Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Adventures of Mr. Blu: Depressed Mr. Blu

It was a lovely Tuesday morning, when Blu decided to say...

Bewildered, I spluttered, "But you have me!"

He merely sighed, averting his gaze away from me.

"Oh," was my initial reaction, but suddenly, it was obvious. His posture, his expression, his demeanor, everything seemed to point at the same thing.

There was no denying it.

"You want a partner, don't you?"

He paused, and vaguely answered...

He wasn't confirming it, nor was he denying it.

I decided to press harder.

"Tell me the truth, buddy."

It proved to be ineffective to him, because he just sat there, staring at nothing at all, a faint sound escaped from his lungs...

I had enough.


The firmness of the tone caught him off-guard, causing him to sit upright and loudly blurted...

I need not raised my voice to make him squirm in agony.

“Okay then.”

He gasped, his face shocked beyond words.

To be continued.

P/S: This is what happened when tension gets to my head and agitation claims my soul. D: Totally random I KNOW D:

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