Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes, I hate justifying myself but yes.

Funny isn’t it, when you basically don’t have much to do, the internet doesn’t look as inviting or attractive to you.

You’ll open up your internet browser and you don’t even know what to look up for.

Yet when you have tons of work to do, the internet suddenly looks like WOWZERS SO MANY INTERESTING THINGS TO GOOGLE I CAN’T EVEN *dies*

Even random people’s blogs are suddenly the most interesting things on earth.

And then you try to behave yourself, resuming your work, but when you open the file, you feel like smacking your head.

And open other people’s blogs again.

And I’d be reminded of the time that has flown away from my grasp, leaving me behind, snickering secretly at my stupidity, “HAHA serves you right, who asks you to read all those blogs and watch all that videos and currently blogging when you could have finished your work instead of doing all these nonsense things!”

And it makes me wonder why I suddenly decided to blog right at this moment.

But then my head will suddenly give its logical explanation;

“When you read other’s blog, you’re adding more information to your brain. Regardless of how insignificant that information is, it might prove useful to you one day. Like you now know how Malay girls wear their hijab nowadays! That’s gold right there. And you’ll know how people from that other side of the world speak in their everyday lives! You won’t get that on papers. If you can’t go to the UK and listen to their accents in front of your very ears then to listen to that in their videos is good enough. And blogging! Do you know, that you’re improving your writing day by day by constantly blogging? That’s good news.”

(the bad news is that I think my English has deteriorated but I’d try to write better)

I think it’s a conspiracy. A conspiracy made by my head to not do any work. My head the brainwasher (haha? huh?). When I open my file it wouldn’t let me think. But when I try to blog it allows me to think.

Please dear head, please cooperate. Thank you. My fingers can’t wait for the moment to be over, and my eyes can’t wait to feast on another equally insignificant but somehow currently sounded fascinating in my head video.

Let’s hope I’ll be able to make it before the deadline! *pray and work hard*

That being said, there is just one thing that my head couldn't justify its brainwashing.

And that is, what would I get by replaying this video over and over and over and over and over again?

Namie Amuro - Unusual feat. Yamashita Tomohisa by FinalHikari

I'll get umm umm...SOMETHING! NOT NOTHING! But things I don't know yet. Yes. It'll benefit me someday. Yes.

(My head's just giving excuses because the head likes this song video people.)

The video is so...I don't know, it makes me smile. :D

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