Sunday, September 4, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya, Selamat Pengantin Baru

Hard to believe that all my brothers are married now, but there you go.

But of course, I didn’t appear in a lot of photos that day, since I don’t feel so good anyway (which is like, 90% of the time).

Then again, I appear in zero photos at my eldest brother’s wedding (or one, can’t recall it exactly) because I feel kind of bad (which is like, 5% of the time?).

Anyhow, it’s that time again when you look back at those pictures and couldn’t see yourself that you started thinking where on earth were you and if you were actually standing on earth in the first place.

Well maybe I wasn't. 8D

I’ll update this post with pictures once those are ready, but for the mean time, I’ll tell you why it’s a pretty interesting wedding.

Martial arts, yay! Haven’t seen it in a wedding reception for ages, most of the time it’s just little kids dancing the traditional dance here in Johor, which I like very very very much, mind you.

Live traditional music! Here it’s usually just a live band with keyboards and guitars playing evergreen songs that I kind of dislike very very very much, mind you.

Funny thing (to me, to them, maybe it’s annoying) is that the makeup artist ran away from the reception to groom another client elsewhere, leaving the bride with clothes and tiara and smudged makeup that she expected her to be able to tend to it herself. What a load of cheese. The good thing is that I can be in charge and help her with the wedding apparels, which I’ve been missing doing it for ages! I’ve forgotten how fun it is to touch up a person’s face and help them with their tiaras. ^__^

And this is it. Nothing will be the same anymore. They have their own families now, and I have my own, and they’ll be exactly like my parents, and I’ll be on my own. It’s the never-ending cycle of life.

But that’s how it is. Soon enough they’ll feel what my parents always feel about them, and slowly, but certainly, I see it now, my parents are experiencing what their parents had experienced and talked about them (because I like to hear what people talk instead of talking myself).

It’s interesting to see how the young generation talks about the elder generation that way, about them becoming senile, about them and their swaying moods, about them and their spontaneous attitude, when they’ll become exactly like them one day.

Then they’ll understand, but they couldn’t now, not when they haven’t experienced it yet, could they?

Oh well.

I have no Eid pictures this year. Because I feel terrible (5% of the time).

And when I feel terrible, everyone will feel terrible. Because my mood (or rather, condition) is infectious. 8D

What makes it even more terrible is that I have to pretend that I’m actually just feeling not so good that day, which requires a lot more effort than you can imagine.

But I think I have a great Eid this year. Compared to last year, which I spent at McDonalds. And the year before that, which I spent in my room, like any other day (but it’s my first in Saudi so it pawns everything) and the one before that, which was at The Curve (a shopping mall). o.O

I have no idea what kind of post this is but I thought I should blog again.

Time to learn php and coloring for the sake of my future (or lack of). See you later. 8D

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