Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heya Fawda!

It seems as if most of the news I read nowadays are related to the police corruption, for example, the case of the police shooting a 15 year old boy to death because he illegally drove over the limit. The shooting might happen because he didn’t stop when the police ordered him to (which according to the witness—his friend who went with him but managed to escape early—they were chased by a motorcycle gang because they crashed onto one of their members’ car, so they were scared to stop). Lesson learned, whenever a police orders you to stop, you MUST stop.

Yet, even if you stopped, even if they were cops, it wouldn’t guarantee your safety at all. A girl was caught overspeeding in the middle of the night and she was stopped by the police. But instead of giving her a summon and let her go, the police ordered her to strip her clothes and pose aggressively.

Now…not stop, and you’ll probably get shot. Stop, and there goes your virtue, probably.

(these two cases happened in Malaysia, by the way)

The world is not a happy, safe place anymore. Not only do you have to be aware of criminals, the force isn’t even by your side either.

This reminds me of an Egyptian movie titled “Heya Fawda” (The Chaos). I was ecstatic about this movie at first since it starred two of my favorite Egyptian actors in it, and honestly, this movie didn’t let me down at all.

It portrays the image of a troubled, corrupted policeman and how the power of the community can throw him down.

Sometimes, all you need is a little teamwork. Or as the English-cartoon-which-was-dubbed-in-Malaysian-language-which-was-insanely-popular-with-the-kids-and-grown-up-people-as-well-I-suppose say, “Apa yang penting? kerjasama!”

Okay I don’t know what the exact English phrase in the cartoon is but roughly the line means, “What’s important? Teamwork!”



Seriously, just watch the movie straight ahead and ignore this trailer above. English subtitles are available so you don’t need to know Arabic to understand it, which is why I recommend it in the first place. :D You can find it somewhere in the virtual world yeah the net of course did I say torrent? Nope. :P

Some says the movie is not the greatest work of Youssef Chahine, but I haven’t watched lots of his movies, so I can’t comment. One thing I’m positive—this movie is awesome. At least to me.

Anyhow, please, may there be no more corruption in this world.

…sounds too good to be true huh?

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