Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a thought.

Even though I now live in the other continent…

I still feel as if Kuala Lumpur is just mere hours from here, Singapore’s a mile away, UTM’s just around the corner, my brothers at their workplaces, my cousins at my hometown, my friends hanging out at Jusco, and me in my home.

Even though we’re separated by the blue sea, I still feel as if they are breathing in the same place as me.

True enough, they’re still on Earth, but I can feel their presences, despite how I can’t freely see them like I used to be.

Well, it's not as if I see them often anyway, huh?

And that is why, I suppose, I don’t feel homesick.


The thought of me living miles away from them never really struck my mind. That is weird.

But I do feel kind of weird talking to my sister, brother and cousins who live abroad. Makes me think how far I am to them.

So double weird there.

Oh well.



iman ka said...

speaking of jusco , i used to work there a bit after SPM.. kinda enjoyed it :P

Huda said...

how come I never saw you there? o.o

Nashuha said...

rabigh-utm... so so near~~ through YM

Huda said...

feels like you're only next door and not miles away :P