR's SD card miraculously disappear from the card slot. Bummer.

If only I could give you a sniff of this laptop...alas, the technology of this millenium is still quite far behind. (and the world is ending soon)

I assure you though, it smells nothing like lavender, so you are not missing anything. Unless metal/box/carton/rust scent is your kind of fetish then...I have no comment.

I will post pictures of this laptop once the camera is back on my lap (but my lap is quite occupied with the lappie so the camera needs to endure sitting beside me) along with some pictures of gross and nasty plucked blackheads (recently, I bought St. Clare Treatment Sebum) and hopefully, a review of my new Al-Quran (this one is special, soon you will know).


Monday, July 13, 2009


For the lack of word, I am used of seeing the unseeable. No, I shall not mention what I really meant by saying the unmentionable. Just so you know, those thingable are real. At least in my mind. But you shall never trust my mind. My mind is corrupted to the core. I even made up words in this paragraph. What’s up with that? Yes, for the lack of word. Suddenly my mind dictionary has busted. Probably from thinking too much. But I don’t think that much. Not often. I do think. Yes, I think all the time. Sometimes too much. I’m not making any sense. Oh no, I see flying worms in front of my laptop’s screen.

What the hell am I talking about?

Ah yes, I was born with perceptive eyes. I am special. The most speshul snowflake in za world so shot meh D:

No, please don’t shoot me. I still want to live you see.

Anyway, I thought I saw the unimaginable, same ol’ same ol’, nothing new, until something caught me off guard.

I could see it even when I switched on my neutral eyes!

Turns out it’s just a black cat. It makes more sense now.

The cat is extremely black, for a second I thought it was one of the unimaginable stalking my presence, somehow transforms into a solid form so that it was more noticeable, waiting to uncover my weakness so that it could take its revenge on me, or maybe it just have the pure intention of asking for a favor, or whatever it is...I'm certain its the favor. These things always wanted help. Always. Often. Always. Often. What's with the lack of word? D:


Nah, it’s just a perfectly innocent black cat. Not even a lousy impersonation by those unmentionable thingies. I’ve seen those quite a lot actually, often in the form of snakes and other animals. They were quite the chatterbox. Kind of funny, to be honest. It felt like talking to animals. With their mouth close, of course. Animals talk with their mouth open. Those things don't. That is a fact. At least, a fact in my mind. But you shall not trust my mind.

I bet the cat is hungry. Thankfully, not for my blood. Or flesh. Or anything concerning me for that matter. Unlike mosquitoes, always hunger for human's blood. Can't you behave like cats for a while? Eat some protein, yo.

This post is not making any sense!


I wonder if I’ll see those things in Mecca. It will be interesting.


Wow, this post sounds psychotic.


Really hope that the cat wouldn’t stalk me again, though.


(caution: Transformers spoiler)

After much procrastination, my work for today is finally done. Now I could blog! Teehee.

Watching Transformers was in my schedule yesterday. Late, I know. I tend to drift away from overrated things, never could handle them as much, because when things are overrated, your expectation would automatically be as high as the seventh heaven? Maybe I should exaggerate more, since for someone like me, seventh heaven is not high enough. The eleventh sky maybe?

Good thing I was not being let down. This movie truly rocks, unfortunately. From the start of the movie-the scene of the Autobots fighting the Decepticons, until the last when Optimus Prime finally defeated The Fallen, there was never a dull moment. The robots were top-notch (I especially like Sideswipe the Chevrolet Corvett, but they didn’t give him much screentime) and all those fighting scenes were cruel, splendidly done. Sam and Mikaela are the epitome of cuteness (or hotness, your choice), their strong bond was apparent throughout the movie, and I like how Sam always tried to reach for Mikaela’s hand when they were running- shows how much he cares for her.

Of course, everything has its con. Even a flawless diamond isn’t that flawless. One thing I found aggravating about this movie is the obvious sexual hints. I wonder what's going on in the head of the parents when watching this with their adolescent child by their side? Abashed, at the very least.

Leo is such a coward in this movie. I expected him to act more interested in the robots, since he is the one who display such affection of uncovering various bizarre phenomenon; the robots. To see him chickened out by the robots is downright silly.

This is not really a flaw, but I was spoiled before the movie, I have known that Optimus Prime would die at some point, and somehow resurrected again. Seriously, DAMMIT.

Nonetheless, the cars are cool, the robots are cool, the actors are cool…the movie is cool, naturally.

My new camera is cool too. Cool blue. Turquoise, if I’m being specific.

This is taken by using Canon DSLR with no touchup whatsoever.

She has an elegant posture.

DSLR watches in despair.

This is taken by using Canon Digital Ixus with no touchup whatsoever.

If you decided to diet, maybe I will love you more.

Alas, you are just too big. But I still love you DSLR.

I think DSLR is too overrated nowadays, so I no longer love you as much.

Love is a depressing word, don’t you think?

I say the pictures are nice.

That's not my fingers.

Of course, when you spend more than one grand on something, its bound to be awesome, don’t you think?

Even if it’s not, you would convince yourself that it is.

Thankfully, it is. XD

It’s a widescreen camera, 12.1 MP, 4x Optical Zoom, HD video…

This camera makes me sad and happy at the same time. Happy that it’s a cute and portable camera, sad that my money is now flowing away with the wind.

Oh…my money.

Give me plz? Kthxbye.

Anyway, to compliment the title…


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too happy to hum...

*long story-scroll down to hear the songs*

Waiting for this album is a sweet torture. (what’s with the oxymoron?? XD)

It was announced way back in April, but back then, I wasn’t interested. H!P album? I bet it’s filled with Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Sugaya Risako and Mano Erina’s voice.

Then the news of Mini Moni’s revival on the album I care about Mini Moni. Like I care about Linlin. Just because she did the unusual from the H!P realm, everyone is her fan right now.

Speculations of other subgroups emerging from the dead began to rise, but I kept a nonchalance air.

The tracklist was finally out, and…


I was officially intrigued.

I have always loved Onitsuka Chihiro’s version of Mamotte Agetai and Aoyama Thelma’s version of Mirai Yosouzu II, so the sheer mention of the titles is enough to send me to the moon.

Imagine my surprise when the songs are the same version.

Still, I kept my cool. You know about these albums, sometimes the right song could go to the wrong person. So to avoid the risk of being disappointed, I tried to inflict as little excitement as I could.

When the full tracklist with the singers’ name are out, fans were confused with the rise-from-the-ashes subgroups. Not surprised, but confused nonetheless. Shin Mini Moni, Tanpopo #, ZYX-a, Pucchimoni V…

I was relieved to see Niigaki and Kamei (that turtle?? Not really) appointed to Mamotte Agetai, but the thought of ZYX-a singing Mirai Yosouzu II didn’t sit too well with me.

ZYX were filled with…kids back then.

Like I care about Berryz and C-ute.

Speculation about Niigaki in Tanpopo added the fuel to my wavering conscious, but I tried to think positive.

I didn’t check out the Tanpopo song since it was indeed, obscure at its best.

So I waited…and waited.

Then the song samples were out.

Unfortunately, the samples were only accessible to those in Japan who subscribed to the mobile thingy…something…I don’t know.

In short, they could listen to the previews on their phone.

But they didn’t upload it to the net.


Anyway, once again, speculation surfaced.

They thought they heard *blabla* on *blabla*, and Niigaki on ZYX-a.

Of course, Tanpopo-hoping Gaki fans were disappointed.

Me on the other hand…


Still, it was undetermined…don’t get your hopes too high…

At that time, I was itching for previews.


Usually, whenever a new song is coming out, many of those H!P radio girls will play it on their radio show, but this time…

Zilch. Nada. Zero.

Every single day, I refreshed the damn thread, hoping for some previews. Anything, please.

Until today.


I am so happy.

>Gakikame's Mamotte Agetai preview<

>Onitsuka Chihiro's Mamotte Agetai live version<

Truthfully, I was scared on how they will arrange this song. I am not that fond of the original version; I find it too classic pop, but I love Onitsuka’s version to bits, although that may due to the melancholic sound of it.

I am not that surprised to find that they kept the original arrangement with a tweak here and there, but what shocked me the most is how much I adore this version. It is cute, a nice change from Onitsuka’s version. I must say the opening is the highlight of the song. Take note, one of the reasons I’m not fond of the original is because the opening is hideously dreadful (strictly my opinion). Glad to be proven wrong.
One more thing that I found particularly interesting and quite ear-catching is how similar they sound. Heck, listen to any song that features Gakikame (recent example would be Nanchatte Renai) and try to differentiate their voices. Easy-peasy.

After two or three more listens, the difference of their voices become apparent to my ears.

One slight flaw of the song: Kame’s ‘Mamotte agetai…oooh~’ DO NOT WANT. Ew turtle NO. I want to puke. Major turn-off. What happened to the fair line distribution??!

Ehem. Next.

>ZYX-a's Mirai Yosouzu preview<

>Aoyama Thelma's Mirai Yosouzu<

Aoyama’s version is tough to beat. No kids can come close. For a second I was afraid for the outcome. Momoko and Erika might possessed a pleasant voice(as of late), but Koharu…and the eggs…




Gaki’s voice wasn’t that apparent during the first few seconds(I heard her voice now, after a gazillion listen), but as soon as the song began to pick the tempo, her beautiful voice (hahahahahaha ehem) shines through.





Anyways, I love this song. Aoyama’s version is tough to beat, but they manage to make it up to par with her version. Choir songs portray much bigger and fiercer emotion compared to solo songs, and their feelings are definitely apparent in this. I was on the verge of crying by the end of it(not really) so you know they did an amazing job in this song.

Two thumbs up from me for both of the songs. Especially Mirai Yosouzu. Love it to pieces.

Other songs?

Yeah like I care about highking (Ayaya’s version is probably better than HK’s version. I listened to hers back then. Ayaya kicks Takahashi’s arse anyway) aa manoeri berryz c-ute zoku biyuuden and all that jazz-


I bought a new camera today. Canon Digital Ixus 110 IS in turquoise.

The seller is really nice…唐禹哲みたい lmao
Not going to rave about it now, so here’s a little preview (minor photoshop touch-up) before I go all out.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is Bon Voyage in Arabic again? o.o

I have been looking at various airlines homepage.

KEYWORD: Look. I look at shoes. I look at cameras. I didn’t buy it yet. I look.

I felt dizzy.

Emirates MAS Singapore Airlines Qatar Airways Egypt Air Etihad Airways-

Uhh I’ll stop right there. *yawn* Big chance Etihad will be boarded by this blog’s owner.

I would like to go to Dubai instead of Abu Dhabi, but yeah, like that would happen >.>

Cairo would be nice, but the case is a major turn-off, like hell no would I go to Singapore, I have no comment for Doha since I know nothing whatsoever about it-
I’m forgetting the true destination lmao why do I care so much about transit??

After this, I’m going to Switzerland!

Can’t wait! XD


On a random note, I was searching on Etsy for some gloves…

But they gave me gauntlets.

I was searching for socks as well…

But they shoved leggings down my throat.

What the hell?

If I want gauntlets I would type gauntlets. Same for the latter.

Seriously, the misunderstanding wasn’t the core of annoyance; it’s the fact that it created lemmings that makes me want to smack the damn search button.


I still want the perfect rainbow stockings though. I saw them once at Metrojaya, and then poof! I see them no more.

*Huda is disappointed*