Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homemade Skincare Series: Base Makeup Removal!

I’ve had my share of talking.

Let’s get on with the experiment!

On my hand are…

I purposely applied different shades of foundation on my hand so that it would stand out against my skintone, however the powder foundation surprisingly looks like a perfect match for me in this photo, but in real life, it is a tad darker.

KATE powder foundation in OC-D (sheer coverage...kind of)

Just like any other powder products, their longevity couldn’t be compared to liquid or cream, because those stick to your skin while this one just sat on top. I think.

Surely, dust wouldn’t stain your feet compared to mud…right?

KATE liquid foundation in OC-C (sheer to medium)

Once upon a time, I asked my boss, “Why can’t I use liquid foundation instead?”

My boss narrowed her eyes at me. “And why can’t you?”

Sweating, I answered, “Because it is not as long-lasting as cream type?”

She smiled smugly. “Any more questions?”

Liquid foundation looks more natural than Kryolan’s stick foundation, that’s for sure.

Kryolan Stick Foundation in 6W (high coverage)

My father once asked me, “Two hours of makeup? Just what did you do?”

So I answered, “An hour for complexion, another hour for cheeks, eyes and lips.”

I doubt he understands, but whatever. The only concern in his mind is that how on earth would those brides pray with those ‘things’ on their faces. I don’t know about the brides, but if you’re talking about models (I did my fair share of grooming models as well) then they…didn’t.

Yeah well who cares about some snobbish models. XD

No no I’m not talking about you. Just some models that I met.


In order to look natural in front of the camera, you couldn’t simply slather a one tone foundation on your face and call it a day (unless you want to look like a paper doll…and hey, if that’s your thing, then by all means go for it). Bear in mind Kryolan’s foundation acts like a concealer (that’s good because we need not worry about concealing + another hour) so it basically conceals everything.

But for the face to look presentable in pictures, shading is a requirement, and thus plenty shades of foundations were used to make those brides look…human I guess. In photos, of course. *cough*I mean natural*cough

So you could guess that a bride’s foundation is more potent than any of the rest.
It’s actually a concealer in disguise. *cough*

All are set with MAC Studio Fix powder with no primer underneath.

Experiment Number 1: Washing off base makeup with normal water (and some mild rubbing)

They didn’t even waver.

Experiment Number 2: Washing off base makeup with cleanser
(continuing with the same hand because…you would wash your face with water first before applying cleanser, right?)

My daily cleanser is Nivea Visage White Sparkling White Whitening Foam (I get it I get it white white white the whitening claim is absurd of course). Yes well, it is a nice cleanser, but I didn’t pick it up for the whitening properties. I used to use Nivea Deep Cleansing, but nowadays my skin isn’t as oily anymore, so the cleanser dried my skin a bit. So I used this cleanser, which is actually my mother’s. Yeah.

Apparently it can remove makeup as well.

Let’s see how legit that claim is.

Powder foundation wearers, do not fear, your deep cleansing cleanser could possibly do the job nicely. However, liquid foundation tried to hang on my skin by leaving residues while the cream one simply didn’t want to go away.

Experiment Number 3: Washing off base makeup with cleanser and microfiber cloth
(continuing with the same hand because…adding microfiber cloth is just adding more force in rubbing the stain away, so if the others could be easily removed by using your hands, what’s more by using this cloth?)

Liquid foundation is thoroughly gone! Good. Cream foundation staggers a bit, but not without leaving a hint of stain behind.


My hand looks as if it has pigmentation problem.

Experiment Number 4: Washing off base makeup with yogurt!
(freshly applied on the other hand just to prove my point)

Oh my trusty yogurt how could you go wrong—

You’ve betrayed me, my lovable yogurt. I am disappointed in you.

…at least you shaved off a bit of that powder foundation away.

Experiment Number 5: Washing off base makeup with EVOO!

Just a swipe with cotton pad and you’re gone~

Easy peasy!

Experiment Number 6: Washing off base makeup with grapeseed oil!

Just a swipe with cotton pad and I could see my skin again~


DING DING DING! Do we have a winner?


It’s a tie between EVOO and Grapeseed oil! Yay. :D

Those oils might not fare that well in removing eye makeup, but they are invincible in battling base makeup!

Putting oil on your face might sound risky, but vegetable oils in general have the same consistency as your natural skin oils, so it is perfectly fine; your face would absorb the goodness and it would not clog your pores. The same logic could be applied to oil cleansers.

Just like using an oil cleanser, double cleansing is favorable—double cleansing means cleansing your face with oil and then proceeded to cleanse again with normal cleanser—because while the oils could dissolve makeup, it couldn’t really remove those bacteria and dirt. Plus, you wouldn’t want an oil + makeup residues settling in your pores.

Depending on your preference, you could use EVOO if you like slightly thick liquid or Grapeseed oil if you like products with runny texture.

Either way, both are good for your skin, but I shall talk about it later in another post. I’m trying to be organized and not clattered everything at once. :D

This Sunday, I shall meet Nnashuhaa XD



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