Friday, September 4, 2009

Homemade Skincare Series: Bear's Toenail

Dear Mr Bear, if you don't mind me asking,
Could you scratch my paw, it's itching.

So I thought I saved my document...

Turned out I didn't.

So as you can see...

I need to rewrite the whole thing...

This will be a fairly short review...

Unless I decided to blabber or something...

Which is probably not going to happen.

Also, I've just installed Windows 7 on my laptop.

And I haven't got the chance of installing every applications yet.

Thus the unusual style of post and watermark.

Oh well.

(I lost the original file lol)


This is quite a rare item to acquire. I don't encourage bear hunting but this was given to me by my aunt, who seems to have a knack of having some of the weirdest items ever, but anyhow, she gave me this because she knows that I have a severe case of itchiness.

Just scratch yourself with this large nail and your spot won't feel as itchy again!


Truthfully, I didn't know the logic behind such a tool, but truly, when I finished rubbing myself (or rather, scratch) with this nail, my itchiness decrease-it felt as if those bacteria were wiped off my skin.

Perhaps that's it! The nail stripped those bacteria off the skin, causing the skin to no longer squeal in distress.

Furthermore, it is harmless to scratch your skin with this item since it didn't tear your skin off, neither does it contribute to infections. It is perfectly gentle.

So I say...

Bear's nail, you are my life savior from the constant attack of itchiness.

Thank you.

(I just feel like blogging that's all)

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