Saturday, July 11, 2009

Between dainty packaging and kickass formula...

It’s tough lately. Seems like I have developed a strange fondness for bizarre cosmetics.

It used to be dainty cosmetics with outrageous princess-y packaging ala Jill Stuart or plain but sleek cases like those of Suqqu or Lunasol. Now I’m leaning more towards the likes of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Illamasqua and others.

*but my curiosity for Beautymaker stuff is still crackling and it takes all my guts not to succumb to the dark side*

Strangely I didn’t hop in the mineral bandwagon, well maybe I did, a small foot maybe? But yeah, not much impact.

Maybe because pigments aren’t my thing, and I am not willing of sitting on a bandwagon with those piggyssssssss….

Nonetheless I do have a couple of piggys on my vanity table, but I reach for my pressed more.

Come to think of it, I didn’t reach for it that much.

I just stacked them at my vanity for the sake of *ooooh* and *aaaah* instead of hitting the pan.

Maybe that’s why I found myself drifting away from the ebiru dainty thingies….

I just don’t find it practical, especially not with the stupendous price tag.

Still I was hoping for Jill Stuart Mix Blush-

For now, practicality is what I seek. Have you seen Illamasqua’s foundation? *in love* OCC’s lip tars?? *dayum*

But then if my face is destined to be covered behind a thin veil than what's the point-

If I do cover it, that is.

Will I???

I do hope so.

So what’s the point of all these stuff???

Nothing really.

So that is why my blush collection isn’t growing.

Stupid mind-set.

If I don’t though, then it means…

*wallet runs*

Oh well.

*card bank runs*


I will save up for Chanel Joues Contraste blush, so you can play around for a while.


*money cowers*

I do hope I still have some money left after the paycheck rolls in. By the look of things, I probably could only scrape some cash for a Missha BB cream.

I want that too.

But I’m lemming for Shills.

>I’m guessing the rest of my paycheck (after the debts are settled) will play with other money in the money playground, and they will make kids and more kids and more kids and moar waaaaaahahaha<

Anyway, I only have 6 more things to complete before I could acquire the 5G. Ngehehe.

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