Sunday, April 18, 2010

totally random post it doesn't matter I don't really know

I somehow change my profession again.

I mean like my whole life is terribly random. I find myself learning programming because I have a dream involving water and me playing in it and you know how water dream means money and stuff no not the wet dream obviously—

I mean. Yeah. Maybe this is it! Maybe this is my destiny!

*I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said that line XD*

For the sake of the world, I will endure. The universe needs my programming skills so I will uhh…yeah continue studying.

Programming is fun though. That’s a plus.

(actually the reason I learn programming is because they need a programmer and I am very techie and stuff so they made me learn one because I need to do some programming yeah I’m repeating too much okay this entry is silly duh)


P/S: Looks like I won't be a tailor anytime soon...well in my household it's easier to buy an iPad then a sewing machine because they would go, "You want a sewing machine??! Puahahahah!" Talking about iPad, I might be getting know, for programming sake. *ehem* Or maybe I'll wait for the second generation.

AND I just realized that everyone in my family uses Macbook except for me and my brother...what's up with that? Why am I using Dell? Why is Macbook so darn expensive? D; But I love Windows 7. Oh yeah go Windows 7 yeah :D

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