Monday, March 7, 2011


Please read this article - Girl gets a year in jail, 100 lashes for adultery

Oh and read this one too, just for the laugh lol hmm yeah.

It is – at the very least – disgusting to hear about the girl’s unfair punishment. Firstly, she is the victim. She was raped by FIVE (shameless) men. She is currently pregnant. But she is also the one who’ll be spending her pregnancy days behind bars, and will later be lashed 100 times for her ‘so-called’ sin.

One wonder if the guys will be getting the same treatment. I hope they’ll get more than that. To be fair, sinners (most of them are thieves) are lashed every Friday at my area’s mosque. No, they weren’t blindly lashed without evidence. No, they weren’t easily dismissed either. A sinner is a sinner, or so I was told. I doubt it’s different in Jeddah, but you’ll never know. And judging by this article, and its lack of information regarding the guys’ punishment, it makes you wonder if they’ll be getting any punishment at all, doesn’t it?

Even though I am more than aware that conversing – heck, even stealing glances – with the opposite sex is a seriously condemned act in Saudi Arabia, and extremely, extremely frowned upon, and hence, people will probably blame the girl for carelessly accepting a ride from the guy in the first place, she didn’t commit premarital sex. She was RAPED. Those are different.

(Oh and this reminds me of an episode on Al-Sakinat fi Qulubna. The girl met the guy from the internet, chatted for a while, exchanged phone numbers, the guy insisted on meeting the girl, they agreed to meet at the park because it’s a public place and supposedly safe, the girl asked her sister to accompany her, they met at the park, the guy invited them to ride the car with them, the girls agreed because they trusted him, they rode it, and what do you know, there were two other guys in the car and they kept them hostage, tied and beat them up, locked them in the guys’ house, and were raped by them all. The girls tried to escape, succeeded, managed to go back home, their worried family was searching for them like crazy, but after seeing them, the father could only look at them in disappointment, but the girls…well the girls were then beaten up by their brothers because of their apparent ‘sin’.)

Quite a twisted community they live in, and I guess the director of Al-Sakinat fi Qulubna shared the same view. Their family shouldn’t behave like that at all. But I digress.

Anyway, back to the topic, the victim in the news didn’t commit premarital sex. She was RAPED. Rape victims don’t deserve these treatments. They’re mentally and physically scarred, they should instead be justified and supported from these scum of the earth! No matter how stupid the girls might’ve been, and how indeed, they were basically dipping their toes into a dragon’s lair, they don’t deserve to be condemned by the community. Perhaps these people who condemned them thought the victims enjoyed it, hence the ‘adultery’ term. Excuse me while I gag.

As my father’s Saudi friend has once stated, even though these Saudis wear their traditional clothes and thus, appear like true religious men, deep inside, these men are just the same, and those clothes they were wearing are just that; traditional clothes. Without it, they are perhaps worse. Bear in mind, these are not my words, I’m just quoting him directly.

Although, if I may have a few words, then I would want to rant about their youngsters a bit. Being suppressed in such a choking community, I suppose I can understand them, even a little. Yes, I don’t live in such a suppressed community. My community is moderately conservation. Not extreme. But I understand a bit.

I understand why the girls felt the need to wear their best, most body-fitting abaya. Unbuttoning the bottom so that their leggings will peek through. Revealing a handful of hair underneath those loose hejab. Covering the face with thick, Arabic makeup.

In my society, if girls were to dress like that, I would think they were dressing for themselves. And I tried to think positive, perhaps they’ve just returned from a wedding, or on the way to that, maybe, positive positive, and I might have succeeded, if it weren’t for those odd, disturbing glances by those males, and the females’ equally interesting response.

The urge to befriend the opposite sex. I understand that. But there is just one thing I don’t understand, and I happen to see, and hear, from first account, of Arab couples actually doing it. And that is, committing sins before marriage.

(I know of someone who’s been dating a guy from the internet for years, and yes, the situation is a bit like the story from Al-Sakinat fi Qulubna, minus the raping of course, and the fact that the guy from the internet is actually NICE.)

(still, nice, I’m a bit iffy about them committing sins before marriage.)

What do I mean by sins before marriage?

Well, if even holding the hands of a guy is a sin, what’s more to actually kiss them square on the mouth? >.O And you’re like what, miles away from Mecca and Medina? You’re on the same soil as the holy lands. I can’t even-

And this goes to all of you Muslims as well. You’re on the land of the God who created you. Please, have a little respect, self-control and shame. Thank you. I don’t mind seeing people of other religion doing that, but to see those Muslims…seriously, I’m embarrassed. May Allah forgive our sins. Especially me for badmouthing you. I’m sorry.

(And why is holding a non-related man’s hand is a sin to a girl? That’s because it’ll flutter their love/lust, opening up a path in their head, thinking it’s okay to touch each other at other places, and then other things, and then unmentionable things, and then a baby out of wedlock will appear, and the parents don’t want to be responsible, throw the baby away, killing the baby unconsciously.)

(This happens a lot in Malaysia.)

(sure protection is readily available in stores but you don't think an underage Muslim boy can easily buy it without complications)

(and the results? Countless of abandoned babies)

(If you like a guy, just like him. Let him get to know you. Let him fall in love with your personality. Don’t let him have a taste of your territory. *Not until it’s permissible for him to do that of course.* Because who knows, once he did, he might want more, and then he doesn’t, and what else could you do? You are nothing to him. Not even his wife. He can remarry, but we girls can’t. It's harder for a girl with a tarnished reputation to marry than a divorcee. We’ll be scarred to life, remembered as the woman with no dignity. Being a woman is hard, especially in my community.)


Anyway. May the rapers get what they deserve.

And even if they didn’t get it in this world, they will get it for sure in the afterlife.

But I’ll just say, God will punish them in the best way possible. Have you ever experienced hardship, and you wonder, why don’t these bad guys ever get what they deserve? Why is it always me who gets the end of the stick? Well trust me, they do get it. And when they get it, they get it HARD. I’ve witnessed it. I’ve seen it loads of times. Only God knows what’s best for us.

But other people will probably say, karma is awesome.

Anyway, I just hope there’ll be an organization that will stand up for these victims.

Stay strong, may Allah bless you all.


Nashuha said...

It's hard being a woman kan ? tu pun ada lelaki nak jadi perempuan ! shame on you , ladyman *.* oke da lari topik . .

Tapi memang definitely unfair for this girl yg kena terima hukuman walaupun bukan salah atau kerelaan hati dia . . may Allah bless her , mungkin dugaan dia di dunia , insyaAllah jannah menanti :)

Huda said...

InshaAllah amin :D