Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Adventure of an Abaya-tripping Kid in a Supermarket

You know how odd of a day it'll be if your mother suddenly decided to treat you to an ice cream;

(this reminds me…I HAVEN’T TAKEN THE ICE CREAM PIC FROM MY DAD YET! I’ll update this when I’ve got the pic haha :P)


Please tilt your screen 360 degrees if you want to discover the name of the ice-cream shop. Ooh exciting!

Okay fine I'll save you trouble of troubling yourself due to me not wanting to trouble myself by fixing the photo properly by telling you the name myself.

Mini Melts! Honestly I’ve never eaten this before. Then again I haven’t eaten a lot of things in my life.

Yup not even the meat of a camel. Although that could sound a tad disturbing to some people, I suppose. But the only question that people often ask me when I returned to Malaysia was, "Have you eaten camel's meat?" Too bad the answer always sounded like this, "...hey I've drank camel's milk!"

Anyhow, the mini melts must’ve cracked/frozen my brain or something, or perhaps triggered the weird side of me, because out of a sudden, I felt like dancing and overreacting and jumping and speaking Malay without restrictions in a shopping mall, in true Malaysian fashion. Yup.

Not that I know any Malaysian who acts like me. Not that I know a lot of Malaysians either. Have you perhaps, acted like me before? No? Okay.

It’s just my luck though that that day, that particular day, out of all the days in the calendar, that day is the day where I almost always consistently nearly (sorry for the extreme excessiveness, but feel my pain!) tripped on my new-too-long abaya and accidentally clicked the low resolution on my camera phone.

Boo at least I have the pictures.

So indeed, the pictures are small. Indeed, the pictures are awful. But still, better than nothing!

(My digital camera kinda sucks and attracts too many unwanted attention due to its attractive icy blue color *seductive isn’t it?* so I resorted to using the camera phone instead)

(But I do love my camera phone better than the digital camera anyway)

The victim for that day was;

(Look the trolley is made in France! I’m excited already.)

Al-Danube Supermarket, located in Red Sea Mall – which, in my opinion, is one of the most high-class malls in Jeddah – is an unbelievably large supermarket that sells loads of stuff, ranging from beautiful jewelry (too bad I don’t have a picture of the jewelry section, but this is how one of the jewelries looks like;

Pretty. It's a bangle by the way. I could have taken this picture with my digicam but it probably was mad at my blunt confession that I love camphone than 'it', so it wouldn't switch on for me. In short, the battery's flat. Oh! I haven’t closed the bracket yet! Okay wait) to scrumptious breads, hot from their bakery, filled completely with foreigners and Arabs who look like they’re loaded with cash.

But meh…I don’t know.

I don’t know. You see, this mirror is perhaps a couple inches shorter than me. But the mirror is TINY. Ironic how I capitalized that word. But the mirror is TINY I can barely see my pores. (lies) Okay I can barely see the edges of my hijab.

But these are cute, don’t you think? I kind of wish I was actually in a Willy Wonka store and you can actually eat these cups/plates/thingies.

And I love these Arabic cups! Whenever I went to my Arab friends’ house I’ll study their cups and they’ll give me weird looks (mostly their younger sisters/brothers) which makes me want to give them an equally weird look but I digress.


And then I think we went to the second hand shop and saw a lot of these but they all smelt so strongly of qahwa – Arabic coffee.

I love qahwa. My family don’t. Okay my father kind of does.

I get giddy just by staring at the smooth, glossy surface. Yeah I don’t get this fascination either.

I went to this store with an aunt’s son once, he’s four, and he was eating cotton candy, and I said, “LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE! I’VE TOLD YOU NOT TO BE MESSY!” And then he was like, “THAT’S NOT ME!!!”


They have an entire aisle of shampoos, it’s insane! But they didn’t have Asience nor Ba-Wang, unfortunately. :P

A whole section dedicated to tissues! Okay not that surprising fine.

Toothpastessssssssssssss! Surprised now? :P

Rice…I love rice. Don’t we all? You don’t? Okay I don’t like basmati rice either. Jasmine rice all the way.

BUT I LOVE ME SOME OLIVE OIL! It’s my staple in life.

All kind of cooking oils too, but none of those are palm oils. Compare it to Malaysia…excuse me I need to giggle.

Things that you need to know about shopping in Saudi Arabia – the stores will close whenever it’s prayer time. If it’s a normal store, you’ll be chased out from the store like a cat. If you’re in the midst of paying, yeah you’ll need to continue your paying AFTER praying.

If you’re in a supermarket?

YOU’LL BE LOCKED IN FOREVER MUAHAHAHA. Yeah. If you feel the need to use the ladies room, well, you can’t.

I was there in another supermarket that one day (Panda is Hyper Market, no I mean HyperPanda Market, you know, the one with the apple logo. Where’s the panda anyway?), waiting for the door to open, and when it did, do you know what happened?

Tons of people were at the other side, waiting to ambush into the store. Felt like I was in an airport, and a whole lot of people were waiting for people’s arrival.

And I can’t get out because all of them wanted to get it! Wah lau need to use the toilet some more. (grumbling in Manglish)

Okay, enough reminiscing.

Who am I kidding? This entire post consists of reminiscing! :P Anyway, back to the supermarket.

Healthy drinks for a healthy you. Can’t say it’s THAT healthy for your pocket.

All kinds of teas yet the only type that we drink are…

These yellow Lipton teas. Why can’t we drink Twinning for a change? x.x

An entire section dedicated to pasta…but it tastes just the same, anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

But I must say their frankfurters (as well as burgers and nuggets) taste a whole lot better than the ones we have in Malaysia. You can actually taste the meat, it’s more satisfying, and how come Malaysia got the short end of the stick in everything? I CAN’T EVEN-

CHOCOLATES! Even their chocolates taste better than ours. You can ACTUALLY taste the chocolate, ours tasted like sugar and some artificial flavor, how is that even possible I CAN’T EVEN-

This is their bakery! Isn’t it pretty? Yeah bad camera phone, it doesn’t capture the beauty of the bakery properly. *smacks phone*

One of the great things about this country. The juices. The thirst-quenching juices. Endless supply of juices. Fresh, all kind of fruits juices. Juices, I’ll miss you a lot FOR SURE.

Oh hello there, fruits.

WHOA! What are you? This is – if I’m not mistaken – the fruit of the cactus. I’ve never eaten that before but some of my friends had. Apparently it’s good.

And these are…these. What are these again? Oh yeah, packed vegetables. I think.

All kind of CEREALS. I’m going insane. Can I take all of them? No? Okay.

Can I just take a box? Yes? Yay!

What? You want to pay NOW? I need to be fast? Okay, I’ll choose one, FAST!

Do you know what cereal I took back home in the end?


At least I still have food. Think of those who don’t even know how cereals tasted like. Okay, okay, I’m very grateful that I can even eat Frosties.


I like rice better.

I really do, okay? :D

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