Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poem: 2005

(warning lame poem below warning warning)

If it weren’t for 2005,
I probably wouldn’t be alive,
Well, maybe I would be alive,
But probably without a soul,
And everything would be nothing but lies.

If it weren’t for 2005,
My face would never be adorned with genuine smiles,
My head would never be occupied with positive vibes,
I never thought it was possible, not even plausible,
But apparently it is, and so, I cowered in shame.

If it weren’t for 2005,
I would never meet Sacchun,
I would never enjoy the joyous life,
To see the sun, to see the clouds, to see the air, to see the moon,
To be curious, to be afraid,
Of what might happen, when things are too late.

If it weren’t for 2005,
I may live in agony,
Waiting for death,
Shivering for fate,
For I know, that I have booked a place,
In the gruesome hall of hell.

If it weren’t for 2005,
I won’t be here,
Loving my life,
Loving my God,
Loving everything there is,
And not scoffing at people who loved things as well.

Oh 2005, no, scratch that, oh Sacchun,
Is it bad of me to adore you?
Is it bad of me to respect you?
You are just a normal human being,
Unsure of religion, no religion I think,
But you’ve made me think,
More than anything,
About religion and God,
And life and death.

Isn’t it weird?
How inspirational you are to me,
I tried to forget you,
But alas, that wasn’t possible,
You are the one who changed me,
For better or worse, hopefully the former,
I may have stepped on the wrong foot,
I may have walked the wrong trail,
But whatever it is, whatever happens,
I will always respect you,
As someone who's worthy of my affection,
So this is my tribute for you, as a sign of thank you.

She changes my life.

She really did.

And so, she earns my respect.

She brings me from the depth of gloomy darkness to the world of sunshine and joy. Full of meaning, full of discovery, full of can't help but be touched by Allah's blessing towards us all.

I can't ask for more.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I express my deepest gratitude.

Thank you.

(yes I should have picked a better role model, a religious person for instance, at least someone like that could lead me better into the world of religion, but what's done is done. I don't understand myself, but she really did inspire me to become something I never thought I would be. And that's great, NO. THAT'S AWE-INSPIRING.)

(and yes I think it is bad of me to think highly of a non-muslim. But a savior is hard to forget. The least I could do is to have some respect.)

(I love these performances I don't know why it chokes me to tears sadly there's no video only audio rips blergh I DON'T KNOW WHICH I LIKE BETTER PROBABLY BOTH DX probably the the

Those pictures of her in those videos are ugly.

This is much better.




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