Monday, April 5, 2010

The Highest Compliment of All

How would you react when someone says,

Your existence is a nuisance. I wish you never exist.

But at least we can counter his statement by saying,

My existence has nothing whatsoever to do with you. We have different objectives in life. Who are you to question God’s creation anyway?

Or something to that extend.

But what if someone says this to you?

Thank God you are here.

Not for being here right at this second, but more of, ‘I’m grateful for your existence.’

All is well if you’ve known that you’ve done miraculous things to the person, but what if you did none of those things, but instead, bother her a lot, consider yourself as a nuisance to her, and always gets in her way?

To hear her say that, isn’t that downright weird?

Perhaps your existence is not a nuisance to her after all?

Doesn’t bother her that much?

She finds that endearing? (or if she doesn’t, you should totally make an effort to change it I suppose...)

No, more than that, your existence turns out to have a significant to someone after all?

I sincerely think that when a person admits that she is grateful for your existence in her life, that is the highest compliment of all.

Or maybe one of the highest. You never know. :D

So start looking at all the people that matters around you, and appreciate their existences.

You are here because of them. Without them, who are you?

Yes I'll be kinder from now on. Yoroshiku m(_ _)m

Thank God for your existence, or else I won't be the person I am today. And I rather not be any other person than the person I am today.



p/s: Yay I blogged XD

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Nashuha said...

Thank God, for keeping us together as friend although we are far apart.

Glad to be friend with you...

Love love.