Thursday, July 16, 2009

The thin line between busy and free...

It seems as if lately, I have been neglecting my lovable habits. I didn’t outgrow them; it’s just that time is so cruel to yours truly, I couldn’t even breath. I still spazzed on GKS, but that’s about it. No JSS, which wasn’t that weird, considering how I wasn’t that attached to him unlike 5 years ago.

It’s just that, whenever I have something in mind, I would continually pursue that thing until the thing is out of my mind. I couldn’t do anything else, solely because I have things that yet to be done.

My work is only 50% done. I finished 4 modules, working on the fifth module, and I still have 5 more modules to complete. It crossed my mind how after the work is done, I could finally return to my old habits, but it didn’t happen. Prime example would be the end of MS Project. After the curtains for MS Project finally landed on my feet, I wasted time and no longer carve my way out to the glorious future that I’ve envisioned. I procrastinated too much. I hate that. Really really hate that.

I made a pact with myself. I would retain my habits after the last word of EDP.

Play games maybe, learn more languages, continue my abandoned creative works, experiment new techniques...

Maybe I’ll read a book. That sounds good.

How I miss reading...

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