Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maybe its tyrian purple...imperial my laptop is royalty!

It felt as if Lady Murasaki from Hikaru Genji came to visit me. Suddenly, I have the vision of flourishing lavender tainting my eyes with its violet hue, gorgeous lilac overwhelming my senses with its glorifying sweetness, glistening like a fresh-cut amethyst...

Yes, my new New Inspiron 14 in Ziba Purple from Dell has arrived. Granted, its not really lavender nor lilac nor violet or even amethyst, maybe amethyst...with a hint of burgundy? Wine color, with a touch of purple? Something to that extend.

Or if I'm being really specific then I would say that it resembles the color you would get when your eyes were punched by whoever it is that has a beef on you.

The color is pure love, of course. I love it.

As for the specs, I've upgraded it decently, so it runs decent. Of course, new laptops would run like a new laptop, so for now, it felt like a new laptop.

As you can tell, my lack of word virus is still manifesting my brain. Ugh.

The name of this laptop is equally annoying. Why the heck did they include 'New' in the name? Hard to google, hard to research. Whenever I googled for New Inspiron, the results that came out is 'My new Inspiron!" =.=

I would take a picture of my unraveling the ribbons of the neatly packaged box (just so you know, there's no ribbons. Really!) but my newly acquired camera (Canon Digital Ixus) has been flying out of my grasp (into the hands of my brother, he borrowed it for a few days) while the DSLR's SD card miraculously disappear from the card slot. Bummer.

If only I could give you a sniff of this laptop...alas, the technology of this millenium is still quite far behind. (and the world is ending soon)

I assure you though, it smells nothing like lavender, so you are not missing anything. Unless metal/box/carton/rust scent is your kind of fetish then...I have no comment.

I will post pictures of this laptop once the camera is back on my lap (but my lap is quite occupied with the lappie so the camera needs to endure sitting beside me) along with some pictures of gross and nasty plucked blackheads (recently, I bought St. Clare Treatment Sebum) and hopefully, a review of my new Al-Quran (this one is special, soon you will know).


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