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St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set MP3 & Mickey Mouse the Prime!!!

Oh wow. First official review! I have wanted to do this for the longest time.



Two-in-one toy, you could transform it into a car or a robot, and it is dead easy! Neat huh? Providing you don’t mind shelling out some bucks for this thing… it’s not that cheap, I give you that.

But it is super duper awesome!

Sam Witwicky is not included of course.


Okay, rave over.


I have a love-and-hate relationship with blackheads and whiteheads. No, not love. Make it hate. Purely hate. Extremely hate. To the freaking core.

I hate how they hide in my pores with no VIP invitation whatsoever, waiting to erupt or color my skin with its tasteless black dot, tempting me to just extract it out. If luck is not on my side however, the said spot would scar itself or invite more bacteria and further intensify to become a monster of their kind that could somehow talk and rule the world and later spat on the mirror’s face—


I hate doing my own extraction. I can’t do it right. What’s with the constant infections??!!

And then! Huzzah! Yeehaa!

I thought I saw miracle! Miracle in the form of St Clare Sebum Treatment Set MP3!

Lots of positive reviews, lots of defeated blackheads/whiteheads, LOTS OF EXCITEMENT FROM YOURS TRULY.

Finding an used peel with no blackheads whatsoever was a rarity; everyone experienced such squeaky clean noses afterward, naturally I was intrigued…like genuinely so.

It was even raved on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da—one would think that it's bound to be awesome.

Is it as awesome as it sounds?



The St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set MP3 came in three products, sadly without any MP3, even though the name clearly stated MP3 on it. I knew it could mean something else entirely, but on the risk of being such a fool, I highly demand…where is the damn MP3??

Maybe the MP3 would be St. Clare’s official song. If they have one that is. If it really comes with an MP3 that is. Which it didn’t. Which is a good thing. I think it’s a good thing.

Let’s get on with the review.


Just like how softener softens your clothes, this softener supposed to soften your nose area so that the extraction would be easier to conduct.

Comes in a slightly thick, clear liquid.

Smells quite nice, reminds me of those floral-scented softeners.

You basically massage this on your desired spot for a good 2-3 minutes, although it would be better if you massage it until your fingers felt all rubbery, you don’t want your skin to miss all the goodness of the liquids. Truthfully, I did this treatment for three times already, and if anything, I would advise you not to use it sparingly. Squirt a handful amount of softener, and then rubbed gently, vigorously, gently, just rub it already— into the pores of your nose. Try to imagine the blackies and whities wriggling in pain. Wahaha.


It did its job well as a softener. If you gently pinch your nose, the blackhead would easily peek through, but really, you could have obtained similar result by using yogurt or any organic oil (olive oil, for instance), even witch hazel (this product is loaded with that stuff anyways).

Thus, it did not impress me much as a softener.


The consistency felt too much like a clay mask than a peeling mask. It is thick and goopy.

The scent is more concentrated than the softener, which is to be expected.

I’m not kidding about the thickness and the goopiness of the paste. Not to mention it is beyond slimy and gooey. Smear it on your desired spot, and then peel it off once the paste has completely dried. Estimated time would be around 10 minutes. Of course, it may dry quicker than 10 minutes, but do let your skin absorbs the chemical ingredients first. I mean, the good ingredients. Yes.

Sorry no nose picture my nose is big and spotty you would appreciate the chance I’m giving by not displaying it to the world of the cruel state of my nosy nose.

So anyway…10 minutes later (or more)…moment of truth.

This is the moment when your blackies and whities would finally raise their white flag (black flag?) and surrender to the almighty peeling thingy.

The mask would immediately act like a clay mask copycat—tightening your skin, tingling your skin, cooling your skin, soothing your skin?

I bet the skin secretly loves that.

Truthfully, I much favor the original clay mask than this impersonator. The way clay masks (my favorite is St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask) torture the skin is so delicate yet harsh, it sends shiver down my spine.

Oh well. After all, this mask isn’t supposed to be a clay mask. IT’S A PEELING MASK. And I can honestly say that this is the best peeling mask I’ve ever tried (which means more painful than ever).

Does it worth the pain, though?

Hold your breath, everyone. This is the time for the disgusting truth.

I smeared an even layer on my nose, extending it towards my cheeks. For those three experiments, I did the same thing at the same spot.

Let me break it down for you.

First experiment:
A thin and even layer of paste was smeared on my nose and cheeks. Not much blackies or whities appeared on the peel.

Second experiment:
I tried not to use it sparingly but perhaps it still wasn’t enough. The paste ran down my nose and accumulated itself at the corner of my nose. The peel captured quite a lot of small whities and blackies at my cheeks and sides of nose, but not much at the nose itself.

Third experiment:
I applied a thick layer on my nose and cheek, letting it to dry. Quite a lot of blackies/whities appeared on the peel as you can see, but still, it doesn’t capture the stubborn ones. Some medium blackies nearly surrendered to the peel, but fortunate to them, they have strong willpower so they stayed on the ground. It could be annoying, since you need to do some extraction yourself afterward (if you want that is).

Stubborn and big blackies remain mighty and budgeproof. If you wanted to try this out for the sake of tackling your stubborn blackies, then allow me to say…it might not happen.

Maybe this sheep placenta mask would do the trick!

I'm not sure how potent this mask is...I don't think I want to put this on my nose either...sheep placenta? I...I don't feel so good.


If you just want to extract those feeble whities blackies without doing any extraction, then it would be a good product to try.

Therefore, while it has proven to be a failure in attacking stubborn rebels, it did its job fairly well. Better than any other peel-off products in the market. (excluding sheep placenta of course, since I have yet to try…maybe never try…)


This is the essence that closes your pores, nurtures it until it could finally understand that headies are not roomies.

This thing is like water. Runny texture, if it wasn’t for the scent, I would have mistaken it for water. (of course, that would not happen to moi)

After your spot is cleaned from those leftover whitish peels, apply this on the said spot and walla! You are officially done with combating headies for the day.

I must say, this thing works wonders. It really shrinks the pores (although I have the slight suspicion that it’s only a temporary effect, and I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t been monitoring it) reduce redness (from the painful strips) and avoid bacterial infections that could lead to massive volcano eruption! (I must say that it is only applicable to small wound. In my opinion, tea tree oil does a better job)

If only it wasn’t that itchy.

All in all, this set is quite good. Does it justify the RM80 price tag though? Well, admittedly the products are tiny, but you are basically paying RM26+ for a bottle, so it’s not a major pocket burn.

Should you buy it? If you have headies then by all means go for it.

If your sole purpose of trying it is to get rid of those stubborn big headies then you might as well forget about it.

I’m giving this a…3 out of 5.

Because I’m a homemade skincare girl. Haha. XD

Watch out for Homemade Skincare series in the future! :D

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