Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last night, I dreamt of a quite peculiar dream that involved a person and an imaginary person having qualms with each other and somehow I came in between and ended up like the second heroine in a drama series.

I kid you not, it was extremely vivid and dramatic; it is certainly one of the most random dream ever.

Not that I never have random dreams before, but most of those are downright weird and absurd; this is plain normal yet sadistic beyond words.

I must have been still in a dazed mode because when I went to the bathroom for ritual cleansing, I accidently squeezed my cleanser on my toothbrush and let my teeth tasted the sensation of bitter foam.

EWW NASTY random klutzy moment—Ehh.

Fortunately, I didn’t actually brush my teeth with the cleansing foam, so no damage done.

I thought such things would only happen in the movies, but I was proven wrong. And I thought my day couldn’t get even more mundane before I received a surprise package from China.

Yes I should have taken a picture of the package but my hands automatically tore the packaging as soon as I laid my hands on it and the said hands quickly updated my Facebook’s status with incoherent message that could be viewed by everyone in my friends list which also include my aunts.
I should have twittered.

Then I twittered.

Surprisingly my tweet was nicely written. :D

Tonight, I shall play around with the package a bit more, but before that, I want to let off some steam. This is possibly the worst customer service I’ve ever received.

When I first stepped into the office of the agency, the staff greeted me with lukewarm response. I assumed they are busy, so I didn’t pay much attention. The one who attended me wasn’t as friendly either, but perhaps she was just being professional.

Then when I returned home, I did all the necessities, thus we contacted the agency since they are the only one who could do the next task. They requested that I sent the necessities to their email, and payment in advance. However, the necessities contain private information, so I sent an email first for them to validate the address. I didn’t receive their response.

We were running out of time since we need to meet the attorney that day, so I texted the staff and asked if he received the email (I was appointed with another person soon after since the former staff who had attended me was on a holiday). He said yes, he received it.

That’s the first blow. I specifically stated in the email, asking him to reply back. But he didn’t. And left us waiting for the email before we could proceed with the next step.

Trying not to act discouraged, I sent all the necessities needed and proceeded to the bank for the payment. I texted him, notifying him about my every action, and he replied to every single one of my text, even one that he was not supposed to reply.

He could reply the texts, but couldn’t reply the emails? I was confused. I seriously do not know what his problem is.

No matter. I have paid; he should have everything he needed to get the job done.

Two days after that, I contacted the agency for the newest development. An acquaintance has already done this step with another agency, and apparently it took less than two hours. So I was quite certain that this step has been completed.


Apparently, the email noob said that he was currently undergoing a course. He assured me saying that he has left the job with another co-worker of his, so if anything, I should contact her, or the office.


So I contacted the office but no one was there to pick up the phone.

Everyone is undergoing course huh? Is that so?

Oh well. I shall contact them tomorrow.

And I did just that.

Then he said, rather angrily, “I’m currently undergoing a course. You should contact (this person) not me. I’ve told her everything on what needs to be done. So yes, please, I’m quite busy.”

Sure sure sure.

How to contact ‘that person’ if I didn’t have the contact number?

And then he gave me. A day later. After I asked for the gazillion times.

Okay then.

I dialed the number, and as soon as the line picked up, a voice bellowed into my ears.

No no, I mean, NOISE bellowed into my ears. Apparently she was out somewhere. Possibly at the market.

So yada yada, chatter chatter, where is my damn number (the whole agency thing is done so that I could acquire this special number) and then she said, “Why do you need to hurry? You are not going until much later.”


I asked the agency to do this step in the middle of August.

I’m expected to fly by the end of August or early September.

Yes, yes, late.

How shrewd, maybe we should all enjoy doing our work at the last minute!

Because you know, without the number, I can’t do anything else, so YEAH! LAST MINUTE IS A BLISS!


Then I complained to the guy, and this was his reply.

“As you probably already know, I am not at the office right now. I have given the task to my colleague. But I see you are not satisfied. I shall do it myself later.”


When is later again?

Oh well.

The next day, I contacted him again.

And he gave me the same excuse.



So I said, “If you’re incompetent of doing such a trivial job, then no matter, I could find another agency. I bid you farewell.”

Well, not exactly bidding him farewell, more like…Assalamualaikum.

I’m not even asking for my money back!

Then he replied. “It’s up to you. I have told you beforehand that I’m not available at the office. If you decided to not use our service, then it is your loss.”


I think he forgot that I have paid in advance.

A few minutes later, apparently he remembered, because this was his message.

“I’m currently keying in your information. May I have your (insert information here)?”


So I gave him that information. And waited for his reply.

Of course, he did not reply.

The next day, I asked again.

I am so fed-up with the constant asking but what to do?!!!

Then he replied, “I need this information before I could provide you with the number.”




No matter, I provided the information, and waited for something impossible.

He didn’t reply.

No…for three days he didn’t reply.

No matter, my father decided to ambush him at his office and ask what his problem was.

If he hasn’t settled the number yet, then we will find another agency.

But that didn’t sound appropriate.

I need to go to KL tomorrow to settle everything, so I decided to ask him for the last time about the state of my number.

And he replied, “It’s ready.”



And that’s ladies and gentlemen…is my rant.


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