Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zurich, Apple Store and adolescent crush

(you can actually see me in the store WHOA :P)

Things you should know;

My father likes to go to an electronic store.
My mother likes to go to a bargain store.
They love stores.

You can definitely conclude from these lines above that our trip to Switzerland wasn’t that educational, to be blatantly honest. ;D

I saw the nature, I saw the buildings, but I still know next to nothing about Switzerland. I was all up for their museums when my brother suggested that to us that day, but my parents, upon hearing that, quickly lashed out, “Museums? Boring!”

To think that they were the ones who brought us all to those museums when we were little.

I believe they are the sorts who used to think, “Oh, let’s bring our kids to the museum – even though we hated those – because they are educational, and good for the kids’ brains. Apparently.”

And once our brains are good enough, they’d say, “You’ve seen enough museums! We’ve endured those dreadful places for you too many times already! Now let us shop.”

Ah museum…how I love thee. I blame this on my parents WAHAHA. :|

Ah store…I love you too but I have no money. Literally.

(I saw an Albert Einstein museum in Bern but PLEASE! DON’T REMIND ME OF THAT! I MIGHT CRY!)

(It seems like the greatest thing ever!)

(But I miss it! And I might forever miss it!)

(Oh well, not that important.)


I sincerely think that I’ve just missed out a huge experience by not stepping into Einstein’s house in Bern. Instead, we went to Migros so that my mother can buy pots and pans. But it’s okay, at least now my mother can cook better food right? Right.

So there you go, I didn’t go to any of those museums. I only went to stores, more stores, and yeah, stores.

(Same thing happened to my Singapore trip. I only went to the Apple Store, more stores, and yeah, STORES.)

Not a terribly exciting trip to blog about, but enjoyable nonetheless. At least now, I can brag to my other brothers.

“Hey I went to Switzerland’s Apple Store!” (insert evil laugh here)

But they’ll probably answer with a stupid question, “Oh yeah, do they have Granny Smith?”

And I’ll probably reply with an equally stupid answer, “I saw a granny…forgot to ask if her name was Smith.”

Okay I kid. I didn’t see a granny, I saw a little boy.

And my two-year-old niece saw him too.

It was...well I let you be the judge.

There she was, standing behind the store’s glass wall, her palms carefully touching it. In front of her, on the other side of the glass wall, stood an approximately four-year-old blond boy, completely dressed in black from head to toe, and his hands were nearly touching hers, if it wasn’t for that glass wall.

They were grinning at each other.

It was weird.

Okay, cute. Except earlier, there was a boy who was staring at her just like that, but he didn’t get the same treatment.

Perhaps because he wasn’t blond.

My niece’s taste is high. She prefers blond boys, apparently.

She didn't even smile at girls.


(now her mother *might* come in here and beg to differ, but I must say, I watched her and that was what I saw :D)

The most adorable thing about this was when the boy’s mother was trying to drag him away from his spot, their eyes never broke the connections, not until the boy was no longer in sight.

And then my niece decided to throw a tantrum and demanded to be held.

The same thing happened again, and this time, we were walking down the street. A blond boy in a stroller passed by us, and out of a sudden, their eyes were locked on each other.

As the stroller went farther away, her head continued to turn toward the direction of the stroller, fixated on his back until he too was out of sight.

Can’t blame her though, Swiss boys are cute. Remember that cool Malaysian girl with her cool baby? Well, she married a British guy who works in Zurich. Yeah fail logic there.

My point is; different culture, religions and races shouldn’t be the barrier of true love. If they are meant for each other, if their destiny is with each other, then who are we to object them from being with each other?

If only more people could see it that way instead of trying to preserve the pureness of their blood/race/heritage and subsequently broke off the love of their child’s life. Nothing stays forever in this world, not even the world.

Okay sister-in-law, if you’re reading this - though I hope you don’t - I’m sorry for dragging your daughter in and accuse her of crushing over a, well maybe, two blond boys. :D It’s just that, we didn’t do much in Zurich, did we? I just remember eating a tuna sandwich in a seafood restaurant, and saw a MissChievous lookalike, and I think the lookalike was intimidated by our (my sister and I) constant glancing. But really, she kinda looks like her, and if people were to say that she’s her sister then we’d believe it on the spot. We are big MissChievous fans by the way, and, and…

Well that concludes my Zurich report. Hope you have fun reading it, and maybe I’ll write about other cities next. :D

I'm going to Medina tomorrow, so bye bye for now. :D

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