Thursday, March 17, 2011

When Spring Comes

When Spring Comes is one of the Korean dramas that my father strangely adores. If he likes something, he will extremely like it, and when he completely likes it, he likes to annoy me with it, and when he annoys me like that, I’ll be extremely annoyed, because he completely likes it. I don’t know.

“What are you watching? When Spring Comes?”


“Is that the actor in When Spring Comes?!”


“He looks like that actor in When Spring Comes.”


“When Spring Comes is better than this thing.”

*refrain from saying no*

Do you know what comes when spring comes?

The wind. And in a way, my father was acting like a wind. The wind won’t go easy on you, and won’t let you watch walk in peace.

I will try my best to walk towards the wind but it will always push me back. No matter, I won’t let this pesky wind blow me away HAIYAAAACK!!!

Most of the time, I OWNED THE CRUEL WIND. OH YEAH.

But there were times when the wind couldn’t handle my cockiness and decided to overthrow me with its power. I’d walk and I couldn’t. I’d walk and if I’m not careful, I will be blown away for real. The only solution is to walk backwards.

Dear wind, you are so cruel to me the humankind.

And the wind was not particularly cooperative yesterday.

We were in the car when the wind pushed it so hard I was momentarily scared. Any stronger and it’ll topple the car over, I’m sure of that.

But first, let’s look at these cute goats!

Okay forget the cute white and black goats. Look at the road!

This moment made me realize how lucky/blessed I am to be riding a car and not a camel. Can you imagine people back then journeying with their camels, across the mountains while struggling with the sandy wind?

I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Well I suppose I was. You won’t see anything but sand and mountains and random animals and a whole lot of sun throughout the way, and you’ll only see a bit of technology when you’ve arrived at the city. But it is an interesting view to be honest; the nothingness certainly calms the mind. And to see people stopping their cars and praying on the sandy ground since there are no buildings whatsoever (there’s an occasional mosque or two, but most of the time, you won’t find any, let alone a toilet) is an amusing sight to be held.

Lonely trees, how depressing. If you’re wondering why the picture is so blurry, well don’t point your fingers at my camera, it’s because there was a sandstorm occurring right at that moment!

Exactly. Sandstorm, and for some reason, the blown sands resemble ocean’s waves.

The sandstorm wouldn’t be as extreme whenever the mountains were on its path. Probably because their role as the earth’s defense team intimidated those sands a bit.

“We won’t let you through, wind,” said the mountains. *cue in evil laughter*

It was a bizarre experience to be sitting in your car and watching the sand coming at you like wild snakes ocean’s wave. It almost felt as if I was in a ferry and looking at the deep sea. The only difference is that there were no jellyfish.

Jellyfish, jellyfish! I saw them a lot whenever I rode a ferry so I kind of got sick of them. And kind of scared. What if I were to fall into the sea and those jellyfish-

The camera failed to capture the waves properly but if you squint really hard then you’ll see a trace of sand snake creepily slithering towards you.

Long story short, sandstorm is kind of scary. So let’s cleanse your sandy eyes with a photo of the beach!

Don’t let this serene view of nature fool you, though. The scenery might look peaceful and all but I was currently battling with the wind in order to capture just one picture.

*ran towards the wind*

*wind pushed me back*


*pushed me back easily*

I’m a weak human being.

And no, the wind wasn’t being unfair to just the human beings. Even the birds, who worked hard to go across the sea, failed to fly anywhere beyond this point. Poor bird, they’ll fly towards the sun, and the wind will push them over. Fly again, and push them over.

I can relate to them, because the wind did exactly the same thing to me! lol

But the thing that worries most of the people here isn’t the wind, it’s the cloud. Look how thick it is? Yeah, you’ll rarely see such a cloudy sky like this here. Everyone is preparing now, preparing for the rain, for the flood, for their houses to be drowned. Everything’s been postponed. Fieldtrips, any trips, trips to the park. You better stay at home than being lost in the rain and stuck in a place and can’t go home because of the flood like many people did months ago.

So yes, rain, more or less, is a sensitive issue over here. A desert that never experiences rain more than once a year is faced with constant raining every few weeks. There’s definitely something weird going on with the world right now, isn’t it? Being patient is the only thing we could do right now, and it’s not as if waving a white flag will prove useful to us or anything.

The weather looks nice today though, so I’ll be going out now. Until next time, bye bye :)

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