Friday, July 24, 2009

How random could you get?

My Kuala Lumpur trip yesterday is quite possibly the shortest trip eve-

I mean, it is one of the shortest trip ev-

One of the shortest trip, possibly.

Left the house at 6pm, arrived at my brother’s house at 10pm. Left the house at 6am, arrived at my house at 10pm.

As you can see, my intoxicating presence (or lack thereof) has barely damaged the calm atmosphere, leaving the crickets to breathe at ease. I am a kind person.

Who am I kidding? XD

During my travel (if you could count it as a travel of some sort) I thought I bring everything (everything necessary) but alas, I did not.

I forgot my sunscreen.

I forgot my sunscreen??!!

Sensitive skin fellows, feel my pain. My lovable females, hear my woes. I am not slathering sunscreen for the purpose of forever young or forever white (maybe part of it) or even forever anti-skin-cancer, but I did all that for the sake of my skin’s comfort. Without my handy-dandy sunscreen, the mighty sun would burn my skin until it resembles the state of fried prawns.

Scrambling my makeup pouch (I brought all this but not the damn sunscreen??!!) I tried to find anything that could substitute the magnificent elixir, but how shameful, not even a BB cream was on sight.



A miracle elixir in a form of frosted glass shone through my eyes.

Liquid foundation.

Oh how I love thee~ Granted, I don’t trust the protection that LF claims to give, but for the sake of desperation, I was willing to compensate.

I smoothed a pump of liquid foundation on my face, and off I go to embrace the wrathful sun. Oh sun, how you torture me so. I must have been a vampire at some point in my life.

Good thing the LF did its job well, I felt the tiniest pain, with a small hint of redness, but that’s good enough for me.

And so, I applaud you LF for your job well done.


Huda’s Random Corner

(because you know, I noticed how frequent ‘on a random note’ appeared on this blog, so I figured I make one as a regular corner. Not that random is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing, in fact, I think all of my post in this blog is quite random, I even made a tag on random things, but well, oh well. Random corner is the ultimate random thing that occurred to me spontaneously. Other random things have undergone evaluation and deep thinking. This corner doesn’t. In fact, may I express the fact that besides my unconscious habit of repeating myself, this corner is a last minute thought? Pretty random huh?)

I just stumbled upon an Indian production soap opera titled Left Right Left.

I wasn’t impressed (I am hard to impress…maybe), I was *this* close on switching the channel, until I heard the character’s (the hero, possibly) name.

Huda! And he’s a guy! And his name is Huda.

Well, Huda might have been a unisex name for all I know, but the moment of obscurity is hard to digest.

Especially when the introduction part (I think), the hero entered the room in a typical Hindustani way, and then out of a sudden the background music was all *OI OI OI WHOO! HUDA! OI OI OI WHOO! HUDA!*

Makes me feel gay inside.

Would it be cruel to admit that I snort, REALLY, REALLY, LOUD?

It felt as if I’m mocking my own name.

Oh well.

*oi oi oi whoo! Huda!*


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