Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Words words words words words...

I’m sure many of you have experienced this kind of phenomenon where the smallest thing is the funniest thing ever—

No? Oh. It must have been just me then.

(on another spectacularly random note, EVER. Haha! EVER. LMAO. I use it again! EVER. Erm. Ah. Ehem. Okay, I stop now.)

Language has always been a passion of mine. Something about listening to foreign words intrigued me, prompted me to dwell into the colorful world of tongue-twister and unusual words. Since then, I have studied tons of language, often mixing words with another, because as you know, some words mean completely different in other languages even if the pronunciation and spelling is the same. This amused me greatly, although truth to be told, I am an easily amused person. And highly distractive. No one really knows that. You’re not supposed to know that. I’m supposed to hide behind my cool and secretive facade instead of announcing to the world about the horrifying truth. Not horrifying per se, but I don’t like to showcase my weakness. I am awesome. I command you to think that I’m awesome. Yes, that’s right. Awesome is moi.

Let me lead you to the main point instead of hearing me blabbering about pointless thing. Anyway, I remembered back then when I still have to babysit those pesky kids, oh those pesky kids…so cute yet so chivalrous. So innocent yet so wicked. I missed them greatly. I’m sure they didn’t return the same notion, but anyway, I should cut on the word anyway, well anyway, oh no I did it again, ANYWAY. One thing I noticed was that they often liked to swear, not good, and I’m not helping, its not as if I could help anyway, because I myself am no better than those kids, but really, one of the popular words that came out of their mouth was ‘baboon’, baboon here baboon there…until another clever kid chirped in, “You mean, the door?”

From that day on, they no longer use the English definition of the word baboon, but instead, decided to settle with the Arabic meaning and thus prank other kids around. Quite genius, because you see, when people ask us to stop with the monkey-calling, we can always defend ourselves and say, “What are you talking about? I’m not saying baboon as in the monkey. I meant door. You are offended? Oh my, such a fuzzy-wuzzy aren’t you?”

That ought to stop that person right on track.

Evil, I know, but highly amusing nonetheless.

Another word that has forever embedded in those kids’ head (I am a bad influence…le sigh) is the word Buta.

It started with a simply innocent question, “What is Japanese for pigs?”

Damn those kids.

Nasty is their minds, but their faces were nothing but angelic, drawing you helplessly into their big eyes of innocence. They can’t fool me though, they know they can’t fool me, and thus the crude query.

Perhaps part of the reason why they actually adored me is due to my natural malevolence, a trait that only accessible to the right person…surprisingly those kids could hack my system and bring out my inner dark side.

So in a rather exaggerated nonchalant way, I answered, “Buta.”

“Buta?” they mouthed the word in disbelief. “As in blind for Malay?”

I could already guess the route for the conversation but I followed their lead anyway. “Yes, buta as in blind.”

They gaped, their innocent eyes as round as the freckly moon.

“Wow,” they exclaimed. “We can insult anyone without them knowing! It’s like two in one! You are blind AND a pig!”

What have I done?!

I’m sure humans don’t appreciate being called blind, neither would they like it when they know that the intended insult is actually pig.

The kids aren’t at fault however, with the rate of increasing H1N1 cases all over the world, added with how the government wants Malaysian to refer to the disease as pig flu rather than H1N1 (literally pig flu) many children were exposed to the once dirty word.

And thus, while buta amused the kids, what amused me lately is Andalusia.

No no no I am not mocking anyone per se, only that recently I have been recommended to use the service from Andalusia Agency...

And I snorted.

Coupled with the fact that majority of the employers are girls, I was tempted to ask about their marital status.

I sure hope I didn't jinx myself. I sure don't want to be an Andalusia >.<

Now I’m sure Andalusia has another meaning aside from the obvious Anak Dara Lanjut Usia (Overage Virgins), wait let me check the dictionary...oh, there’s none! Okay, maybe the word is in conjunction with M Nasir’s song, which probably didn’t necessarily means unmarried virgin, but then again I have no idea what the song is about, okay I stop here.

Despite how amusing the agency’s name is, I am meeting them tomorrow, so off to Kuala Lumpur I’ll go! Sadly Wi-Fi is not accessible at my temporary home, therefore this blog would remain the same for a few days.

Until then, have a nice day!

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