Wednesday, February 3, 2010


“Do you like me? Really, do you honestly like me?”

What if you don’t? Would you lie? Would you tell the truth? Risking on hurting his/her heart?

But it’s better than to thoroughly ignore the person, isn’t it?

“Why aren’t you talking to me? Are you ignoring me? Have you forgotten about me? What have I done? Tell me!”

Yeah. Tell her. Why did you ignore her, but still watch her back? Why did you thoroughly shut her away from your life, but still ask for her news?

SPEAK. Nothing could be solved by silencing your thoughts. You think your friend did something wrong? Tell him. You like someone else? Tell her. You think he has something stuck in his teeth? TELL HIM ALREADY.

Don’t be such a coward and stand in the dark. No one could see you there anyway. Advance, walk forward, let your existence be noticed, speak your mind. Take the risk. Do what you think is best.

Hoping for money to land from the sky is such a far-stretched dream.

If things didn’t go as planned, then advance further. Leave the bitter memories behind. At least you’ve done your best. At least you’ve done SOMETHING. Better than regretting that you’ve done NOTHING.


Take the plunge and do it already!

P/S: Just mildly aggravated by the fact that a friend of mine is being abandoned by her…yeah whatever that is.


Nashuha said...

i did standing in the dark for such a long time and I dont mind about that... ngeee :D

Huda said...

but you stood in the dark and it didn't trouble anyone so that's's the case with others who did something and instead of correcting their actions, they do nothing and watch from afar.

Nothing could be solved that way. >.<

Olivia said...

you get me thinking all the time! Your blog is like a breath of philosophical air and it clears my mind. Love it!