Monday, February 21, 2011

I thought of a thought.

Have you ever watched a drama where the characters always, always, talk to themselves openly?

For example, imagine this situation. A character was pacing back and forth in his room, obviously troubled beyond words. Biting his fingernails, he said, “I can’t let this secret be known. I must not let anyone knows that she is my daughter.”

And then BHAM! Another character suddenly heard that and complicated the matter further.

Often I found myself saying, “Why do you even monologue with yourself out loud anyway HAHA There really is someone who do that? o.O”

Because trying to think about this logically, if he didn’t blab his secret in the first place, then other character wouldn’t know the secret, and there wouldn’t be endless plot of blackmailing and heartbreaking and whatnot. But if he didn’t blurt it all out, the audience wouldn’t know about what’s going on in his head.

I try to imagine myself in a world where people freely to talk to themselves like it’s not a big deal.

“I need to do my homework. Ahh but I need to water my plants! My plants are dying. Nooo I can’t let that happen! What if it’s dying right this second! Noooo what am I going to do?”

It’ll be a noisy world indeed.

*I guess that's why we have twitter? :D*

Okay, so maybe there are people like that, I just haven’t encountered them yet. It’s odd though how most secrets in dramas are known by eavesdropping on characters when they were having their open monologue fix haha hmm.

This reminds me, I once stumbled across a comment on Youtube. The comment, more or less, said, “I wonder what language do bilingual people think in, dream in?”

I want to think in Arabic! Really I do. But often enough, it’ll be something like this.

I was in Jusco Taman Universiti (wahaha it’s a mall in case you don’t know :D), staring at the juice section, wrinkling my brows.

“How come we have such limited drinks??!!”

Oh. See? I think in English.

Then I’ll think, hey I should monologue in Arabic, just because I CAN WAHAHAHA probably. I mean I can kinda speak Arabic. Broken Arabic. I can hold a conversation. Yes I can.

*oh come on it's not as if other Malaysians who've been studying English all their lives can speak flawless English anyway? :D*

“Eih. Hmm. Hmm?”


Well actually I can, albeit a few seconds late, “Leish 3andana shuway sharb bas??!!”

Might be broken Arabic but hmm…yeah.

I seem to be able to monologue in Japanese better though. Sou sou, nanka muzukashikunai.

But I can’t for the life of me speak Japanese in public. I’m weird like that. 8D

And I can’t for the life of me roll my r. Allow me to demonstrate. MARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAA

I think I sounded a bit like, marllrrlllrra.

What the heck is that?

But I believe the topic of pronunciation deserves another post. o.o

Anyway, back to the monologue thing.

I asked my sister, who goes to an international school, “What language do you think in your head?”

She answered, “English.”

“Before that?”


“Why is that?”

“Because all the resources are in Malay. Now all I read are English, so I have to think in English. There’s no other way around it.”

Sou sou sonna koto desuyone…

How to say that in Arabic?



Kitha? Hahaha FAIL. x.x

But I have always think and dream in English. And even those people in my dreams, who never speak English to me in real life, spoke English to my face (or at least, in dreams that I can remember). And to think that I went to a national school where all the resources are in Malay, and my parents speak Malay, with a hint of English here and there (not excessively like other parents though) so where did the English come from?

Whoa. I don’t know. :D

I lived in England when I was two months old until I was four years old, maybe that's the reason? :D Maybe? Maybe maybe? Maybe. :D

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