Monday, July 13, 2009


For the lack of word, I am used of seeing the unseeable. No, I shall not mention what I really meant by saying the unmentionable. Just so you know, those thingable are real. At least in my mind. But you shall never trust my mind. My mind is corrupted to the core. I even made up words in this paragraph. What’s up with that? Yes, for the lack of word. Suddenly my mind dictionary has busted. Probably from thinking too much. But I don’t think that much. Not often. I do think. Yes, I think all the time. Sometimes too much. I’m not making any sense. Oh no, I see flying worms in front of my laptop’s screen.

What the hell am I talking about?

Ah yes, I was born with perceptive eyes. I am special. The most speshul snowflake in za world so shot meh D:

No, please don’t shoot me. I still want to live you see.

Anyway, I thought I saw the unimaginable, same ol’ same ol’, nothing new, until something caught me off guard.

I could see it even when I switched on my neutral eyes!

Turns out it’s just a black cat. It makes more sense now.

The cat is extremely black, for a second I thought it was one of the unimaginable stalking my presence, somehow transforms into a solid form so that it was more noticeable, waiting to uncover my weakness so that it could take its revenge on me, or maybe it just have the pure intention of asking for a favor, or whatever it is...I'm certain its the favor. These things always wanted help. Always. Often. Always. Often. What's with the lack of word? D:


Nah, it’s just a perfectly innocent black cat. Not even a lousy impersonation by those unmentionable thingies. I’ve seen those quite a lot actually, often in the form of snakes and other animals. They were quite the chatterbox. Kind of funny, to be honest. It felt like talking to animals. With their mouth close, of course. Animals talk with their mouth open. Those things don't. That is a fact. At least, a fact in my mind. But you shall not trust my mind.

I bet the cat is hungry. Thankfully, not for my blood. Or flesh. Or anything concerning me for that matter. Unlike mosquitoes, always hunger for human's blood. Can't you behave like cats for a while? Eat some protein, yo.

This post is not making any sense!


I wonder if I’ll see those things in Mecca. It will be interesting.


Wow, this post sounds psychotic.


Really hope that the cat wouldn’t stalk me again, though.

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