Monday, August 31, 2009

Al-Quran: Perfecting the Tajwid

And while you recite with utmost confidence,
There is a voice, scoffing at your prudence.

When I was little, upon hearing the Al-Quran recitals from the grownups, I felt very ashamed at my own inability of reciting flawlessly like them.

But now that I’ve grown up and known almost everything I’m supposed to know, I was enlightened with the horrid truth that their recitals aren’t as perfect as it sounded to be.

My father is perhaps the most criticizing person on Earth—he criticized the Bilal’s pronunciation, the Imam’s Tajwid, so much that at one point, I was afraid of letting him hear my recitals because obviously, there’ll be tons of errors poking here and there and I was more than ashamed than I already was.

So in my quest of perfecting my Al-Quran recital, I found out that hearing to an expert reciting the Al-Quran while reading the holy kitab is the best way to perfection.

Especially in combination with this type of Al-Quran.

(clickie for bigger picture)

The beauty of this version of Al-Quran lays in the multi-colored alphabets, highlighting the various Tajwid in the kitab. You will know exactly which part to omit, which part to emphasis, which part to stop and so on and so on.

The downside of having this version of Al-Quran is that you won’t have an excuse for forgetting a Tajwid anymore, because it is not possible. But who wants to purposely forget a Tajwid anyway?

Included is a little card, explaining their reason for coloring the Al-Quran with their magical ink.

In Arabic…

And in Malay.

Unfortunately, there’s none in English. So either learn some Malay, or learn Arabic instead.

Reading this Al-Quran + Listening to Sheikh’s recitals = Best combination ever. You’ll be reciting the Al-Quran correctly in no time at all.

Yet what is a reading, if it is not comprehensible?

That’s for the next post. :D

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