Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Wedding Day #1

Weddings! Don’t you just love weddings?

I used to think it was nice, but I’m not so sure anymore.

Meet me, my cousin and my sister. My sister might hold a fan just like me, and my cousin might sit in the middle and hold a flower, but she wasn’t the bridesmaid and she wasn’t the bride. I was the bridesmaid. And of course I wasn’t the bride! If not I might be blogging about my husband and children instead of babbling about nonsensical things. Yes.

I’d rather think I was a lady’s maid that day. Well of course, brides and grooms are considered as King and Queen of the Day on their special day, didn't they, and what did us bridesmaids do that day? Hold an umbrella for the bride, blot the bride’s face from any excess oil or sweat, fan the bride so she wouldn’t get hot (for some reason this sentence cracks me up hahahaha hmm), fix their tiara and train, make sure their makeup is camera-ready, and other stuff that a lady’s maid usually do for their ladies…

I'm kidding I don’t really do those things. I just held the umbrella, fanned the bride, appeared in their photos (where are the photos anyway?) and thought, that’s it I’m outta here- I mean, let’s have the bride and groom have their moments, shall we? :D

Anyway, before I forgot, the photo above was taken two years ago, during my brother’s wedding. As you can probably see, our dresses (those are baju kurung with a weird twist - I mean 'modern' twist) were quite similar, and that’s because we need to make ourselves stand out as the groom’s honorable family members, and it won’t do to have other guests treating us as one of their own. We’re the family of the groom! We are honorable! I have no idea why but it feels so honorable to be the member of the King - I mean groom's - family!

Now, it was fun, dressing alike, almost taking us back to our childhood where wearing the same thing isn’t as embarrassing as it is today, but the drawback of this whole thing is that, people often confused us for one and another.

Take this for example. I was stalking the guests with my cousins behind our tinted windows (secret busted! Oops :P) when another cousin tapped my back and said, “Cousin!”

I turned around.

“Ack! Oops sorry! Lalala~”

Funny thing was, I also witnessed that cousin in the picture above getting the same treatment.

“Huda!” *someone tapped her back* *she turned around* “Oops! Sorry lalala~”

Yeah…we’re quite similarly odd in the head, just like how our clothes were quite similar I suppose.

But I can’t really blame them though. The rest of us, the members of the groom’s clan, DO look alike. We all have nearly the same coloring, 90% are bespectacled (the result of playing Facebook too much. Not me though not me :P), nearly the same height, has the same posture, wore the same clothes, but of course, I don’t have their brains and cool friends haha <- I just need to throw that in there do I? >.O

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the color theme of the wedding was somewhere between the brown and peach spectrum. How do we determine the color theme for a wedding you say? (maybe you didn’t say that but let’s pretend you did) Well it all depends on the color of the bride and groom’s attires!

If the bride likes a purple dress then the entire reception will be purply wonderland.

Or it could also depend on the bride's (or mother's) choice of color.

If the bride wanted green, and the mother wanted red, then you’ve guessed it, I’ll probably be looking like a walking Christmas tree.

Case in point, watch this video!

(The girl’s an heiress of a car company. Or maybe she’s the owner now? I’m not sure.)

BAD BAD BAD BADDDD example of a Malay wedding. Never in a million years would I have a wedding as grand as that (yes, that is grand) unless I marry a rich guy. Or a prince. But imagine your life after marrying a prince! Not cool, because I’m just a lowly citizen and have no nobility in my blood and certainly the Queen will treat me differently due to the different status but let’s not dwell into that further, okay?

Or you can always marry an astronaut!

But then if you miss your husband, you can’t probably call him or skype with him while he’s on the moon can you? …can you?

Anyway, back to that picture above! Can you believe it that we decorated the bride and groom’s dais? No? No? Well you’re right, we didn’t. But we did;

1. Make thousands of souvenirs for special guests until our fingers were sore.
2. Make hundreds (or perhaps nearly thousands) of little sweet bags for children until our fingers were sore.
3. Make egg flowers/bunga telur/hantaran/those things for the bride’s family until our hands can barely move.
4. Make thousands of goodie bags for guests until our hands can barely move.
5. Make lots of things to stuff into that goodie bags.
6. Make LOTS OF THINGS, period. But most importantly, we made all those things while watching Korean dramas and cursing, “WHY DO YOU PICK THAT GUY, AND NOT THAT GUY??!! THAT GUY’S NOT EVEN GOOD-LOOKING!!!”
7. Good times indeed. :D (but I don't have any pictures of those souvenirs to upload here ACK x.x)

(Taking all sorts of pictures is not popular two years ago. To us, that is. We'd rather watch soapy dramas and curse at the main characters than take photos. Yeap that's us.)

I can still remember it. The men were outside, cutting meats and cooking (lol? XD), the women prepared the spices and necessities for the cooking, cutting vegetables and onions and crying tears of onions while the girls (me me me) prepared all those creative thingies while laughing and tearing and wailing at the TV and the kids…well the kids…were in the gaming room, playing games and whatnot.

“Yeah you kids better stay out of the way!” most of the aunts said that to their children that day. I wish I was a kid. Kind of.

Sounds like a lot of fun, isn’t it? Yes, it was fun, but unfortunately, I won’t be experiencing such great fun again this year.

And, I would ONLY experience this again IF my sisters get married. I only got TWO more chances. But it’ll be ages before that, and who knows, maybe we wouldn’t keep the tradition by then. We wouldn’t be losing our fingers by making lots of souvenirs, maybe we’ll buy those store-made souvenirs instead, we wouldn’t be having a drama marathon, we wouldn’t be wearing clothes according to the reception theme, and we wouldn’t have a great slumber party in my room, because they might stay in a hotel with their families instead. My house isn’t large enough to fit all families and their children.

It makes me sad.

Even sadder is that, I won’t be experiencing any of that at all this year. (I think I’ve said that)

This year, the rest of my brothers will finally get married.

Then, I won’t have any unmarried brothers anymore.

I’m quite sad.

I’ll elaborate more in another post.

TO BE CONTINUED JENG JENG JEENGGGG HAHAHA I think it’s funnier in my head than written down hmm.

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