Friday, September 4, 2009


And when he said he wanna watch,
He doesn't mean that he wants a watch.

I posted on my twitter a few weeks back on how my sister wanted a new watch, but my mother wouldn't let her buy this type of watch, so she said she will use my old watch instead, and let me buy a new one, and then I picked the watch that she originally wanted, and now she took the new one and left me with the old, which I didn't mind, really.

Yesterday, the band of my watch was ripped, so off we go to the watch shop. My brother tagged along because he wanted a new watch, so we basically spent our time there gawking at watches and so on.

There was a watch that caught my attention, and as I was fiddling with it purely for inspection purpose, my mother asked, "Do you want a new watch?"

Baffled, I answered, "Chyeah."

That didn't last long until I blurted again, "But what about my old watch?"

"Oh, I'll use it," said my mother.

*wowzers new watch my old watch was bought when I was about fourteen wowzers darn awesome*

So this is my watch!

The price is...well, if you divide the price of my brother's watch by ten, then you'll get the price.

Kinda cheap...compared to my brother's.


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