Monday, February 21, 2011

Airports and Airplanes and Audis

(Welcome to the Red Sea. If you squint really hard, you can probably see Egypt.)
(Makes you wonder why I didn’t include this picture in my previous post.)

I’m gonna blog about Switzerland now YAY!

Okay first, reasons why I hate traveling by plane;

1. Airsickness. Or maybe not. Long-distance is fine, but domestic flight…*shudder*
2. Or perhaps the problem lies with AirAsia. MAS is slightly better (slightly). I wasn’t that nauseous throughout their flight.
3. Why would I take domestic flight in the first place anyway? Those places could be reached by cars! Well first, my cousins live at the other side of Malaysia, and the only way to reach their place is by planes (or ships? not sure). And I always get free tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru.
4. If you ask me, I would rather have a free bus/train ticket or stay at my brother’s house than that thank you very much.
5. That’s how ungrateful people sound like haha I mean THANK YOU for the free ticket.
6. If you ask me how someone as ungrateful as me could get a free ticket then sorry I can’t tell you.
7. Back to my plane pet peeve! Limited baggage.
8. And if your baggage is overweight then you need to do a surgery on it, take out all of its contents and ugh, you get the idea.
9. If your heart’s too weak and you can’t bear seeing your bag under surgery then you need to pay extra to the airport people so they can be happy.
10. Then the body-check! Sometimes for no reason at all, the detector starts ringing.
11. Or or there’s nothing in your bag but somehow it couldn’t pass the detector.
12. Suspenseful moment, definitely full of suspense.
13. And when you’re finally safely seated in the airplane, you look at the clouds, realizing that you’re up in the sky.
14. And there’s the sea at the bottom.
15. And this thing called airplane is carrying you over the sea, isn’t it weird?
16. Then you need to retrieve your baggage.
17. If you’re unlucky your bag will be missing.
18. If you’re even more unlucky, the contents of your bag will be spilled/ripped.
19. If something happened, you can’t really contact the person outside because international roaming somehow doesn’t work on your phone.
20. I might sound like a very ungrateful person, but really, if you’re driving a car then there’s no need for unnecessary pit-stops. And your baggage will, most of the time, be in pristine condition.

I was in the plane to Switzerland that day, when three black Audis came zooming in, parking exactly next to the airplane as if the airplane is their personal jet.

Maybe they are the royal family!

That can’t be…the royal family has their own personal jet, don’t they?

So these people must be at least…some stinking rich family.

The driver got out from the car and opened the car’s backdoor, and out came a man in a sweater. This action was repeated three times for every car, and from each car, out came a middle-aged woman (probably their mother) from the second car, and a younger man (probably the brother) from the last car.

One car for each family member! I don’t understand rich people. I would love to ride the same car as my brother, even though I wouldn’t have all the space to myself, but at least I wouldn’t be lonely and actually have some fun, right?

I’m just assuming that these people are related though. Judging by their faces and the cars’ number plates, I’m pretty sure they’re related. And they’re riding the same plane. Maybe they wanted to have their own space before being mixed in with fellow mortals. We fellow mortals needed to ride the autobus with the rest of the citizens, while they have an entire Audi for themselves. I’m jealous. A bit. Only a bit.

I sat beside the window and everything happened in front of my eyes, so I got a clear view of what was going on. Riding their cars like some company’s CEO (they probably are), they showed their passports to the head steward (maybe) and climbed the steps to the first class seat like VVIP.

I thought I wouldn’t see them up-close since my seat was at the economy class, but apparently they needed to store their hand luggage at my place (perhaps there was no more space for them to stuff their luggage in at the first class seat, or maybe they brought too much luggage, who knows). Hah! So I got a good glimpse of how they actually look like (they were right in front of me), and I also saw how other people really look like.

These rich brothers: eyeing the girls as if they themselves are the hottest people EVAR.
The girls: eyeing the brothers as if they are the hottest people EVAR.
The mothers of the girls: eyeing the brothers as if they are the hottest catch EVAR.
The mother of the brothers: didn’t do anything moderately interesting to be honest.

If I could only stand up and say;

“Hey you rich brothers with the latest Audi, just because you’re rich and all, doesn’t mean that you can get any girl you want.”

Or maybe they can.

“Hey single ladies, just because they’re rich, it doesn’t mean that they’re eligible.”

Or maybe they are.

“Hey mothers of daughters, just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they’ll suit your daughters.”

Maybe they will.

“Hey everyone in the plane, just because I look like a foreigner and travel to Switzerland from your place, doesn’t mean that you can continuously stare at me like this -> O.O”

Alas, I didn’t say. I have no guts. And I don’t want to risk embarrassing myself. :D

It’s fun though, observing people of different culture and status. I’ve read about it in books and stuff, but to actually witness it is another entirely different experience. Wealthy ladies removing their crystal-stud abaya and hijab, revealing their dyed hair and stylish clothes underneath. Young girls painting their nails even during the turbulence. Young women, dressing to impress, changing their clothes for the sake of the plane ride, and changing them again minutes before landing. Swiss people talking to me as if I’m a Swiss, just like them (lol) and middle-aged Swiss people smiling at me like those friendly European people I heard so much about.

And not to forget, the rest of the people (minus the Swiss) were staring at me like this -> O.O

What what what? Do I have something on my face? Come on.

Okay! A preview for the next post.


I can’t guarantee I’ll continue these Swiss posts though. I mean, sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own. I was supposed to write about planes and airports in my previous post but I ended up talking about Egypt. And I notice that according to the first sentence of this post, I’m supposed to blog about Switzerland. But I didn't. Yet.

But we’ll get there! And we’ll see. :D I’m suddenly in a blogging spree, which means I’m kinda neglecting my daily routines lol ACK!


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