Monday, February 15, 2010

Me is Me, and You is You

How distinct are we? Have you ever met a person that reminds you thoroughly of someone else, from the end of her hair to the tip of her toes?

Most often, even if you found someone eerily familiar, there’s always this tiny difference that sets them apart, making them unique in their own ways. Be it with their attitude or their thoughts, there’s no one in the world that resembles you.

So before thinking that you are forgettable or typical, and no one will remember you because others are far spectacular, think again.

In this world, there’s only one you. How lucky they are to know you, because no one else could experience the awesomeness that is you.

Let your own charms shine through. That is the secret for a better you.

Stop pretending to be someone else, because that someone is not you.

Just be yourself, and you’ll see that you’re just as cool.

P/S: Doodling...sleepy...doodling...sigh.


Nashuha said...

some words are for me.. sigh~

Huda said...

sigh too.......

Olivia said...

Being oneself is sometimes so hard to define nowadays especially with the media constantly at our eyes. We want to be like this person or have things like that person. If I do then I will be like them and soon you lose yourself and are so faraway from yourself that you become so lost. But isn't part of the fun or struggle of life to find yourself? Remember you can't find your mind until you lose it! Love ya and your blog!

Huda said...

I thoroughly agree. Sometimes, we want to impress someone so bad we ended up becoming someone we’re not. But we can’t help it, can we? The only thing we can do now is to have enough confidence in ourselves to accept who we are, and once that’s done, people will accept us for who we are too.

One of the charms of the world lies in the uniqueness of the people, in my opinion, and if everyone is the same, it’ll be a boring place indeed. XD

And I love you and your blog too! :D