Monday, August 10, 2009


Everything is Ai’s Power!

Well you know, Ai is the power of H!P.

It used to be Gocchin’s (or was it Nacchi? Or perhaps Nakazawa? I don’t know), but it’s Ai’s time now.



Back view :D (ignore the dustiness and ugly case)

Seriously, I have no idea what I was doing. I just randomly stick the big one here, the small one there, and then a thought strike my head—maybe I could make a pattern of a flailing flower, emerging from the flowerbed…

But then my OCD got the best of me and I can’t stand the unsymmetrical wave of the line so I strengthened it back…and created quite a mess with the glue.

Straight is just that…plain straight, so I wondered what I should do next.

Maybe I should duplicate the pattern on the other side and think about my next move later.

So I did just that, happily placing the rhinestones with no clue whatsoever. Suddenly, my instinct told me to stick a big and ugly square rhinestone at the center, tilting it over until it resembled a diamond, connecting the patterns…

I thought this would be the ultimate disaster.


It looks much better in real life.

My instinct is a genius.

So I sat placidly, indulging myself in repose, summoning my inner creativity, wondering what to do next…

I got none.

Hence the abrupt finish.

It looks nice nonetheless. :D


Nanchatte Renai Commerative Single is in my iTunes. Supposed to be out on the 12 of August, but perhaps one of those online stores shipped early, or maybe that person is a secret spy who’s able to decipher H!P’s nonsensical vault’s password. Or maybe he’s just a random guy who works for UFA.

Anyhow, I highly anticipated this commerative single, hugely for the sake of the b-side. I’ve heard the normal edition’s b-side—Aki Urara, and I was wondering how this fares against the strong contender.

I’ll be frank and admit that this song reminds me of a guy song.

Total gay for a guy, but I can’t help it! Really can’t.

Then I realized that it reminds me of EXILE’s Choo Choo Train. And EXILE is without a question manlier than JE, so gayer…ehh. Heh. (and I could totally imagine THSK singing a song similar to this. In fact, I think they may have a song like this in their sleeves)

Being similar to Choo Choo Train is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, IT IS SUPER DUPER AWESOME! I like CCT very much, which means I like this song as well.

So far, this single is looking really great. The three songs are love, Gaki looks gorgeous, the dance is awesome, insane promotion, fans are teaming up for Oricon No1, there’s a freaking mix…I have never felt so proud and anxious for 12th August.

Subete wa Ai no Chikara might be a more popular song to the fans compared to Aki Urara, because even though Aki Urara is a reminiscent of early MM, SwAnC has the upper hand of fair line distribution. Everyone has two lines (or at least, two lines) so you bet that keeps all the fans at ease. I supposed the highlight would be the opening—the pandas get a chance to sing and I wouldn’t be surprised if all the fans are singing praises as well. Honestly, I think Junjun sounds fine in SONGS, but I’m a bit undecided about her voice here. Never was a fan of hers, and I would like it better if Linlin was the opening vocalist. That being said, I’m not a big Linlin fan either. She used to sound squeaky, and while plenty was convinced that she was hiding a beautiful voice under that façade of hers, it wasn’t until years later that we finally hear the special voice coming out from her lungs. Now, after unleashing her mighty voice to the highly critical fans, suddenly everyone bows down to her feet, raving about her here and there. I’m not a fan of her voice, squeaky or not, I think she tries too hard—too powerful—and it shows in this song.

And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, Ai is heavily featured and utilized in main songs, while the inexperienced remains underappreciated.

Gaki? Oh well. Oh. Well.

At least she’s having some lines here and there, which is not that bad.


Aika sounds nice, shame that she’s more or less forgotten (she kind of sounds like old-school Gaki…I wonder what happened), Koha is Koha, Eri is Eri, Reina is Reina, Ai is Ai, Sayu sounds like someone from H!P Kids—which is a compliment, while Gaki’s last line makes me snort.

But the song is heavenly. I like it very much. There’s even a ‘wooooooh ah ai!’ at the background—a great touch to the song for the fans—I can see this as a fun concert song!

Don’t listen to it though. I can see it on your face that you won’t like it.


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