Monday, August 10, 2009

Homemade Skincare Series: Microfiber Cloth

How could a mere sheet such as microfiber cloth could effectively grab every single grime there is and toss it into the hell that it was meant to be? Apparently microfiber cloth is made of fine synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon, woven with polyamide (although other types of microfiber cloth might have different percentage of polyester and polyamide), which creates a soft and complicated surface that could grab every single dirt, oils out of your way.

The one that I’m using is bought from an automotive store, and I’m not exactly sure the percentage of the material used, but I reckon if you want to find an extremely effective microfiber cloth, buy the cloth that is specialized for dermal usage—I believe Missha has something like that in their stash. But if you couldn’t find anything like that, then I suggest finding a microfiber cloth that has at least 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, since that is the composition of most dermal clothes. Yadayadayada you know I’m no expert so…

On to the review!

The cloth felt really soft to the touch and quite packed, yet airy compared to cotton cloth.

As you can see…such peculiar texture.

There are quite a lot of methods to try, but I tend to follow the trend and use a foolproof method by taking a small amount of cleanser, rub-dub-dub until it foams, massage gently on the skin, then use the microfiber cloth to do further cleansing.

However I admit that I am a lazy bum and so usually I just put some of the cleanser on the cloth, rubbed it together until it foams, then smeared it on the face like so.

Hey, I couldn’t tell the difference anyways. :D

Moving on, upon rubbing your face, you would experience the smooth sensation of being polished by an expert car masseur, further fulfilling your secret wish of being a car.

If you dreamt of that, of course.

But yes, it really does felt that way. The way the cloth glided down your face, smooth yet strangely harsh, gentle yet captivatingly violent, clandestinely lethal on grabbing every odd thing out of your pores were exactly how I felt when polishing a car. And I used to think that it felt that way due to the car wax…maybe both.

After washing and patting it dry, my face felt considerably cleaner and smoother. Not as smooth as using regular scrubs, but the mild exfoliation from this cloth is enough for sensitive skin, I reckon.

The great thing of having a microfiber cloth in your stash is that you probably wouldn’t need a base makeup remover, since this thing practically removes everything.

Well, not really, but it did remove base makeup, oils, dirt, any poking-out-whiteheads/blackheads, dead cells, scabs, anything at all on the surface, yet one major (or minor, depends on your take) flaw is that it couldn’t really counterattack those stubborn ones.

So while the cloth is definitely appropriate for everyday exfoliation, I much prefer salt scrub since it takes all those stubborn scabs away, regardless of how you should only use it once a week.

It is a good enough eye makeup remover, but bear in mind; it wasn’t that effective in removing simple mascara. Yeah, and you bet it won’t do that good with stubborn mascara.

Word of advice though, normal microfiber cloth could be abrasive to your eye area, so if anything, buy the cloth that’s specifically for the face/eyes area. It is gentler and less harsher compared to the normal ones, so potentially less damaging. Don’t mind me, I like to experiment.


On to the questionnaire!

1. Does it lighten your skin?

2. Does it even your skintone?
I don’t think so.

3. Does it brighten your skin?
Since the cloth exfoliates your face aside from cleansing, then yes, it does brighten your skin, since it removes the dead cells.

4. Does it treat your acne?
No, it doesn’t really treat my acne. It cleanses the nearby area from getting infected by the acne, nonetheless.

5. Does it prevent acne?
Possibly yes. It grabbed every alien thing out of the pores; hence your pores are much more protected from being alienated.

6. Does it lighten scars?
Since it removes the dead cells, then the scars might have lightened. But it wasn’t that noticeable.

7. Does it shrink pores?
Nope, not at all.

8. Does it help in unclogging pores?

9. Does it help in smoothing skin texture from bumps and other skin ailments?
Yes, but I found normal scrubs did better in smoothing skin texture.

10. Will your skin regain its horrible condition if you stop using this?
No, I felt nothing whatsoever during the period of abandoning this cloth.

11. Can you use this in exchange of other products?
Great makeup remover alternative, or even a gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend it if you want to taste the sensation of squeaky clean skin.

12. Have you found anything like this in the market?
No, any other cleansing cloth didn’t even come close.

I’m giving this a…3 and a half out of 5. It did its job well, but I like more abrasive stuff…ah.

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