Saturday, July 11, 2009

On the risk of being too sarcastic...

Sometimes, people make me laugh.

No, not because of their outrageously brilliant humor.

I find it amusing on how presumptuous one could get.

It seems like they could only see the good, not the bad.

They complained about their lives continuously, yet they didn’t take the time to see what’s wrong with it.

For the sake of friendship, would someone shed some light on them?

I reckon not.

Their minds are filled with endless thoughts on their superiority. The rest of us are just petty humans. They pawned us like no other, yeah whatever.

I guess their eyelids are halfway closed.

Simplicity is the best, of course. As long as people take notice of our contribution, then all is good.

The problem is, sometimes they take credit for our tough work, claiming it was theirs.

Then what are we supposed to do?

Be patience. Allah is with us.

I know that, but humans are complex creature aren’t they?


Oh well, laughing once in a while is not bad at all.

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