Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vanity Fair...?

This post today is brought to you by the overly girl thingy that is Jill Stuart PSP!

Jill Stuart the fashion brand is known for its clean-cut and elegancy (I think) while the cosmetic brand (which is centered in Japan) has more of a frilly and princess-y vibe. I mean, look at this.

Jill Stuart fashion

Jill Stuart cosmetic

As usual with typical Japanese makeup brand, Jill Stuart cosmetic products lean towards the sheer side. Pearlescent and shimmery, the strong point lies in their cute packaging rather than the product itself. There are tons of better products out there, but none of them matches Jill Stuart in terms of packaging. At least, not to me.

I’ve never come into close contact with the fashion brand before, so I can’t comment on that.

Both the makeup and clothes aren’t available in Malaysia, which is a shame, so back then, I would often ogle at Etude House cosmetic stuff instead, because those are cute too.

(but actually I was once fascinated by Etude House because of Go Ah Ra)
(then Jang Geun Seuk caught my attention, I suppose.)
(but then they replaced GAR with Park Shin Hye and I was mildly disappointed.)
(but JGS and PSH CMs together are cuteeeee)
(right now they’ve replaced JGS with Lee Min Ho aka Boys over Flower lead actor, so my fascination is slightly lukewarm.)
(no JGS and PSH CMs didn’t make me a happy camper. T.T)
(but at least they have their drama)
(where was I?)

Now, back to Jill Stuart. I mean PSP.

Well, this PSP looks ordinary to be honest. Just a pink PSP that’s somehow get labeled as Jill Stuart. I could whip this out in public and none could tell that this PSP is THE PSP by Jill Stuart. Unless they decided to stick some frills and bows or some crystals then this isn’t worth purchasing. But I expect most would like to decorate it themselves.

(that's Gaki-san cell phone! :O)

Because decoden is totally every girl’s hobby…no? Oh. Okay. 8D

The bag is the only redeeming factor of the whole thing…but it’s a limited item.

Imagine totting that around…okay I can’t.

It’s amusing on how the attraction of a packaging could lure a person into the dark realm of purchasing. I mean, if Jill Stuart didn’t have such fancy cases, I wouldn’t be charmed.

I might as well buy Coffret D’or or SUQQU.

Then again, if SUQQU isn’t such a classy brand, I wouldn’t be lured in either.

Why buy an LV bag if you hated the monogram? For the name?

This sounds odd, but I was enlightened with the fact that a person, or rather, female, ‘standard’ here is evaluated by her choice in purses and shoes.

Well, since all of us basically wear black garments from head to…ankle, then the only thing visible to the public eyes, or female eyes, so to speak, is the bag on their shoulders, and the footwear on their foot.

If you wear these, then you are chic.

Teenagers: Converse sneakers and Benetton bags
Young adults: Heels/flats and Coach/Burberry bags
Adults: Heels and LV/Marc Jacobs bags

Me: Seriously? Converse shoes?
My 14 year old friend who treats me like I’m 16: Yes! You need to buy one. Seriously, it’ll make you appear trendy.
Me: I think I’m supposed to wear heels.
That 14 year old friend: Heels are for young adults! We young girls should wear sneakers!
Me: Urm…I…urm…I’m 20 you know.

Asians sure take their time in maturing…the face, I mean. XD

Or maybe because I indeed, wear sneakers and a Benetton bag…

Does this mean that I need to have a pair of Louboutin pumps and a Burberry tote bag to act my age?


And I thought such things wouldn’t be noticed here. XD Everyone wears black, and it gives such an appearance of humbleness, I was almost deceived.

It’s understandable though. Black clothes. Eyes automatically focused on colorful things. Bags and shoes obviously. People do once-over. Bla bla bla.

Ack. D:

P/S: I want a Jill Stuart bag.

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