Monday, May 31, 2010


Quite hard to imagine that the country isn’t that far from where I am.

Miles from here, people are being attacked, killed…not only did they barely manage to stand up after the previous attack, Israel decided it wasn’t enough, and attack those who lend a hand as well.

As mentioned by Queen Rania of Jordan:

Every ship that tries to break the blockade is a Ship of Hope for the people of #Gaza.

But Israel attacks them, and according to Malaysiakini, there are approximately twelve Malaysians in that ship. But the national news didn’t report that.

Not sure if the news is false or they didn’t feel the need of publishing that particular information.

I’ve met a couple of Palestinian in Mecca and Medina. As you might have known, those two places are holy cities for the Muslims, and I was often touched by their level of devotion and compassion to our God. They prayed for their safety, for the sake of their country, for their people, anything at all, to escape from the cruelty of Israel.

This is their trial. How are they going to overcome this? How are we going to help them overcome this? Going there and fight along with them?

The only logical thing we could do now is pray for their safety.

Let’s raise our hands and pray.


To think that others' trials are bigger than us. Compared to them, ours are just so simple and not at all life-threatening.

Study? You can study. Exam? Figuratively lethal but doesn't really cost you your life. Work? Relationship? Love?

Do you find yourself sitting outside without a shelter, begging for money, no idea if you'll get the chance to eat today, traumatized by gunshots, and things like that? If you somehow have the chance of surfing the net, then I dare say not.

So stop saying your life is meaningless and boring for once. Ton of things to do in this world, things to learn, people do everything in their power to live.

You still have the chance. So wake up and don't take your life for granted.

I'm quite pissed at people who say that life is boring, when people are fighting right and left for their lives, and I myself am struggling for the sake of my own life.

Please, pray for them.

And pray for yourself.

May God bless all of you.

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