Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This explains a lot of things...probably.

I slept at 3 a.m. for a week NAO.

And strangely become too active on Facebook and Twitter and Dailybooth…

Because of this.

Completed draft – 226 pages, 104,881 words.

Currently proofing – 137 pages, 61,447 words.

Maybe I’ll reach 300 pages. Huzzah!

So my recent activity…

*type type type*
*bored bored bored*
*fb fb fb*
*type some more*
*twitter twitter twitter*
*type type type*
*mail mail mail*
*finish one chapter!!!*
*dailybooth till mad*


Lack of sleep.


That concludes this post of the day.

Now let me type some more. At MS Word I mean.


(I wrote this, because I was boreddd….)

(and hang out with too many teenyboppers. NG NG NG D: Makes your brain freeze. Kinda.)

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