Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The world that I see, is sweeter than in my dreams~

Sometimes, I woke up from my deep slumber and said,

“Boo it’s just a dream let my cry a river let me cry at the corner—”

Sometimes, I woke up from my sleep with extremely wide eyes and gasped,

“Whoa it’s just a dream!”


It’s not as fearsome as nightmares, nor is it as sweet as dreams. Just a healthy balance of those two, and well, that is nice, if you think about it.


shufti dunya, a7la min al7alimti bih~

That is a lyric excerpt from Nancy Ajram’s song, Elli Kan, which is my ultimate favorite song from her, and the inspiration for this post, I suppose.

The world that I see, is sweeter than in my dreams.

Yes because in my dream, I was this close from being a billionaire! (who knows maybe I’ll be very corrupted by the money in my pocket and that’ll cause my brain to leave me or something)

And this close from being eaten by a shark! (who knows maybe I’ll survive and I’ll be famous but then I would have a change of personality by all the attention and that’ll cause my brain to leave me or something)

(I really love my brain)

Really, not that important. Being average is cool. If you look very hard then you'll see that the life you have now couldn't suit you better, couldn't be even more better. And if your life indeed becomes better, it's because you deserve it, or it's a challenge for you, who knows. And if your life continues to be as it is, well, perhaps change doesn't deserve someone as precious as you, or that change is hazardous to you. Again, who knows.

P/S: Speaking of important I’ve been watching lots of vlogs on youtube and that is not important at all I don’t think I’m trying to cut down on that but I’ve fallen in love with people’s vlogs and no longer blogs HAH! Hee :D

Psistillstalkyoubutyoucouldntseemecuziusegooglereader :P

Monday, April 26, 2010

don't look down on others.

Now, I believe there are two types of people in this world.

Those who basically announce to the world about their busyness and how pack their lives are.

And those who keep quiet, didn’t say a thing, only submit their finished work after the work has been completed.

Which is better, in your opinion?

I suppose more people will choose the second one. Less talk more work?

Now then, that MAY be the case, but somehow, those who mum about their works aren’t getting a lot of respect.

People thought they are unimportant, thus been given the opportunity to just sit around and wiggle their feet doing nothing…important.

They didn’t know that behind their noses, these people work hard, almost madly, to finish their job.

But do all these announcers know that? No. Of course they’d think that the quiet ones are insignificant and unimportant and incompetent and thus been given less work because they are a waste of space and so because of that they didn’t say much because they didn’t have much to say.

Or so they think.

Isn’t it just insulting for someone to say, “Here do this thing. I bet it’ll simulate your brain a bit because…you know…”

Now I’m not one to swear, in fact, I hate swearing, I don’t mind people of other religions swearing, but I SERIOUSLY CAN’T STAND listening/reading Muslims swearing aloud, because…hey do you even know what you’re saying? Now, perhaps people of different religions are thinking that I’m making a big deal out of this, but to see these Muslims, who are SUPPOSED to keep their souls clean and whatnot (I admit my soul is not that clean with what kind of corruption I’ve gotten into but I tried not to show it that much…and kept it to myself, mostly) are spewing blasphemy and openly showing profanity is just…wrong.

I know it’s quite hard to grasp why I loathe seeing them swearing, but that’s not my point. And I don't feel like elaborating that.

Anyway my point is, I’m not one to swear, but listening to that statement, I can’t help but say…


Do these people honestly think that those quiet ones are doing nothing in their days?

Like, absolutely nothing significant? Randomly browsing the internet? Is that what you think?

Just because they didn’t tell the world about their ‘busyness’, their brains are not simulated?

I don’t mind if you pour your entire hectic schedule in your blog or twitter or facebook because those are your personal pages and you deserve to write anything you want and no one has the right to control that because that’s YOURS.

But when you talk to someone, say buzz someone online, or call them, and then proceeded to say that, “Oh I’m so busy…oh I have a lot of assignments…oh you know what I can’t really talk to you right now…”

“Then why did you talk to me?”

“Well if I hang up you probably would get mad…”


“I would LOVE to be you for second, I mean, my life is such a chore lately it’s not even funny…”

“My life is busy too.”

“Really…” muttered the person lazily, “Anyway, oh how busy I am…”

Now, it’s fine if this type of situation only occurs once, more in the sense that you’re releasing your tension over your never-ending busyness…

It’s fine if this is the second time, three times even…heck I don’t mind fifth times…

But if your sole purpose of contacting others is to ‘brag’ about your busyness, only calling to compare the busyness between you and her, then you deserve to be smacked.

That’s just plain degrading.

What are you, the president?

What is she? A lowly no-life?


Which one do you want to be, the quiet one or the loud one?

Wait scratch that, be what you want to be, but first, make sure you actually FINISH the job.

It’s laughable when you claim you have a lot of work, which shows how busy and significant and important you are, because you have the most work, but in the end, it just becomes like that because you didn’t do a thing and everything is jumbled together. Accumulated work, you know? Who’s the laughing stock now?

Just saying.

This looks like a rant.

Well I supposed it is.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

totally random post it doesn't matter I don't really know

I somehow change my profession again.

I mean like my whole life is terribly random. I find myself learning programming because I have a dream involving water and me playing in it and you know how water dream means money and stuff no not the wet dream obviously—

I mean. Yeah. Maybe this is it! Maybe this is my destiny!

*I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said that line XD*

For the sake of the world, I will endure. The universe needs my programming skills so I will uhh…yeah continue studying.

Programming is fun though. That’s a plus.

(actually the reason I learn programming is because they need a programmer and I am very techie and stuff so they made me learn one because I need to do some programming yeah I’m repeating too much okay this entry is silly duh)


P/S: Looks like I won't be a tailor anytime soon...well in my household it's easier to buy an iPad then a sewing machine because they would go, "You want a sewing machine??! Puahahahah!" Talking about iPad, I might be getting know, for programming sake. *ehem* Or maybe I'll wait for the second generation.

AND I just realized that everyone in my family uses Macbook except for me and my brother...what's up with that? Why am I using Dell? Why is Macbook so darn expensive? D; But I love Windows 7. Oh yeah go Windows 7 yeah :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Highest Compliment of All

How would you react when someone says,

Your existence is a nuisance. I wish you never exist.

But at least we can counter his statement by saying,

My existence has nothing whatsoever to do with you. We have different objectives in life. Who are you to question God’s creation anyway?

Or something to that extend.

But what if someone says this to you?

Thank God you are here.

Not for being here right at this second, but more of, ‘I’m grateful for your existence.’

All is well if you’ve known that you’ve done miraculous things to the person, but what if you did none of those things, but instead, bother her a lot, consider yourself as a nuisance to her, and always gets in her way?

To hear her say that, isn’t that downright weird?

Perhaps your existence is not a nuisance to her after all?

Doesn’t bother her that much?

She finds that endearing? (or if she doesn’t, you should totally make an effort to change it I suppose...)

No, more than that, your existence turns out to have a significant to someone after all?

I sincerely think that when a person admits that she is grateful for your existence in her life, that is the highest compliment of all.

Or maybe one of the highest. You never know. :D

So start looking at all the people that matters around you, and appreciate their existences.

You are here because of them. Without them, who are you?

Yes I'll be kinder from now on. Yoroshiku m(_ _)m

Thank God for your existence, or else I won't be the person I am today. And I rather not be any other person than the person I am today.



p/s: Yay I blogged XD