Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ah. Yes.

My lappie <3 o.O EWW GROSS. XD

Here’s the murasaki side. Purrrty purple~

Here’s the screen…

Here’s the keyboard.

As you can see, the keyboard is not your standard Dell keyboard. Or maybe it is the standard Inspiron keyboard. But is it nothing like XPS or Vostro.


I wish the battery life would be longer. Three hours is not enough.

Oh well.


Huda’s Random Corner

Just once in my life I would love to go to an AKB48 concert and participate in the wotagei MIX (or something) chant: TAIGA! FAIYA! SAIBA! FAIBA! DAIBA! BAIBA! JA JA!

I am corrupted. I am corrupted. I am corrupted. I am—

That will not happen. EVER. :D

Nevertheless, amazing chant aside, I am constantly annoyed with their lack of live singing.

Or perhaps I should be thankful.



I especially like to chant in this song. Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru by AKB48 Team B *in the process of learning he hand movements*

Nanchatte Renai has mix as well. I would love to chant along with fellow wotas- I mean fans :D

Speaking of fans, recently I ate my own words. I never thought I would like the song Stand By U, but after finished watching THSK's performance at Music Station, my mind instantly changed. I initially watched Music Station for the sake of smelly AKB48 (and Maeda's fangirling towards Yunho) but damn you THSK. How lucky could you get? I found your performance absolutely mesmerizing. The vocals are top-notch, splendidly executed unlike the one in Music Japan. Or whatever bangumi the perf was on. Enjoy. :D

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