Monday, March 21, 2011

if a happy day.

A picture tells a thousand words, and I figure I shouldn’t write more than a couple words.

This picture affected me greatly, and watching the news has never been so unpleasant.

Not that news in general is usually pleasant but what’s with the situation in Libya, Bahrain and Japan to name a few, don’t you feel like basking in some sunshine and happiness?

But even if we’re not being haunted with traumatizing dilemma in our lives, none of us are excluded from minor problems here and there.

And if we’re not careful, the problem could ruin our lives, like the wreckage you saw in that picture above, the difference being that it’s invisible and could only be felt by the bearer of the problem.

No one can see the shattered pieces in your heart as clearly as the wrecked buildings above. No one will lend you any help because they didn’t know, they wouldn’t know unless you tell them so, but then what?

I just think that, even if the invisible wreckage is too much for us to bear, we still have everything necessary to keep on living. Our land is still peaceful, our food and water is still easily available and safe to be consumed, the air is still clean from dangerous particles, our shelters are always here whenever we crave for it desperately.

To me, even if we’re dying inside a little day by day, physically we are far from that. And I am highly grateful for that.

To them, even if everything seems to have flown away from their grasp, at least they still have their lives. But you know, I’ve never experienced anything similar to what they’ve been through, and I can’t comment on that. I don’t know how they really feel at this moment, to see gunshots in front of their eyes, the remains of their houses scattering on earth, corpses lying on the road…I really don’t. And that’s what makes it more depressing.

I’ll just say this – cherish whatever you have before they slip away from your hands. If earthquake and hurricane victims could rebuild their lives from scratch, what does that say about us?

Let’s look forward and find the solution to our problems. No matter how long it’ll take, let’s keep on trying. No matter how sad or dull a day is, let's find something that'll improve the day, making it become better. Let’s untangle the knots in our head. Let’s be frank to each other, so that we can have a bit of peace in our mind, no misunderstanding anymore, okay? Okay.

I’ll do that Insya Allah.

P/S: Seems like I did write more than necessary. But I’ve always been a fan of words, even though my words are not that beautiful most of the time. :D

And to be honest this post doesn't make any sense. I'm not even sure anymore, but. Umm. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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