Sunday, July 26, 2009

GKS+JSS=XISA but I am not so sure anymore...

Have you wondered how sometimes, when you did a personality test, suddenly the result striked you in the chest, so much so that this sudden emotion of triumph and uniqueness overwhelmed you, yet all of it drowned down when your friend’s got the same result just because the said person happened to be born under the same star?

You know, I’m pretty rad-
Oh hell no, I’m rad too-
You mean red right? Like lobster red?
Nuh uh, I’m just as rad as you! Cool huh?
Hahaha…how…how cool.

Happened quite a lot to me, although truthfully, I have this particular narcissist trait of thinking I’m above all of you petty humans, I pawned you pawned you pawned you yet when others got the same result, I was so aghast to the point I can’t breathe because there is no way they are as cool as yours truly.

You know how certain lame people always think of themselves highly in a sort of ironic cool way- YEAH THAT’S ME.

Anyhow, I deliberately took a zodiac test (I took multiple test afterward, just to be sure) to prove my point. I am a Virgo. A proud Virgo. Sure, I am not the only Virgo in this world, there are quite a lot Virgos, I noticed recently how strangely common Virgos are, yet are we the same?

I AM… analytical, modest, responsible, hard-working, sensitive, smart, meticulous, magnetic, punctual, disciplined, perfectionist and humane.

Let’s see. I am analytical. Quite modest if I do say so myself. Responsible, I think. Hard-working to the core. I am the definition of sensitive. I am smarter than—(warning warning warning), Meticulous is my middle name. I am…magnetic what the hell is that supposed to mean—Ehem. No doubt I’m punctual, and I’m disciplined beyond words. I am a perfectionist by nature, and I am humane—I find them interesting. Extremely interesting. Lastly, I am awesome. But I only say that to myself. In private. In my head. Or was it my heart? I’m not sure. I think both. Anyway, not with my mouth. Never. Ever. Hah. Stupid ‘ever’ word.

I praised myself too much. Let me rinse my mouth with soap.

Maybe washing my fingers with soap would suffice, since I didn’t exactly say it aloud. After all, I only type it.

My favorite soap is Dettol. I love the antiseptic smell. Reminds me of hospital.

I also love Secret Garden’s bodywash.

I am branching out of topic, am I?



Yet it is hard to digest on how these attributes could actually fall upon other Virgos. I have known other Virgos very dearly, yet none of them resembles me. In fact, if I were to take a rough guess, the thought of them being fellow pure Virgos would never cross my mind.

I was supposed to be the alien. They are normal. How is that possible? How could they meddle themselves with the likes of me? Or perhaps they had mastered the act of normalness. I need to check that out.

Nevertheless, humans are different, aren’t they? I believe the attributes hit us differently by the way we interpreted those stuff. For example, I think I am an insect magnet, whereas maybe other Virgos are super duper magnetic towards humans, hence the reason why their popularity doesn’t suffer the same subdued state of mine. Maybe they are meticulous as well, perhaps not as chronic as I.

Nonetheless, it is fun to see how similar yet different we all are.


Huda’s Random Corner

I hate how things get so damn overrated.

I love Transformers’ figurines nowadays. I love to transform the parts into cars and vice versa.

It is quite overrated maybe, overseas maybe. In Malaysia as well maybe? But someday if the damn toys get so overrated to the point that every household in this state has the damn thing I would chuck it out.

Maybe not literally chuck it out, but you know what I mean.

Maybe you don’t.

I mean I would probably never touch it again.

Maybe not literally as well.


For my rant today (random rant, not exactly random, just spur at the moment random...rant...uh) I would refer this as JSS and the gang.

JSS and the gang have been splendidly popular in their hometown.

I don’t mind. They rock. I love it. More power to them. More goodies for me.

Then they branched out from their filthy garage.

However, they are awfully underestimated by the nation.

It’s okay. I still love you. Besides, you are here. You can finally meet GKS. Yippee. (THAT DID NOT HAPPEN =.=)

They worked hard. Their company worked hard. Finally they tasted the aromatic blend of victory.

I applaud them. They deserved it. Whatever. Just meet GKS already. (AGAIN, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. MAYBE IT DID HAPPEN AT SOME POINT OF MY LIFE, BUT I DIDN’T KNOOOWWWWWW)

Everyone likes them! Okay, you guys rock, I should have expected that.



*search for their anti pages*

*disappointed, because those antis didn’t have good enough reason on hating them*

Oh well if smelly ABC didn’t smell them then it’s okay.


It’s not as if they would pay attention to those little midgets. After all, JSS and the gang are giants. They couldn't see those midgets anyways.

(bear in mind GKS is tiny as well)

I’m not so sure. =.=



GKS said that she likes them too…but more under the pretense of ‘I’m supposed to like them so I like them HAH! I’m not sure what I like. I like myself of course. AND DISNEY!’

GKS I hate you.

JSS and the gang, I so loathe you now for your overly populated fanbase.

I hate how everyone loves you, and announced it to the world.

Hush, ladies. =.=

I wish this is 2005.

Not because I am much younger back then, I love to be the young and wise, nowadays I am the old and old, not exactly wise because everything I know is supposed to be known by children my age (children??!!) but 2005 is such a meaningful year for me.

It’s the year when I found absolute happiness. (GKS is GKS while JSS was not that overrated)

I don’t care what you say, everyone has their own way of living their life, and this is how I live mine.

Without 2005, I probably wouldn’t be here.

So I thank you 2005, for bringing me actual happiness that wasn’t too complicated for me to comprehend and appreciate.


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