Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homemade Skincare Series: Base Makeup Removal PREVIEW!

One of the most common things in the world: misconceptions toward makeup wearers.

It seems as if time hasn’t changed much since my childhood years; people still have the presumption that made up women are ugly. They are not to be blamed however, because indeed, if you look at a before and after picture of a random celebrity, big chance you can see the huge differences between the natural look and made-up look. And so, I constantly heard on how makeup girls are phony, ugly, hypocrites, insecure, while natural girls are down to earth, beautiful—simply the best.

I can’t deny that some of the natural girls are definitely simply the best, but one can’t generalize and say the makeup women are not. I think the world’s perspective of beauty is laughable these days; they condemned people with makeup, yet belittled those who doesn’t match the world’s level of attractiveness. Yet when they try to at least do something in order to not being belittled, people mock them around and accused them of being a hypocrite. Seriously, how mature can you get?

Same thing could be said to those celebrities; if they decided to go on television with their natural faces, baring their acne scars, wrinkles from stress, under eye circles and eye bags from lack of sleep, could you survive an hour watching them without cringing? Yes, you may say you would, but somewhere deep, we all like to watch beautiful humans. Admit it. Pretty people sail their lives rather easily. Well, some of them, and yes, they do have their own problems, every human on this earth has their own trials, yet somehow it felt as if pretty people sail their lives rather easily.

If not, you would think that Susan Boyle might have been recruited early in her years and not in 2009. Maybe she didn’t put a lot of effort, maybe she didn’t have the luck, maybe I didn’t do much research on her to backup my claim, but really, if she were born as a pretty girl, she might have become a singer early in her life. Provided luck is on her side. Provided the recording bosses like her. Provided the audiences like her. But humans love pretty people! Even more for a person with undeniable talents! Plus point if she has the brains! But even then, if she didn’t have the talents or brains, we still find her bearable! Because she’s pretty! And humans love pretty people! Can’t forget that.

But by the time she basked in the stardom, she would be too busy to do mundane stuff. Starlets are busy, why would they bother adding something mediocre in their busy lives? Maybe they aren’t that ignorance, maybe they still care about their skin, but would it be enough to just care?
What would happen if we didn’t have enough sleep? Oh right, dark circles. What if we didn’t eat right? Yeah, zits. How about constant stressing and tension? Premature wrinkle maybe. Lack of liquid? Overall dehydration. Lack of skin caring? Skin goes wild.

I don’t expect celebrities—with their tight schedule—to indulge in spa treatment or spoil their skin all the time. That sounds like the schedule of a rich person who has no job. And no offense, I may say the wrong thing, but my point is, they could afford to spoil themselves, but 24 hours are not enough for us, what’s more for them? Even office ladies admit on slacking off once in a while due to their hectic work, you don’t think the celebrities won’t do the same, do you? Or maybe they have someone who washes their makeup off while they sleep. They could afford it nonetheless.

That being said, most of the makeup products are loaded with chemicals and whatnot, so if proper cleansing wasn’t executed, big chance the chemicals will make a pact with the grime in your pores on planning for massive destruction.

And so companies nowadays are bringing in various mineral makeups that are supposedly healthy, hoping that customer will have a second thought from generally generalizing that makeup as bad.

It’s full of minerals—it’s bound to be healthy right?!

Minerals alike, if you didn’t cleanse it well, it would troll your system. Surely you would experience some sort of a sore throat if you didn’t cleanse your throat after having some sort of a heavy meal? Yes you are not supposed to drink at least half an hour after finishing your meal, but the point is, wouldn’t your throat feel funny if you let it that way for say…overnight? Yes? No? I’m talking nonsense am I? Can you tell that my fingers somehow have a mind of their own? What’s up with the throat thing? Arr? :D

Anyway, the point of this long rant is…


Let’s get to that in the next post.

Huda’s Random Corner

YAY Nanchatte Renai is number two on Oricon!
YAY I don’t like the Seaside song much despite liking the three bands.

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