Sunday, March 28, 2010

maybe nonsense can have some sense.

There is a will from Hassan Al-Bana that says, “Do not waste your time doing nonsense things even for a second,” or something like that.

And I have to say, I don’t think any ordinary human is capable of doing that without reaching for worldly matters for a brief second.

Like we’re supposed to study but we don’t. Like I’m supposed to try my brilliantly genius study plan but here I am blogging.

But there’s a reason, maybe. There’s a reason why I suddenly want to blog. I’ve always loved blogging. I have tons of blogs before, most of those under different nicknames, with this being the first that carries my real name. All because…well…it connected to my facebook, that’s why.

Those other blogs were connected to random forums, and people there knew me by my nickname, and so…that’s why.

Talking about that, I hate how every time I googled for this particular thing, my blog will be the first that popped up.

Tells you how no one shares my view, huh.


Most of the time, after listening to music, this thought will often occur to me…


Because you see, I am NOT AT ALL capable of multitasking, so listening to music, even while surfing the net, is impossible for me.

I have the habit of listening to every aspect of a song, from the voice to the instrumentals to imagining the possible dance and performance and music videos and the crowd’s reactions—

Simply said, my brain couldn’t handle much activity at once.

But it’s always brimming with positivity, deluding me with its sweet words…




…because I always check the lyrics and translations. And ¾ of my song collection consists of foreign songs so…

Naturally, I know quite a lot regarding languages. Kind of. But the point is, at least I’ve been exposed to the beauty of other languages and if there’s a situation that demands such language to be used then I can easily overcome that situation!

And well, it’ll look good on your resume. Hello, I can speak *this language* and *that language*.

(well actually I’m not sure if I can speak those language but I sure do understand those…kind of.)

(but if they asked for certificates then I’m doomed because I learned all of those by myself.)

(but hey, at least you can play all those Japanese games. You know how the American versions of those Japanese games always came out late.)

(…if you learned Japanese, that is.)

Another pointless thing that I did lately is…I watch lots of foreign dramas.

I DID think that it’s pointless.

But my smart brain said that AT LEAST I can stare at a person thoroughly without the paranoia of being caught.

Because…I’m not sure exactly, but apparently I have the habit of observing people…a bit too much.

I remember back then, I was walking with my older sister, and I said, “Hey that girl over there has creases on her pants.”

And she lashed out, “Stop looking at people’s pants you’re embarrassing me!”


And another one.

*saw my distant third-cousin*

“Oh it’s you! No wonder your shirt is familiar.”


Seriously. Shirt??

Me: :D

Honestly, observing people in real life is tough. You saw a lovey-dovey couple in front of you and all you wanted to do was gawked at them and observed their manners and actions and so on but you can’t because it is an uncouth behavior and you’re supposed to ignore and pretend to not see them so yeah avert your eyes now you should close your eyes!

…but I want to watch them…>.>

So here comes the dramas/series! :D

There, I can observe a person’s personality, their reactions to situations, what people do when confronted with stuff like this, what should we do or shouldn’t do if a person is like this, or was his hair nicely gelled or does it stick at the back, or he has double piercings and a dragon tattoo, or what kind of eyemakeup did she has or whether her lashes clumped, or he wore a jacket in one scene but didn’t in another scene, or anything…at all.

Granted, dramas are often exaggerated to the max and couldn’t be considered as slices of life, or so I was told. But it is fun to see a world created by those people behind the scene, a world where they believe humans would react this way when presented with situations like this, and such circumstances could occur in the most bizarre and unexpected times.

And I also have a habit of watching the making of a drama/movie, and if anything, it only makes me want to be a scriptwriter.

Weird that. Because I totally am aiming to be a tailor as of now.

That is so random.

You know, if I could draw, I would have become a mangaka (comic artist) ages ago.

But alas, I don’t have such talent.

So it used to be…detective>healer>author>tailor>scriptwriter>I’m thinking all I will ever be is a translator or typer (wait is that a word...?).

I can type really…really fast.

All thanks to me doing nonsense things back then by writing [SOME STUFF WON’T TELL YOU WHAT].

If not for that, I don’t think my typing will be fast enough, and I don’t think I will have the pleasure of being a part-time urm...typer.

I will type and they will look at my fingers in fascination. In fact, they often commented that the way I type is like playing the piano.

…maybe I could become a pianist.

…maybe not.

[danger I’m complimenting myself ugh]

[well sometimes you just need to compliment yourself]

[it’s great on getting your spirit high]


You might think that your current actions are pointless…

But in reality, you’ll thank yourself for doing random things in the past…it could become handy sometimes in the future.

I am a living proof. :D

Not that I’m encouraging you to procrastinate or something…



This post doesn’t really make sense, doesn’t it? =/ XD Oh well. :D



iman ka said...

time wasting. full stop. :P


we've had the friendster madness before, and at the moment its the facebook craze..i wonder what would be next in line. i sure do hope its nothing that starts with f though -.-"

Huda said...

ok la time wasting la kot XD

but I don't know, it sure does help with friendships and'll get to know a person better based on their posts and comments, so it'll give you some insights on how to react to that person in real life. Like she's not that scary after all lol or she is in fact scary XD

then again, I'm not that active in facebook either XD