Friday, December 18, 2009

Ins and Outs - December Edition

Another break from those Hajj posts...because I'm working on fulfilling my dream OMG XO

I was inspired by this particular quote.. "The risk of not trying is far greater than the risk of putting yourself out there and trying." (from The Daily Love on Twitter)

So I am risking everything and putting myself out there. And trying. Oh yeah. =]

Anyway, I suddenly felt like doing this kind of post. The Ins and keep track of myself.

So here it is - The Ins and Outs of December!

>Inspiration juice is definitely in. Always count on a good book to keep your mind flourishing.
>And so is makeup...I was out of the loop for a while, but my interest in them has rekindled.
>And so is k-pop...apparently. Somehow rekindled itself.
>Movies. I want to watch more and more movies. That is absurd. I'm even thinking of doing a movie review. I must be out of my mind. XO
>Books. How odd it is that I still don't have a favorite yet.
>Twitter. I suddenly love Twitter too much.
>Youtubers. Why oh why??!! XD
>Opera songs and symphonic metal songs. Haven't heard those in ages.
>Kohl. Wear it everyday XD
>Blogs...kind of searching for new things to read each day.

Wow. No wonder I seem to lack the time in the world. Ceit.

>j-pop. Not that interested anymore.
>arabic music. I'm listening to too much kpop and symphonic metals nowadays aish. Not good. Need to rekindle this love back.
>arabic series. I'm watching too much movies...not good. not good. Need to watch more arabic series.
>Various games. Hardly play it anymore.

Let's see how I'll fare next month. :D


Nashuha said...

welcome to my club.. k-pop club..

Huda said...

kpoppop club


serius aku dah lama tak dgr kpop XDD