Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is Bon Voyage in Arabic again? o.o

I have been looking at various airlines homepage.

KEYWORD: Look. I look at shoes. I look at cameras. I didn’t buy it yet. I look.

I felt dizzy.

Emirates MAS Singapore Airlines Qatar Airways Egypt Air Etihad Airways-

Uhh I’ll stop right there. *yawn* Big chance Etihad will be boarded by this blog’s owner.

I would like to go to Dubai instead of Abu Dhabi, but yeah, like that would happen >.>

Cairo would be nice, but the case is a major turn-off, like hell no would I go to Singapore, I have no comment for Doha since I know nothing whatsoever about it-
I’m forgetting the true destination lmao why do I care so much about transit??

After this, I’m going to Switzerland!

Can’t wait! XD


On a random note, I was searching on Etsy for some gloves…

But they gave me gauntlets.

I was searching for socks as well…

But they shoved leggings down my throat.

What the hell?

If I want gauntlets I would type gauntlets. Same for the latter.

Seriously, the misunderstanding wasn’t the core of annoyance; it’s the fact that it created lemmings that makes me want to smack the damn search button.


I still want the perfect rainbow stockings though. I saw them once at Metrojaya, and then poof! I see them no more.

*Huda is disappointed*

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