Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too happy to hum...

*long story-scroll down to hear the songs*

Waiting for this album is a sweet torture. (what’s with the oxymoron?? XD)

It was announced way back in April, but back then, I wasn’t interested. H!P album? I bet it’s filled with Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Sugaya Risako and Mano Erina’s voice.

Then the news of Mini Moni’s revival on the album I care about Mini Moni. Like I care about Linlin. Just because she did the unusual from the H!P realm, everyone is her fan right now.

Speculations of other subgroups emerging from the dead began to rise, but I kept a nonchalance air.

The tracklist was finally out, and…


I was officially intrigued.

I have always loved Onitsuka Chihiro’s version of Mamotte Agetai and Aoyama Thelma’s version of Mirai Yosouzu II, so the sheer mention of the titles is enough to send me to the moon.

Imagine my surprise when the songs are the same version.

Still, I kept my cool. You know about these albums, sometimes the right song could go to the wrong person. So to avoid the risk of being disappointed, I tried to inflict as little excitement as I could.

When the full tracklist with the singers’ name are out, fans were confused with the rise-from-the-ashes subgroups. Not surprised, but confused nonetheless. Shin Mini Moni, Tanpopo #, ZYX-a, Pucchimoni V…

I was relieved to see Niigaki and Kamei (that turtle?? Not really) appointed to Mamotte Agetai, but the thought of ZYX-a singing Mirai Yosouzu II didn’t sit too well with me.

ZYX were filled with…kids back then.

Like I care about Berryz and C-ute.

Speculation about Niigaki in Tanpopo added the fuel to my wavering conscious, but I tried to think positive.

I didn’t check out the Tanpopo song since it was indeed, obscure at its best.

So I waited…and waited.

Then the song samples were out.

Unfortunately, the samples were only accessible to those in Japan who subscribed to the mobile thingy…something…I don’t know.

In short, they could listen to the previews on their phone.

But they didn’t upload it to the net.


Anyway, once again, speculation surfaced.

They thought they heard *blabla* on *blabla*, and Niigaki on ZYX-a.

Of course, Tanpopo-hoping Gaki fans were disappointed.

Me on the other hand…


Still, it was undetermined…don’t get your hopes too high…

At that time, I was itching for previews.


Usually, whenever a new song is coming out, many of those H!P radio girls will play it on their radio show, but this time…

Zilch. Nada. Zero.

Every single day, I refreshed the damn thread, hoping for some previews. Anything, please.

Until today.


I am so happy.

>Gakikame's Mamotte Agetai preview<

>Onitsuka Chihiro's Mamotte Agetai live version<

Truthfully, I was scared on how they will arrange this song. I am not that fond of the original version; I find it too classic pop, but I love Onitsuka’s version to bits, although that may due to the melancholic sound of it.

I am not that surprised to find that they kept the original arrangement with a tweak here and there, but what shocked me the most is how much I adore this version. It is cute, a nice change from Onitsuka’s version. I must say the opening is the highlight of the song. Take note, one of the reasons I’m not fond of the original is because the opening is hideously dreadful (strictly my opinion). Glad to be proven wrong.
One more thing that I found particularly interesting and quite ear-catching is how similar they sound. Heck, listen to any song that features Gakikame (recent example would be Nanchatte Renai) and try to differentiate their voices. Easy-peasy.

After two or three more listens, the difference of their voices become apparent to my ears.

One slight flaw of the song: Kame’s ‘Mamotte agetai…oooh~’ DO NOT WANT. Ew turtle NO. I want to puke. Major turn-off. What happened to the fair line distribution??!

Ehem. Next.

>ZYX-a's Mirai Yosouzu preview<

>Aoyama Thelma's Mirai Yosouzu<

Aoyama’s version is tough to beat. No kids can come close. For a second I was afraid for the outcome. Momoko and Erika might possessed a pleasant voice(as of late), but Koharu…and the eggs…




Gaki’s voice wasn’t that apparent during the first few seconds(I heard her voice now, after a gazillion listen), but as soon as the song began to pick the tempo, her beautiful voice (hahahahahaha ehem) shines through.





Anyways, I love this song. Aoyama’s version is tough to beat, but they manage to make it up to par with her version. Choir songs portray much bigger and fiercer emotion compared to solo songs, and their feelings are definitely apparent in this. I was on the verge of crying by the end of it(not really) so you know they did an amazing job in this song.

Two thumbs up from me for both of the songs. Especially Mirai Yosouzu. Love it to pieces.

Other songs?

Yeah like I care about highking (Ayaya’s version is probably better than HK’s version. I listened to hers back then. Ayaya kicks Takahashi’s arse anyway) aa manoeri berryz c-ute zoku biyuuden and all that jazz-


I bought a new camera today. Canon Digital Ixus 110 IS in turquoise.

The seller is really nice…唐禹哲みたい lmao
Not going to rave about it now, so here’s a little preview (minor photoshop touch-up) before I go all out.

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