Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hiiii blog long time no see :D

So I figure I’ll take this chance to explain about my disappearance from the internet realm/world in general.

I was sick.

I can’t play the computer or I’ll end up sick again.

So I was in bed. Almost all the time.

Bear in mind that’s typical of me. :D

Actually I’m not sure what I did back then, pretty sure I did almost nothing. :D

Then my brother and sister came to visit! Hooray.

I was still not touching the laptop or else I’ll end up puking at my screen, maybe. Let’s not take the chances, shall we? :D

Then I returned to Malaysia! Hooray.

Except not too hooray here since Malaysia is the land of ghosts and mystical powers (ehem) so I was even more sick. :D <- fake smiley face

I did nothing but watched countless of dramas (English Chinese Korean Japanese Indian Malay Indonesian Philippines Spanish you name it) and played a lot of games (on the PSP PS3 xbox360 NDS what have you).

Then I slowly opened my facebook.

And youtube.

Then I returned back to Saudi Arabia.

And resume my studying. :D

Do you know how peaceful Saudi Arabia is? You can scarcely find any ghost here (ehem).

Months passed by, and I was recovering (the healer here is really good and very nice), and still studying like mad…

When I suddenly remember…

My twitter, and the fact that one of my last tweets is I’m sick or something.

Some people might think I’m dead or something! Not that anyone would, but I don’t wish to disappear forever.

So I decided to update it.

Walla. :D

What kind of post is this? I don’t know. I just thought maybe I should post it. :D

P.S. I still hate doctors.

P.P.S I mean, why would they blame me if the medication's not working? Seriously.

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