Friday, August 7, 2009

Homemade Skincare Series: Microfiber Cloth PREVIEW!

(No pictures. This is just a preview. So no pictures.)

Microfiber cloth isn’t particularly homemade or anything, considering you need to buy it at a nearby automotive store of some sort (or any mall really) so it falls under the category of facial cloth that you need to buy but couldn’t really make from scratch…or maybe you can (but as if you can make your own honey…providing you have your own beehive, of course, like Martha Stewart. Or bee-lover. Honey lover. Whatever.) THE POINT IS!

Maybe I should rename the title to…

Homemade Skincare Series: Unusual Tools for your face!

That didn’t sound catchy enough.

I change my mind.

(take notice I am quite blur today. I have just submitted my work. Deadline is cruel. Cruel….)

Anyways, microfiber cloth is a staple in my house. We have incorporated the cloth to become our handy dandy savior that I’m sure one day it would be listed in my family’s hall of fame as an honorary member of our lovable stuff.

Of course, the cloth has sacrificed a lot in order to have a place in our hearts. We use it vigorously to wipe the car, wipe the camera, wipe the mirror, wipe the windows, wipe the toilet seat, wipe the iPod—microfiber cloth is seriously one of the best wiper ever. And I say one of the best, because you will never know if I’d find a new love…just in case.

You see, I won’t be giving such high raves if it’s not for this one incident. You see, my lovely iPod Touch, which is possibly my favorite thing on earth (read: THING) was smeared with popsicle’s droplets, staining the surface, further settling in the crooks of my fugly case (decoden it someday!), and for the life of me I didn’t know how to open the darn case. So I waited for my brother, patiently waited for my brother, even when the day has start anew he hadn’t come back, and I realized that he wasn’t coming back.

He should have told us that earlier. >.>

Discouraged, I tried my hardest to open the case, and WALLA. IT WAS OPENED.

SO DARN EASY WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL MEH? D: There’s a trick on how to open the case, and I discovered that quite…late, shame to say.

By now, you could probably guess the gross condition of my iPod screen—filled with hardened, frosted substance of dried popsicle’s droplets, potentially accumulating bacteria or something of that nature. I didn’t have any microfiber cloth in my room at the time, so I grabbed the nearest cloth (not really, nearest would be my handkerchief, but as if I want to wipe my iPod with my boogers), which was the spectacle cloth, but to my dismay, the stain didn’t budge. I tried to moisten the cloth with some water and wiped it off (and I’m not sure if it’s good for the iPod’s health, but eh…what’s done is done), but still, it didn’t go away. I tried using the cloth that was included with the iPod; yes, it did little to polish the little surface.

Frustrated, I exited my room, searching for any cloth to rub the icky stuff away, until my eyes landed on a stack of dirty microfiber clothes in the kitchen. Of course, when one used it to wipe the car, windows, mirrors, toilet seat—it is bound to be all greasy and dirty.

Where could I find a clean microfiber cloth?

Yes yes an automotive store would be a great answer, but it is late at night, early in the morning I dare say, and I don’t think the store would open that early.

AHAH! I have just experienced a rare moment of pure genius.

My brother’s microfiber cloth for the camera! There, I am so smart. :D


The cloth—albeit not that clean, but I can’t see the grime in question really, so it is clean in my book, although might not be that clean to the naked eyes, but whatever—did its job beautifully, cleaning the surface like a magic sponge, and in fact, it works better than a magic sponged claimed to do. No pressure needed, just wiped it off like wiping a baby’s butt. Although you probably need some force to wipe a baby’s butt. No? Oh…I’ve only become a babysitter for about a week…my niece is darn cute.

The point of the long story?


Then I decided to read more about the multipurpose cloth on the net, and unsurprisingly, stumbled upon reviews at Makeupalley.

I was intrigued by the idea of using microfiber cloth as your facial cloth, so I tried it for a good month or so. Maybe more. I didn’t keep track.

How does it fare, really?

Well…onto the next post…next time! :D

Quite busy lately. But when things are too busy, I found myself not that busy. Because I tried not to do much work that would add to the busyness. Thus the busyness decreased, leaving time for me to work on the main point of busyness. But I procrastinate. Duh.

Time is too slow lately (anticipating for my journey) yet I’m running out of time (dreading for the deadline).


Huda’s Random Corner

I thought a post in this blog is never complete without a random corner.

Granted, everything is random, but…yeah. Yeah.

I just need to let this out.

I’ve been reading a book.

And while it is desperately awesome beyond words, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of conversation by the hero and heroine.

Yeah yeah they conversed alright, but the author didn’t write the actual conversation, just a summary of it.

Why why why why why

I cherish all the actual conversation with the “quote” thing like I cherish my iPod, but still, I wasn’t content.

So I read another book.

I was at the random place where they feature random books of the day and on a whim, I chose the one with quite an interesting, but typical summary.

Upon reading it…


I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect the story to be THAT cliché.

But it is.


How awful.

I am speechless.


As you can see.

I am terribly disappointed.

That’s all for random corner.

Maybe this one should be renamed to Rant Corner.


Huda’s Rant Corner it is.

Over and out.

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Janet said...

Rose Cole has this awesome free sugar body scrub recipe here made with chocolate. AND it’s edible! Just thought I would pass it along.