Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm inspired to...ah.

I have not been writing anything these days. Yes I’m aware that I am currently writing this right now, writing this damn entry, posting in forums, commenting in facebook, writing my work, yes yes all of that equals writing.

But what I meant is that nowadays I haven’t written anything worthy on MS Word that actually has a plot and not just my own two cents regarding moment of obscurity.

I’m trying to pinpoint the core and culprit of my distraction. Hmm, facebook? Damn you evil facebook I loathe you. Work? Chyeah right I have yet to start Module 6! Games? Recently I’ve acquired Monkey Island full version but I haven’t been playing it ever since I’ve completed the demo. Books? Long neglected is Emma, accumulating dust in the corner of my iThingie.

Writing requires supreme attention. I’m just waiting for the time when my life would be totally free, and then I could resume writing again, but I’ve recently concluded that its not going to happen anytime soon. Even though my work has noticeably decreased, I still spend the day as if there's a million hours left. Time is running out so fast I don’t find myself doing anything worthwhile except for posting hate messages on forums and spazzing about anything worth spazzing. By the end of the day I usually know nothing significant except for the glorious fact that someone photoshopped soshit’s nose to make it even larger than it already is. Hey, that person is not doing anything wrong, she is just pointing the fact of how they would look like if their nose hasn’t been touched by the magic hands of plastic surgeons.

And so, I have been wondering. It perked my curiosity greatly, I wondered how nose could make such a difference to one’s face, prompted them to undergo the knife or visit a plastic surgeon. I used to have an obsession with hair; isn’t it amusing on how hair could change and frame a person’s face and so on, making them far attractive than they actually are? I think I stared too much at those people with great hairs, so much so that some people think I have a crush on them and asked me if I was checking them out when really I was only admiring their hair wtf are they smoking?

Ehem. So. Nose. Right.

I have been doing my dutiful staring activity and from my observation, those people who were deemed cute mostly have a nose that is no bigger than their eyes, with a pair of unobvious nostrils. Same size mouth is fine, as long as big eyes are in your features. If your nose are bigger, the coordination of your face would be slightly off and thus makes you look as if you have a big nose, which of course you do. Nostrils are also an important factor; no flattering faces should have apparent nostrils.

Being an avid beauty blogs’ reader makes it easy for me to stare and scrutinize their features outside their knowledge (internet is awesome haha erm...) and ultimately calculate their nose’s length.

I am sorry this is for experimental purpose only!

Anyway. Where was I.

Yes. Nose. Perhaps that is the reason as to why everyone is sporting an ulzzang-style makeup nowadays (including me hehe) and circle lenses (excluding me hoho). And for those who wanted permanent beauty, well, they opted for a nose-job. Smaller nose does make one’s features sharper and more define, I kind of agree.

Whatever it is, a nose is a nose. A borrowed nose lmao. Smaller nose means smaller access to the air. Maybe. Harhar.

What is the definition of today’s beauty? Big eyes, small pointy nose, pouty lips, small face, bla bla...it would be such a bland world if everyone looks the same, with no variety whatsoever...prime example would be the fate of Kpop nowadays. Same tune, same lines, everyone brings the same dish each time...and then others will bring something refreshing, and people will like it because they are bored with the same stuff, and then others will copy them, and so on, and so on. Perhaps one day big nose would be the next best thing. They are just waiting for someone to pop into the news looking all pretty while flashing her big nose, brainwashing the humans to have a nose just like her and next thing you know, they alllllll wanted big nose.


Complex things, aren’t they?

Amusing nonetheless. But I rather stay at the background and watch them move.

And so I have concluded...I will write something about nose.

Sounds foolish, I know!

Maybe the adventure of the big nose. Big nose vs Small nose. Big nose pwns. Anything.

We’ll see.


On a random note, I have been watching TVXQ’s live performance of Stand By You.

Truthfully, I don’t like that song.

After multiple listens, I still don’t. But Junsu’s voice is heavenly how could I resist?

I resist so many times. I hated most of their works. But I love Junsu’s voice.

Although I can’t deny, whenever they did something right, they hit golden. Really golden. I hate most of their works, but I desperately love some of their songs. Curious, isn’t it?

Anyway, back to Stand By You.

Just for laughs, I decided to check their credibility of bringing this mumbly song to life.

They failed. HAHA!

First of all, this song is awfully low, too many words, which contributes to the half-assed mumble madness. The only one who did great at the low tones was Yucheon; at least his voice wasn’t drowned out, but when he hits the high notes, I cringed. Stick to the bass, Yucheon. Your high notes are painful. So does Changmin. And he supposed to be the tenor.

The only one who sounded great was Junsu, but that’s only because he didn’t sing as low as others. He was singing in his comfortable zone, so he didn’t have to struggle much. But as you can see, he struggles anyway, he always struggles when singing, I’m thinking that’s his way of showing his emotion. Maybe. He always looks as if he was struggling. I sure hope antis won't struggle him.

Overall, I like Bolero better than this mess.

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