Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A clear head is better than fuzzy wuzzy positive wonderland.

Yesterday wasn’t a very good day.

Yet I was reminded by what my father said—if you can’t eat the whole cake, to have a bite is fair enough.

So I suppose I was happy yesterday, depends on your definition of happy.

And by happy…well, I was happy to have noodles for lunch…?

I was feeling quite depressed, and further irked when people tried to motivate me.

Sometimes, it’s better to not think at all.

Because if you try to have a positive thinking, it'll only give burden to your head.

For example, You really don’t want to do this anymore.

But, if you don’t do this, your efforts would be wasted.

And then it’ll burden you on thinking that you must go on with the work, or else, everything will be for nothing.

It’s better to have a clear head and not think of anything. Just let the pieces fall into their places. Don’t think of giving up, don’t think of the complications, just carry on with your life.

Keep a straight face. And laugh it off.

That is all.

P/S: One day, I will read this back and laugh at myself. Yes. Certainly. Right now, let me smack my head for the nonsense it gives.

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